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seagate one touch parent 1tb 로고

Seagate One Touch Parent 1TB

Bought in a large chain store on a whim. The sellers sent to the department with external drives and said to take any, there is no difference. Chose solely in appearance and volume, Seagate looks the most presentable. I guessed with the choice, I have been using it for a couple of months now, without any complaints. I would only like a completely silent drive, if such exist.전체 리뷰보기

cooler master mcb e500l kn5n s00 masterbox e500l 로고

Cooler Master MCB E500L KN5N S00 MASTERBOX E500L

Pretty comfortable case, with good ventilation. The PSU can be installed on the front wall both from below and from above. The power connector on the outside is brought out through an adapter inside, so in order to switch the PSU to hybrid mode or turn it off completely, you have to remove the window and crawl between the PSU and the turntable. There were no problems with cable management. In my case, it was necessary to install two HDDs and one SATA SSD, but there were only two mounts for disks on the back of the motherboard, I had to fasten two hard drives, since they are heavier, and leave a small ssd dangling behind the wall. You can install any turntables in any place, equipped with the maximum number (3 for blowing in 3 for blowing out, 120mm each). The dust filters are easy to remove and clean. The panel with the power button and USB can be placed on any of the four walls at your discretion. Still tempered glass instead of plastic and there would be an ideal body as for me.전체 리뷰보기

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