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À propos de Spell

Spell is a platform that makes Machine Learning and Deep Learning accessible to teams of any size. An end-to-end data science and machine learning platform, Spell’s infrastructure and tools allow anyone to prepare, train, deploy, and manage machine learning projects. Accelerate Productivity Don’t be held back by infrastructure. With Spell the best CPU and GPU machine types and frameworks for experiments are accessible in seconds. Save time on setup and management with simple command line tools and an intuitive web console. Built for Teams Spell is built for team collaboration, project monitoring, and experiment reproduction. Through Jupyter workspaces, datasets, and resources, Spell gives teams everything they need to thrive and work collaboratively. Spell’s platform is straightforward, making it easy for new hires to get up to speed. Enterprise Grade White glove service that features on-premise deployment and one-on-one premium support. Spell works with enterprises’ specific operations. This includes integrating with Single sign-on systems, internal data stores, and governance systems. Spell provides the services necessary for clients to be successful in machine learning endeavors.

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