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Ontology is one of the most notable holdings in my portfolio because I like their on chain technology and also at mainnet time ontology can transact more than 5000+ transaction per second publicly live Ontology is also useful for identity verification also face verification using CFCA, CFCA is China's largest electronic service provider Ontology builds gaming network on Cocos platform. chukong technologies launch cocos and chukong technologies have significant partnerships with ontology Founder and also the whole team have well knowledge in it engineering Jun Li is the CEO of ontology Fun fact; At the launch of ontology every person who signup newsletter of ontology team gives 1000 ontology to everyone and now that worth above 1700$ Vedi recensione completa

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Revain is the first project for reviews revain revain reviews are uneditable and using blockchain technology so no one can change wrote on the revain platform also revain upgrades their new version 2.0 that seems very much pretty and fresh especially i like they placed all review in the manner also so many cryptocurrencies and exchanges are available The thing of revain that I actually don't like team I think team of revain must be active and must create hype of the latest news I really love their platform, but I think many people are finding unbiased reviews on crypto, also if we search on google unbiased reviews on any crypto revain ranks on 4th or 5th page I just checked so, unfortunately, they don't able to know about revain I think revain must put revain platform on ads in Google means if anyone search, so we can see revain on upper page also revain must participate in twitter like recently #bnbeer, is popular if revain shills so many of people will understand actually what is rVedi recensione completa

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Trezor is the number hardware wallet with most advanced technology with no private key leaks trezor gives 24 words recovery seed for security also trezor provides 2 manually buttons for sign transaction so no malicious app of software can infect trezor if we lose our trezor we can recover our funds using mycelium wallet of electrum instantly or if you have another trezor use can also use it TREZOR is Waterproof, shockproof and fireproof and in-hand device looks pretty cool and small for setting up trezor we don't need any email or password only one-time backup, and four digit pin and trezor is cold wallet so no fear of hacking Many hardware are available with more cryptocurrencies, but no one can beat trezor portfolio with many reasons, so that's why trezor one is great Vedi recensione completa

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If Remme successfully develops then there are many use cases for Remme such as Remme may be useful for crypto exchanges like binance bittrex for 2fa recently many hacks, or phishing website launched so Remme will protect their uses currently Remme working with many of great exchanges for developing one click two-factor authentication that also based in blockchain so many predictions come for Remme if Remme developed their PKI then Remme can get massive mass adoption because of because currently only one two factor authentication is best only google so Remme is planning to beats with the help of cryptographyVedi recensione completa

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Qash is the utility token of liquid exchange, QASH is an erc-20 token, we can use the qash token in liquid exchange for reducing fees and any other payment in liquid exchange. additional payment means ieo recently liquid exchnage help ieo of telegram token and payment method is only qash that's why qash price increased 90% at that news, so it is lovely for ieo investors and holders also On qash exchange, we can use qash as credit collateral that's impressive if liquid demand increases then qash price automatically star running The team if qash is also a team of QUOINE which is licenced by JFSA for regulatory, also a team of qash is active and transparent they provide a weekly update through the mail if you or even they update on their social media Vedi recensione completa

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Ncash fail project

Nucleus Vision project concept is excellent; they plan to bring some new like new advanced automated solutions on blockchain technology. Nucleus Vision building a new generation IOT enabled identity verification system for retailers and consumers Tim Draper and Ian Ballina are the main hypers of project Nucleus Vision mainly use their machine in retails shop like cloth and shop owner automatically know what consumers want WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth is the main useful tools that are helping ncash on retail shops Ncash is currently running on ethereum's block and use the erc20 mechanism token and these things they only have one that is erc20 token because they didn't partner with any retail owner for checking too that why we sawed massive price decimation on ncash few months ago one ncash price is approx 500sat and now price is less than 20 sat Vedi recensione completa

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Digitex is the very hyped project from q3 of 2018 on July 2018 digitex price was approx only 98 sat after they announced they are launching their exchange on November 2018, so rate spiked to 2000 sat after on November they says our final promise they are postponing launch date to 30 April when price crash badly again on Jan 2019 they says they are really launching exchange on April 2019 soon dgtx major hype so price again increased to 2400 sat and finally on 30 April they say they are postponing their transfer and at in 20 minutes of time digitex dumped more than 80 per cent and its really bad for holders they starting to create hype but actually they didn't deliver anything I am disappointed with the digitex team due to pospondtion otherwise digitex is a substantial project so many people trust on digitex, but their squad is ruining their hype now they say we are finally launching on q4 2019 hope they begin, but this time their hype doesn't work Vedi recensione completa

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