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Ripple will be the game changer in long run

Ripple XRP, am one of its holder, but its price is almost same from few months not that much fluctuation. Its speed of transaction is high, low fee and i came to know recently that Ripple confirmed partnership with Bank of America (BoA) its a good news and may be following such big partnerships it can go up to its peak again 3$/XRP. And i believe XRP will be the market leader in next 2 years. And they are in partnership with many of the companies. And i strongly believe in their vision and mission. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Revain will be the game changer

I just came across this project after someone from the team approached me and after going through projects I am amazed. The team has put good efforts into its idea generation, R&D, development etc. Surely the team will work on improving it to the next level. Still, it is a well-defined concept and platform for community and experts to share their reviews about any project and coin. A very professional team they have and backed with a strong community is also a Plus point for Revain.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I personally believe in stellar as they are adding a lot in blockchain and crypto space. Their partnership with stellar will surely help them in their price to go up and also their recent protocol upgrade will help too. As previously I remember while sending tokens to exchnage without memo result in loss of coins but after this upgrade i tested and it gave us error while sending that this is an exchange address do add a memo, so that's a good thing though. Me and my team of developers worked on various things for stellar. Like sending mass payments using an auto script and also we worked on the script to check mass addresses either they have trustline enabled or not.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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