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Decentralized platform with great support


Free TON is an ecosystem for the launch of decentralized applications through smart contracts. The main objective of this project is to enable people to maintain their decentralized free digital identity in such a way that they can enjoy the exchange of information for free, etc. In general, it seeks to make us more independent from financial and political institutions. It can serve us as a platform for cooperation between groups of people and individuals.

We can use it to create:

  • New cryptocurrencies.
  • New blockchains.
  • New ecosystems.

People should take advantage of Free TON for all the attractive advantages it offers, such as:

  • The decentralized financial applications that we can develop.
  • Extremely fast transactions with very low commissions.
  • Open platform that can receive support for its development from the community without any problem.



  • Open ecosystem where anyone can contribute and where the creation of new cryptocurrencies, blockchains and ecosystems is allowed. In addition, he receives high support from his small community and that is why he remains strong.
  • This ecosystem still has a long way to go and its token, despite being stable, has not been on the rise. Hopefully it can be taken into account by more popular exchanges. Another detail is that no American resident can be aware of this project.