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Virtual Reality Software

Instead of representing or augmenting physical reality, VR software helps users to create a new reality. Tools can differ in a few key points. While graphics are important for it, there are also other important factors, such as physics simulation and general UX. To learn more about VR software, read the reviews in this category.

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hoppin' logo
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Hoppin' is a social VR platform that allows you to teleport your mind to anywhere in the world through 360 video-loops. It allows you to hangout with friends and family wherever; one moment you can be on top of the Olympic stadium in Montreal, and the next on a calm beach in Portugal. Right now the app is available on the Oculus Go, with more headsets... En savoir plus

cavrnus logo
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Introducing Cavrnus™ enterprise spatial collaboration software platform. The most user-friendly and comprehensive enterprise XR collaboration and simulation platform for training, engineering, operations, planning, and selling. En savoir plus

byondxr logo
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We empower businesses to create interactive virtual reality experiences for their users. En savoir plus

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ez360 cloud logo
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With EZ360 Cloud you can distribute 360-degree video content to VR devices via the cloud. Upload and manage your videos in the online content management system (CMS). Easily push videos to VR devices. VR headsets automatically download new videos when they start the app. No more sideloading or transferring files one headset at the time. With EZ360 Cloud... En savoir plus

smart2vr logo
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Smart2VR is a CMS platform to publish and distribute your Virtual Reality content in your own branded VR app (iOS and Android), on your website and on the Samsung Gear VR. En savoir plus

tibvr logo
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TIBVR is the first company in the world to provide companies or individuals with their very own virtual reality website with built in real-time content management system En savoir plus

apertusvr logo
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ApertusVR is a free, open-source, cross-platform, distributive, multi-user, IoT supported XR (AR, VR, MR) engine (programming library). ApertusVR offers a brand new “no vendor lock-in" approach for virtual and augmented reality on different operating systems and on different virtual, augmented and mixed reality hardware. The cross-platform Apertus... En savoir plus

yulio logo
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Our mission at Yulio is to build the best VR presentation software by making VR an easy, mobile, and affordable tool for business. With our extensive line of customizable features, you can design stunning immersive presentations and unlock the ability to tell your visual stories in greater detail. And as we constantly innovate and create new tools for... En savoir plus

insitevr logo
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Meetings built for Architecture, Engineering and Construction En savoir plus

meetinvr logo
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MeetinVR strives to be a leader in the space of enterprise VR collaboration. We have created a brand new universe optimized for business meetings in distributed teams. Innovative, creative, and critical thinking, combined with detail-oriented design and user-centricity result in an exceptional experience appreciated by every client. The tool is... En savoir plus

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