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Smartphone Xiaomi POCO M3 4/64 GB Global, black

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About Smartphone Xiaomi POCO M3 4/64 GB Global, black

POCO M3 features a wide 6.53" FHD+ display that lets you immerse yourself in what''s happening on the screen. The large screen and 19.5:9 aspect ratio will show you more than ordinary smartphones. A powerful 6000 mAh battery combined with low power consumption of the processor Whether listening to music, watching videos, or making long calls, the Snapdragon 662 provides POCO M3 with amazingly long battery life. multi-application and game play, while UFS 2.2 storage delivers faster read speeds and superior performance, reducing the time to launch and open apps.

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Terrible quality, disappointed with the purchase.

Ordered through aliexpress. Let's see if we can get the money back. ordered with express delivery. Because urgently needed a phone. Now there is no money or tfl.

Pros & cons

  • Owned a little less than a day.
  • I ated the software to the latest version, it slows down, the camera does not turn on the first time, it also takes pictures, it is not always possible to answer an incoming call, poor display responsiveness, when talking with an interlocutor, the sound either increases or decreases to such that the interlocutor is not audible. does not always exit the application. Not using the phone quickly drains the battery. Mi applications are constantly reset from the 2022 language. Unfortunately, I don't know Chinese.

The best product, from those that I have viewed, I advise everyone!

I was like 2 weeks, and did not notice. If you work as a courier, or play every day, then one day is for sure, but if you sit on the Internet, then it may be more than enough.) Many complained about the camera, everything is fine with me. About games, I don't have many games, but pubg is low, genshin is low. But the lags will be tolerable. 3 ph. different modes

Pros & cons

  • + Battery + Processor + Camera + Fingerprint scanner built into the on button + Pleasant body to the touch
  • - Lack of nfc (of course it's a shame, but there is another phone to pay for) - When you talk, it happens that you press the microphone on the glass, but it's tolerable when you have headphones, it's generally good.) - I don’t know if they will be noticeable or not, but I noticed that when you insert wired or wireless ones, the sound is quieter than on the old phone, but of course I didn’t fight this, and got used to it!)

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

I ordered it on 07/10/2022, I have been using it for the second day. Delivered on time. All in factory film. In the kit there is a silicone case, a very nice bonus). This is my first xiomi)) Before that there were samsungs) We will study. Thanks to Wishmasteru, I thought for a long time whether to order from this seller. But I was not mistaken all the time and the warranty card was brought. And the price was lower than others. So I advise.))

Pros & cons

  • Nothing for your money
  • The brightness is weak. But from previous reviews, I already knew that it would be so. But in general, everything is fine.

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

Thank you seller. I ordered blue - they brought black and apologized and were going to compensate - this is a high level of service. I'm not picky and black - let it be black.

Bad quality, not worth the spent money.

They couldn’t fix it in the official warranty service - the supply of spare parts stopped. Issued a paper on which you can return the goods. The store got out and at the end offered to send them a phone, and the money later - a great plan, as reliable as a Swiss watch. If I were in Hong Kong, I would take it, of course. He scored, fixed it in a folk way from that same forum, said goodbye to the guarantee. While it works.

Pros & cons

  • Everything you need in a modern phone at an affordable price. And the color is cool, unusual rough texture.
  • Six months later, a factory defect appeared, which most users of this model encountered on one well-known forum - it turns off and does not turn on.

A really necessary purchase, Im glad I found this product.

The phone was bought as a second (working), with a good battery and screen size. The phone is excellent in terms of price-quality ratio, it does not seem to be buggy yet. The battery lasts very well in light use for several days, which I think is good for an android. The camera is average, but for this price category, I think This is the norm. It is frustrating only to turn off the screen during a conversation, but it works very badly, so various keys are pressed on the cheek, such as turning off the microphone or speakerphone, and this happens very often. The kit comes with a normal transparent silicone case, a film is also glued to the screen, so you don’t need to look for glass first. Phone for 13 thousand recommend!

Pros & cons

  • Price-quality ratio . Battery
  • The screen turns off badly during a call.

Excellent quality, absolutely not expected for such a price.

Smart beats its price by 100% for those who need a state employee who will not lag. There are no special problems, the filling is proven, a number of issues can be solved programmatically (4pda to help). The proximity sensor works doubtfully, as on almost all xiaomi, those who talk a lot on the phone will be uncomfortable.

Pros & cons

  • Autonomy, camera (if you put gcam), screen, performance, design, price / quality ratio.
  • Incorrect operation of the proximity sensor, no NFC (not important), quiet and incomplete sound in the headphones.

I'm completely satisfied with the product, it works.

I am happy with the purchase. The perfect plug in front of more advanced gadgets! Xiomi is very happy for the spear! Respect!

I like everything, the quality is good, the price is reasonable.

Purchased for the low low price of 13,000 dollars. For that kind of money, the phone seemed to be extremely satisfied, if not for just one BUT. I have seen reviews that swear at the loss of connection with the Internet, but this was not the case. However, on rare occasions, it is not possible to get through from other devices to this smartphone via online messengers. What is the problem, the smartphone has been updated to the most recent firmware version. Poor quality of the camera, but for the price, you won't be able to find anything better. There are no issues with the screen's brightness or color reproduction; nevertheless, if you place a high priority on having a screen that is both bright and vivid, you should consider purchasing a different model. To play the relatively new game Genshin Impact, you will need to lower the settings almost to the minimum, with a screen resolution of 80%, but even so, there will occasionally be FPS drops and friezes (this is at 60 FPS); I have not…

No complaints, I recommend to buy.

This is a good piece of equipment considering the cost. I made the trade for 12400 on. Delivered the following business day. Has some pros The size, matrix type, pixel density, 6000 mA battery, and ample amount of brightness are all important considerations. We experimented with games, and there were no issues or glitches. Is there a function for turbocharging? It seems to be used for accelerating gameplay in games. If there is, then it is a positive thing.) The quantity of RAM and continuous memory will be sufficient for the youngster's needs for a considerable period of time. The synthetic leather that covers the exterior of the plastic container has a pleasing feel to the touch. Having this drawback: In spite of this, there is a noticeable slowdown whenever pages are opened, closed, or scrolled. The shot is average, which is to be expected; but, to be quite forthright, I did not anticipate any better from this device. There was an issue with the connection to the Family Link…

Full compliance with the manufacturers assurances, high quality.

Simple and typical mobile device. It functions in an intelligent manner, there is a large amount of memory available, and it does not annoy with blunts, lags, or other issues. for a standard phone that can place calls, access the internet, take pictures, and provide some entertainment. There is no evidence of anything supernatural, yet not. Hence, I would recommend it, as I was content for such a little cost. Got pros: sufficient in terms of speed and memory capacity. nice camera. No particular problems despite its advantages. I have no idea how it is for anyone else, but for me it feels more like a negative. Even though I do not use my phone very frequently, the battery still lasts for a few days when it is set to my mode. Yet, it's possible that 2-3 days is typical for someone. There is no indicator that a message exists. The screen, for me, every time. My preference would be for less, but it seems that they no longer produce less of anything. not critical. In addition, the…

The product is good, there are only a few minor flaws.

In general, a normal "workhorse" for everyday use. I can’t say anything about games, because. I'm not interested in this topic. With its pros. Good for the price display, speakers, camera. Pretty decent performance and plenty of built-in storage (4/128 GB version with Android 10). Batteries usually last for 2-3 days (if you do not "hang" in the phone for hours). Different cons: Inadequate orientation sensor, pedometer. Even my old Lumia worked out turns faster and counted steps much more accurately. With face unlock or fingerprint unlock enabled, sometimes it just freezes when you receive a call, making it impossible to answer the call. It does not mate well with its "native" Mi Band 4 bracelet, which normally interacts with phones from other manufacturers.

The purchase was not entirely successful, there were minor problems in use.

Finally something that does not hang and lives until the end of the day. Hello, the phone that I don't want to throw out the window because of severe brakes and broken applications. Thank goodness for a lot of memory. At the moment 10 out of 10 for its low price. : Almost a year after the purchase, it’s more like 5 out of 10. Yes, it’s not such a brake, but after I found out that a phone with a factory defect, it’s a little bit boring to use it. Yells advertising and does not turn off her sound. Very dim screen, noticeable if you are on the street or go on the navigator. The desire to try any other Xiaomi has been repulsed, perhaps I am returning to a clean Nokia.

Overall good, but I expected more, there are disadvantages.

I upgraded to this model from the Xiaomi Note 4x, which I had been using for three years; it continues to function wonderfully and has less bugs (except that the proximity sensor is sometimes smart). In addition to that, I have a lot of information regarding the "fatal" overdischarge problem. It's been a month since I started using it, so we'll have to see if it maintains its effectiveness. Has some pros The display, battery life, stereo speakers, face unlock, and fingerprint sensor all function properly, and the device can be quickly charged. Got cons: Glitchy shell: launches applications by itself (when unlocking, you find yourself in some application), turns on the flashlight, when you call, the proximity sensor often jams, I turn off the microphone with my ear, a lot of ads in applications that are dreary to turn off, duplicated transfer of contacts and applications from the old phone.

The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

Pros below: I liked the quality of the picture, picture and sound. And the price isn't too bad either. Different cons: In my opinion, there are no cons as such. I'm not that addicted to the Internet .

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good purchase.

With its pros. Cool bright yellow! In a complete set a silicone case, the film is already pasted. The sound is loud and pleasant. Nothing slows down. Cons: The Poco shell was not very pleasant, after muiu got used to it for a long time. A strange camera in terms of as if the x2 zoom is already on. Camera not capturing 60fps

Thought it would be better, but overall not bad.

I switched to this model from Xiaomi Note 4x, which I used for 3 years, it still works great and is less buggy (except that the proximity sensor is sometimes smart). Plus, I've heard a lot about the "deadly" overdischarge problem. I've been using it for a month, we'll see if it continues. Has some pros The screen, autonomy, stereo speakers, face unlock and fingerprint sensor work well, there is a fast charge. Got cons: Glitchy shell: launches applications by itself (when unlocking, you find yourself in some application), turns on the flashlight, when you call, the proximity sensor often jams, I turn off the microphone with my ear, a lot of ads in applications that are dreary to turn off, duplicated transfer of contacts and applications from the old phone.

Nice price, good quality.

Got pros: Good filling, no idea how in games, did not break when rebooting) Got cons: Healthy, thick, with a cover in general, like some kind of oukitel k5, the cameras stick out, the screen in the sun is nothing

No complaints, I recommend to buy.

The camera is not for photographers (you can roll GCam). Different pros: Looks like your money. For toys like Clash of Clans, crossword puzzles and sitting in the social. networks will fit. The charge is enough for 2 days of not too intensive use. The screen is visible from almost all angles. You can see something under the sun. Sturdy, dropped many times - not a single crack. Some cons: Putting MIUI on such a processor is not the best solution, jamming is noticeable. The finger does not always work - I drove it into the base with 2 different minds and started flying. The minimum brightness is too light for total darkness.

The best purchase in my life, I will definitely buy it again.

I bought a phone for my grandmother as a second attempt to accustom to a smartphone, she seems to like it so far. As a photographer, I was very pleased with shooting in RAW format - if you know how to process, then even from your phone you can take very cool photos. I was also pleased with the phone's battery and a fairly good sound from the speakers. Disappointed by the complete lack of a video stabilizer. In general, the phone is quite good. I recommend to buy

Pros & cons

  • The camera takes good pictures and can shoot in RAW. Holds a charge well. Fast charging included, on the cover there is a plug for the charging connector, the film is pasted from the factory. Regular cover protrudes from the screen and cameras. Memory 128 GB from the experience should be enough. You can put 2 SIM cards and a memory card
  • There is no wide-angle camera (it is more necessary than macro), there is no stabilization when shooting video.