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Logiciel d'analyse de texte

Le logiciel d'analyse de texte, également appelé logiciel d'analyse de texte ou logiciel d'exploration de texte, aide les entreprises et les particuliers à obtenir des informations à partir de toutes sortes de données textuelles, généralement en utilisant le traitement du langage naturel (TAL). Ces services peuvent déterminer le ton émotionnel d'un texte, trouver des mots-clés, etc. Pour en savoir plus sur les logiciels d'analyse de texte, lisez les critiques de cette catégorie.

Tous les résultats

relative insight logo
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When it comes to understanding language, it's all relative. With a heritage in protecting children from criminals online, the Relative Insight platform helps brands and agencies get business value out of language data, through comparison. By helping you discover the key differences and similarities between language sets, Relative Insight can help you... En savoir plus

chattermill logo
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Chattermill is an AI-powered platform that helps companies drive customer loyalty and growth. With Chattermill you can take unstructured customer feedback from a variety of sources and generate clear and actionable insights in real-time. Customer Experience employees leverage our platform to identify themes and sentiment in each piece of customer... En savoir plus

kapiche logo
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Kapiche is an AI-powered text analytics solution for understanding customer and employee feedback at scale, enabling you to make the most impactful decisions for your business. Kapiche is designed to uncover the actionable insights in customer and employee feedback, from both your structured and unstructured data, enabling you to make strategic... En savoir plus

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grooper logo
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Grooper is an intelligent document processing and digital data integration solution that empowers organizations to extract meaningful information from paper/electronic documents and other forms of unstructured data. The platform combines patented and sophisticated image processing, capture technology, machine learning, natural language processing, and... En savoir plus

amenity analytics logo
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Amenity develops cloud-based analytics solutions to help businesses draw actionable insights from text on a massive scale. Fortune 100 companies, hedge funds, financial exchanges, and insurance companies rely on our proprietary NLP technology for use on sources ranging from regulatory filings and earnings call transcripts to news coverage, social media... En savoir plus

ascribe coder logo
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Ascribe Coder allows researcher coding analysts to code and analyze mass amounts of verbatim comments. Ascribe Coder provides human accuracy, reduces cycle times, increases productivity and lowers costs. En savoir plus

cicerocoref logo
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CiceroCoref increases the utility of entity extraction from natural language texts by identifying multiple references to the same entity, even when different expressions used to refer to the same entity are used. En savoir plus

confirmit logo
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Confirmit is a software platform, built by insight professionals, for insight professionals in Market Research, Customer and Employee Experience. We provide a self-service technology that lets you unlock powerful insights and tell captivating stories that fuel action. Confirmit is extremely flexible providing an open API and expansive data collection... En savoir plus

sayint logo
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sayint is an AI-based conversational analytics solution, helps you to uncover valuable insights to improve agent performance, enhance customer satisfaction and drive operational efficiencies.Sayint can analyze both real-time and historical communications across ( Voice , chat , email & Social fields ) En savoir plus

synthesys logo
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Synthesys is a solution that adds the brainpower of thousands of people to a team. by reading through all data and highlights the important people, places, organizations, events and facts being discussed, resolve highlighted points and determines what's important, connecting the dots together and figures out what the final picture means by comparing it... En savoir plus

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