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The fencing outlet

It is retail company that deals with fencing material with good experience in this feild. It has phisical shop that can be located and online shop that makes it easy for anyone to access for the product arround the world. The home page was simple, well arranged and informative. The home page on the official web has the displayed of different products, all the images that were displayed with very bright images. I found it very easy to navigate on the platform, it is user friendly. I like how the product is desplayed in categories, this makes it very easy to look for needed information or the product on the platform. I noticed that the playtform has the customer review of each product that can be access by anyone wether registered on the platform or not. Not only review of the those that purchased product can be accessed, it also makes it posible for writing new review on the product bought. I founcan be share via social medial platform and the images displayed on the platform can also be printed. The only things i should like the team behind the platform to add is the description of each product on the platform, this will be helpful in my opinion. The method of payment on the platform is very flexible, it allows payment through credit card, Paypal and others. All the methods are well aceptable all over the world. Free shipping of the product is also allowed for the product ordered that is above $150, i found this to be amazing. I had no issue with the policy put in place on the platform, everything is well spell out from shipping policy to return policy. The cost of shipping of product is well stated in shipping policy. Giving 30 days optimitum for product bought to be returned is not bad in my opinion. All of this is well stated on the policy that can be accessed by anyone on the platform. Security is also important on any platform, i notice that it has good security that was put in place. The customer service can be access through Telephone number and email address, it has no live chat. I like the platform for making good use of social medial platform, the official social medial can be access on the platform. All the official medial platform is well know social medial and it alway updated with the needed information. In my opinion the platform is good platform with great feature. The platform is very easy to navigate and built good name for itself over the years.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

push pedal pull लोगो

Push Pedal Pull

Various exercise equipment can be access on the platform through online and physical shop. Creating account on the platform is very easy, the needed information is so simple this can be found in the image below I access the platform using both computer system and mobile device, both gave me good result. It is easy to navigate on the platform i found it to be user friendly. Thought the platform offers different exercise equipment, all is well organized and arranged in categories. It offers 10 percent discount at the first ordered goods, i found this interesting because it is a motivation that really good for the business. It worth mentioning that this is for those ordered goods online and at it physical shops. I observed that it has good shipping policy and return policy. It allows the product to be return within 30 days after the product has been distributed. One of the outstanding offers from the platform is offering financing of product bought, this is amazing to me because it gives room for those want to buy the product but not have the capacity to do so at once. Offering financing through avoidable monthly plans really helpful. It has frequently asked questions that is well detailed, it is really helpful. Many questions that may come to mind has been carefully taking care of through it. The example on how to calculate financing is also provided, it really makes everything on the platform very easy. All the product has good displayed images on online web, that makes shopping very easy because you can easily identify the product you want to shop. The displayed fiat currency is America Dollar only, it does not has the access to other native fiat currency. In my opinion this team behind the platform can add more fiat currency for the sake of choosing native currency which makes it more convenient for shopping. The customer service desk has most effective means of communication which is live chat, it can also be contacted through phone number and email address. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

the golf shop of st andrews लोगो

The Golf Shop of St Andrews

This is one of the platform that sells golf material and accessories. It has been in the business over 35 years with good reputation. The home page look attractive with all the beautiful displayed of moving golf material. I love the home page because it looks simple and easy to access and navigate on. The needed information about the payment, customer care, delivery and return and many more can be found on home page. Payment method is flexible, it allows Paypal as a means of payment. I like the transparency of the platform all the needed information about the delivery policy are well stated including the charges, in clear terms and can be access by anyone. The platform give 28 days for returning the goods bought in a good condition if need be, all the details can be accessed on the platform. I had no issue with the customer service desk on the platform, the needed tools to access the platform has be provided.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

iron city customs लोगो

Iron City Customs

Iron City Customs is a physical and online shop that sells different kind of helmets and equally allows customization of helmets. The background and the home page of the official web is inviting, i likes everything about the display of the platform. The platform was designed in a way that questions can be easily be asked, video can be attached to questions and step by step on how this can be done was provided. This really make this platform unique, it has social medial platform that this can be done. The customer service desk is also can be access easily, it has live chat, email address and telephone contact. It worth mentioning that it sell wholesale to wholesalers at a competitive price. I had no issue with the shipping and return policy, it is all stated in simple and clear terms. In my opinion this platform is doing great, it has good features that makes me build good confident in it. Personal research can also be done before using the platform.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Big Game Goalkeeping

The platform is focusing on selling goalkeeping gloves and accessory, it has good experience in this field for years. It has physical shop and online shop. I like the platform for focusing on one soccer equipment which is goalkeeping gloves, i observed that all the gloves on the platform is of good quality with well known brand. it has a competitive price that can be avoided by grass root players. Getting what you need on the platform is simple because of the way the platform was structured, you can do the shopping by the seize of the glove,. All the tools needed to make shopping comfortable are provided though i should i love it if more fiat currency are provided. It has America dollar currency displayed on the price tag on the platform. I like how the platform describe each product with it features that spell out the making of each product. The method of payment is flexible, it accept Credit card and debit card. The security of the platform is high, good security measures was providedदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

north america sports the soccer shop लोगो

North America Sports the Soccer Shop

This a soccer shop that has been established since 1978, it is known to be one of the best shop that selling soccer equipment. it based in Canada. I observed that the platform sells Top brand soccer equipment. The official platform is really simple to navigate on. All the needed information is in categories that easy to access. All the product were on platform platform is well captured, i like all the product i saw on the platform. Each products is well described, the product can be shared on social medial which make it unique. They are on different categories which make accessing any product very easy. It also has search box that can be making use of. I observed that the fiat asset attached to it is America Dollar and no access to other fiat asset. The platform allows payment through Visa card, Master Card, Paypal and others. All these all well accepted all over the world. One of the things i love about the platform is that it make good use of top well known social medial platform to pass any information. Customer service can also be contacted through official email address and telephone number. I had no security issue on the platform, it has good security. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

replay golf लोगो

Replay Golf

This company not only sell golf equipment but also buy it from people in easy way both online and in the physical store. I found all the process very easy because all the needed information has been provided. The platform is so easy for me to navigate on. Home page of the web has the information needed, all the information is put in categories. The picture of this can be seen below. Registration is so easy on the platform the needed information to get registered can be seen below Images of all product is well displayed, all the images is very bright and easy to identify one product or the other. I am impressed with the needed information attached to each product to described it. There are many product on the platform but it is in categories which make it very easy to access the product of my choice. I also notice that the platform frequently updated the information on the platform, for example any product that sold out will be marked "sold out" to notify that it is no more available. Selling on the platform is also made easy, the information on how to it grade the golf equipment can be access on the platform. The frequently asked question on the platform spell all the needed information out. in my opinion the platform is user friendly. The information to be filled when selling golf equipment online is simple. One of the thing i love about the platform is multi currency platform, it allow many well known fiat currency which makes shopping very easy to different people around the world because they can easily access their native fiat currency when shopping on the platform. Method of payment is flexible, it allows Master card, Visa card, Paypal and other means of payment. I had no issue with the return policy, it allows 30 days to return the equipment in good condition start counting immediately after the delivery Customer service desk can be access through email, telephone and social medial platform. In conclusion, i found the platform interesting and easy to use. It has great features, and as good quality golf equipment, with good names that has been built for years. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

the dance shop of logan लोगो

The Dance Shop of Logan

This platform is dance supply store as it name suggested, it offers dance apparel of different kinds, seizes and color. it has built good name for itself over the years. I observed that the official web is well designed and well arranged. I love the home page at first sight, the moving product images is well placed and look bright. all the needed information can be easily located. i found it to be user friendly. It worth mentioning that it is has frequently asked questions that is well detailed. Registration is so easy, convenient and getting access to login is without stress, the images can be seen in the image bellow. All the product is well placed in categories, i like the description attached to each product it is well detailed. The displayed product images make it possible to take good look at each product, it can be zoomed which make it so convenient to examining even without physically seeing it. The displayed currency on the web is America dollar, it will be better if the team behind the platform can provide access to more fiat currencies on the platform this will make it so convenient for different kind of visitors around the world to choose their native fiat currency. I will also urges that the customer review should be make available on the platform, in my opinion this will built more trust on all the product on the platform. As you can see in image below it gives the needed information about the product. I found the means of making payment on the platform so convenient and flexible, it allows payment through credit and debit card. Master card, Visa card, Paypal many other can be used. Customer services can be contacted through telephone, it also has official social medial platform that is active. live chat is not among the means provided, personally i prefer live chat because it is instant messages. The platform put good security measure in place, it also transparent about the privacy and security services. In my opinion the platform is not doing bad, it as the needed features. The products are good quality, different seizes, different color and with competitive price. The form of payment is also flexible and convenient because it is widely acceptable देखें पूरी समीक्षा

bhex wallet लोगो

BHEX Wallet

It is public chain wallet from tested and trusted team that has built good name for themselves over the years. BHEX wallet has many great futures. I will like to share my experience while using the platform. I will focused on Registration, how easy it is to use the wallet, supporting assets, Deposit and withdrawal, security, help center and my general opinion about the platform One of the things i love about the wallet is simplicity, i found it very easy to use the wallet. In my opinion newbies will not have issue in using the wallet. It support mobile device which made it easy to access anytime at anywhere. It worth mentioning that it support web plug in. I like how frequently asked question explained every details about the wallet from creating an account to backup and importing existing account. The images was equally provided to explained in details. Registration does not need Know Your Customer. The wallet is multi crypto wallet, it support native token and numbers of well known and and new cross chain token assets. One of the thing i like about the wallet that makes it more outstanding is the staking feature on the wallet. Not only listed the asset that can be stake, makes provision on frequently asked question on how this can be done with pictorial illustrations. Deposit and withdrawal from the wallet is also very easy, it has competitive fee in my opinion, based on my experiences in some other wallet. Security is number one thing i usually consider in using any wallet, i had no issue of security on the platform. It has put a good security measures in place. In my opinion, this wallet is best to use in managing BHEX asset because of the benefit attached to it has it native currency. This multi language wallet is doing fine in my opinion, it has a great features that makes it more competitive and standout when talking about cryptocurrency wallet. It has effective help center that really helpful in time of need. In all aspect i had no issue on the platform i hope it will keep the ball rolling while fully knowing that it has many competitors. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

heartland soles लोगो

Heartland Soles

This company was established in 2016 with a good name that was built by it good performance. The platform is very simple to operate on, not only the platform has attractive images of the product but equally has brief video that gives needed information on the platform that can be access by anyone. Shopping on the platform is very easy all the products are in categories, men products, accessory, women products and other product can be access easily, it has different brand that can be easily access. The displayed currency is America dollar, it has no other option of fiat currency that can be choosing. I like how the platform make provision for product to be easily shared on social medial. Making review of the product available on the platform make it easy to rate product that was bought. I had no problem with customer desk on the platform it has put in place good mechanism for communication. it has telephone number and email address that is easily accessible on the platform. देखें पूरी समीक्षा



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