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blockchain walletロゴ

Blockchain Wallet is one of the first and and oldest hot wallet for saving and holding different types of cryptocurrency, with a very high number of users with a leading position and frontline in other wallets. Blockchain Wallet is uniquely designed and arranged in fantastic way with upgrades from the developers. It indicates and shows the prices of each coins and also give statistical analysis and chart to read the activities and varieties of all events going on cryptocurrencies. The problem with blockchain I noticed is only selected for few popular coins. When holding some newest altcoin cannot be done on Blockchain wallet. レビュー全文を見る

huobi globalロゴ

Huobi Global is a financial hub for holding cryptocurrency and also cryptocurrencies exchanges provide secure and Authentic savings of millions of all trading activities going on the platform. Huobi Global provide a vast scope and wide range of Services with over 270 different types of coins been traded. It is regarded as a major trading platform to have acquired such a huge potentials and amazing services. Huobi Global provides a wide vast and wide scope of with lot of bonuses on holding coins and attractive fees. It was once known and praised as the world most formidable digital assets exchange. With a fully functional and fast mobile app.レビュー全文を見る


YoBit is a modern online exchange platform of different cryptocurrency of wide ranges and different types of cryptocurrency trading. These exchange offers over hundred different types of cryptocurrency for both buying, selling and exchanges of different blockchain. You can also have free cryptocurrency from these platform inform of Airdrop although it will involve in engagement of one or two activities or hodling some coins to benefit from the free coin. It is very secure to use for all transactions are encrypted. YoBit is a good cryptocurrency exchange platform and is recommended for trading. レビュー全文を見る


Revain is a block chain based for revain review platform. When writing review from this revain platform, writers are rewarded in RVN which is equivalent to the value of stable coin or it's even a stable coin called USDT is one of the most popular stable coin in the world used by almost all exchange platforms in the world. Revain is the first and most safe secure review platform I ever used and the quality of service they provide. Writing reviews is made simplified and gives room for novice to develop its self with just few words of characters and lay down personal experience about the company, organisation, platform or store they are writing about.25e55aレビュー全文を見る


Poloniex is an of the leading exchange none for trading many crypto assets for trading worldwide. Poloniex is situated in San Francisco, California which its headquarter and deals with many coins. It was first released in 2014, is one of the oldest crypto exchange platform. It has a very low gas fee ( low transaction fee) and buying and selling of assets is very easy and simple using credit or debit card which is very simple and all transactions are safe and secured. But that cannot be possible due to crypto ban in Nigeria by Nigeria government. In these platform there are availability of tools for analysis before entering trade.レビュー全文を見る


Kucoin is an exchange wallet and one of the best and most relying exchange wallets. It was developed in 2017 but this coins has been rising with various activities and efficient and smooth operations. The exchange platform has it own coin name Kucoin and people are saying the coins is of great potentials. Trading on Kucoin is a bit complex, although easy to understand with just few steps Kucoin houses more than 100 different coins and is traded with stable coins and some coins can easily be exchange for another. After registration in this platform for before trading verification is required using a government valid means of identification.レビュー全文を見る


Binance is the best and world leading crypto exchange that host many features, intact binance houses everything about crypto. Binance are into trades and exchange of one crypto against others and other features is included in the platform like Future trade, Staking of coins, Flexible staking that is stacking coins for just few days. In this platform there stable coins that each coins in binance have it as pairs like USDT and BUSD. Binance is a bit complex exchange platform that requires training, tutor before you can trade as a pro. The P2P in this platform is superb well arranged and organized and gives no room for scammers and scamming activities. This is the best exchange in the whole world. レビュー全文を見る


Tron (TRX) is an online money known to all over the world as cryptocurrency developed by a young and focus entrepreneur. It started as a joke and people were advised to hold large quantities of it and those that take the risk to that are multi millionaire. These coin can be used for exchange of goods and and services and some countries have legalized and allow the usage of it as a means of exchange. It's simple and easy to use, sending this coins and other cryptocurrency takes just few seconds and the recipient will receive it is very easy. Tron is available in many exchange like Trustwallet, Binance, Klever, Kucoin and lots more.レビュー全文を見る

trust walletロゴ

Trust Wallet is an exchange wallet that is made simplified and easily accessible that's available for Android, IOS and others, is easily and accessible and requires no much stress. Registration into trustwallet is very simple using just few steps and written down the recovery phrase incase of lost or change of phones so the account can be recovered easily and simple. The phrase words came in 12 words and are to be kept secrete without sharing with anyone to avoid having access to user accounts. The trustwallet operates on Ethereum and Smartchain, so each of any of this coins can be traded and safe in the wallets. The wallet is made simplified and easy to use that requires no much special training or experience. レビュー全文を見る

the court sports gearロゴ

The Court Sports Gear is an online sporting store that is into sales and distribution of various sporting materials, equipments and accessories such as Tennis materials and accessories, Soccer(football) materials and accessories, Leisure, Electronics sporting gadgets, Mens sporting apparels, Womens sporting apparels, Footwears for both mens and women's, Kids apparels footwear and accessories and lots more. The Court Sport Gear is an amazing sports shop with lots of amazing products of top notch quality products from top brands, easy and convenient to use and long lasting. The only problem I noticed from this platform is its website, visiting it is very stressful that requires high internet connections but there social media pages which buying can also take place with their official social media page. レビュー全文を見る

unique golf shopロゴ

Unique Golf Shop is an online shop that deals only with sales of golf materials and accessories and apparels of quality and top brands. Unique golf shop is the home for quality golf accessories that's long lasting and are affordable. When visiting the website the superb designs and arrangements of the website layout is very attractive and easy to navigate even by newbies. These platform has high customers review and satisfaction. The following items can be gotten from unique golf store such as Unique Golf Shop Hat-Blue, Unique Golf Shop Hat-Green, Unique Golf Shop Hat-Driftwood, 2020 Callaway Maverick, Taylor Made Sim, Titleist TSi Driver, Cobra SZ Driver and lots more. Buying from this store is made easy. They are have been known for quality for 26 years of trustworthiness and still giving out the best.レビュー全文を見る

port fairy pro shopロゴ

Port Fairy Pro Shop This a professional golf school that offers both online services for golf lovers who wants to become a professional golf player and professional golf coach. Port Fairy pro shop is an Australian based golf school, where everything about golf from beginners to professional level are thought is very cheap and affordable. The only professional and best golf school in the whole of Australia, they have a very convenient and comfortable environments for practising with no distractions and disturbance. They also have hotels where each golf students can lodge throughout the the time of training and learning and is very cheap and affordable. They have all the different types of land and field of various categories of play to become a professional golf player. Contact port fairy pro shop today and become one of the best professional golf player of professional golf coach. Thanksレビュー全文を見る


Lacrosse360us is an online sporting retail store that is into sales and distribution of different types and various Lacrosse equipments, apparels and accessories of top quality fro different top brands at a very cheap and affordable rate. This store or its online website is very simple and easy to use and operates, it has everything you need for Lacrosse from practising and professional reasons. Lacrose360us website is made simple to navigate and all informations needed about its products is there and explained in details. The store is based on categories so to make it easy and select the desired Lacrosse accessories needed. Buying from the store requires registration using email and password which is very easy and simple to do. You can get following products like Lacrose tape, ECD Hero Strings, Exult 200 Backpack pack and more. You can also sign up to the newsletter and enjoy amazing discounts for all its products. レビュー全文を見る

prakrida commerceロゴ

Prakrida Commerce is an online sporting store that is into sales of different types of football gear, accessories, official and different types of football gifts, Custom team set making,Core fitness, Ortho Rehab, Sports Nutrition, Coaching Books and lots more. Prakrida Commerce is run by a foundation of top football coaches and the support of some of the football players. The store concentrate on top brands products like Adidas and Nike and others. Which every body know the quality of its products, lates designs and durability. The store is into the sales of the following products such as Mini Foosball, Foosball Table, Jumbo Loop, Bosu Ball, Nation Jersey, Adidas and Nike Trainers and many more of its amazing products. They are cheap and affordable. レビュー全文を見る


Stile Alpino is an online and physical store that's into sales and specialises in different types and brands of top quality sporting clothing, apparels ,bags and other related cardio sports. These store is into sales of other many accessories for jogging, hiking and lots more. The materials are source from top brands with guarantee and last long with latest modern designs. Stile Alpino is so unique and offers wide ranges of sales and services such as Integral High WP Thermal 50% discount, Piumino Da Donna Heavenly Down Jacket 50% discount, X ultra 3 Mid Gtx 30% discount, Sonic 3 Balance 50% discount, Assicuratore Revo Belay Device 16% discount and lots more. The store gives discounts for all its products and the price of each goods are placed and made simple to navigate. レビュー全文を見る

grizzly river sportsロゴ

Grizzly River Sport has been known with top quality sporting materials and accessories for many years and trustworthy with what they promised and fulfill all obligations. Grizzly River Sport is based on categories although despite that the website designs layout is not made simplified and easy to navigate. All informations needed about the store are not included, they just provide little informations about them. There are more informations about this platform on Google and social its social media platforms. They offer free shipping on orders of$10 above, very cheap,simple and easy criteria to meetup. You can subscribe to the newsletter and register where you get direct informations and any latest activities from the platform to your email.レビュー全文を見る

grip-par golf glovesロゴ

Grip Per Golf Gloves is an online sporting store that is into mainly sales of golf materials most especially for golf training gloves used to improve accuracy and distance due to specially made gloves, long lasting and quality. These gloves are medically acceptable and proven to be safe for both beginners and experts. Grip Per Golf website design layout is superb and beautiful layout designs super and easy navigation even by newbies. Are you looking for Mens Marie Curie Grip-Per Golf Gloves, Womens Marie Curie Grip-Par Golve, Mens Grip-Par Golf Training Glove and lots more, these are specially made with latest designs and from top brands all at an affordable price. These store offer return policy which makes it more unique and quality. レビュー全文を見る

paul thomas golfロゴ

Paul Thomas Golf is an online and physical sporting store that is into selling and distribution of top quality golf equipments and other related accessories at a very competitive price. The store is not only into sells of golf materials and accessories they are also offer other services like Coaching, Swing Analysis, Equipments, Club Fittings and repairs and lots more. Paul Thomas Golf is categorized into various categories to make navigation through the website simple, easy, and understandable and fast. Coaching services is available at all level even from being a beginner to an experts and all this services are easily accessible and affordable. Contact Paul Thomas Golf today and enjoy amazing offers from good quality products to good services being renderedレビュー全文を見る

courtside sportsロゴ

Courtside Sports is an online and physical store that is into sales of quality and unique various indoor sporting equipments and accessories at a very cheap and affordable rate. The store concentrate more on table tennis equipments, Badminton equipments, lawn tennis and sporting clothes and shoes of top quality long lasting with unique designs very simple and comfortable to use. The store offers products and services that cannot be easily seen elsewhere, its products are unique and specially made. The following accessories and materials can be purchase in this platform such as ATP Extra Duty Tennis Balls Case of 24 tubes, there are also products with special offers and discounts like Extreme 120 Squash Racquets and lots more. This store is a Canada based store with wide ranges of Racquets with quality and affordable. レビュー全文を見る

grand slam sportsロゴ

Grand Slam Sports is an online sporting stores that is into sales of baseball equipments, accessories and apparels and it is based in Canada. One of the most amazing things about this platform is the free Returns policy and they still offer free delivery within canada and for goods and orders $150. You can have the following products such as American Apparel Catalina Wine Mixer Shirt, 100% Speedcraft Performance Sunglass, Atec 1st Base Screen, Dawgs Replica on Field Home Cap, New Balance L4040TW5 Metal spikes, Baum Bat AA Wood Composite Bat-3, Evo Shield Aggressor Battling Gloves, All Star FM 25 Traditional Catchers Mask and lots more. The website is bit complex it needs high internet connections before it loads fully but other things are unique. レビュー全文を見る

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