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engine foam decoking lavr complex, 400 ml, ln2510 logo

There is definitely an effect. It should be done more often and combined with other preventive chemistry. Got pros: Black poisonous exhaust smoke that has been creeping along the street for a long time. As a result, oil consumption has been greatly reduced. On a five-cylinder pipe engine with 249 forces, before the execution, the oil ate 1.5 liters per 10 thousand km. Now it's been 7k and the level hasn't changed. Some cons: This is the first attempt to decoke the engine for 190 thousand km. As See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

On TV after 3 weeks: - go stripes on the screen; - the remote control reacts incorrectly to the control buttons, then the sound will start to twist to the maximum, then switch more than necessary; - turns off in the middle of a movie several times a day Not a TV, but a problem! It has a warranty period, but fiddling with it, you know. .See full review

computer case aerocool cs-101 400 w, black logo

I was looking for a compact case to put it under the TV and watch movies (I used the components from an old computer on a 775 socket, asus gt610 with passive cooling). How did you solve the noise problem? Based on the previous review. I disassembled the PSU, replaced the stock cooler (15 mm) with a regular (25 mm) 80 mm powered 3pin (I used longer screws to fit it). I connected the 80-ku through the zalman fan mate speed controller to the 4pin connector of the motherboard. I removed the case cSee full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Good afternoon the product came a great option for the kitchen. compact and convenient I recommend it to everyone for such a price. We did not regret that we orderedSee full review

pajamas for a boy / pajamas / pajamas for children for a boy / suit for a teenager (582-22 р80 (158) 08) lideko kids lideko kids logo

Good pajamas for a boy, we take it not for the first time. Pants were a little long, but not critical. Not very thick, the child does not sweat. The wash survived.See full review

petrol cultivator daewoo dat 3530 (3.5hp, 26cm) logo

For standard 6 acres, the optimal cultivator. They cannot make a field for potatoes, but dig up in a greenhouse and all the beds just for its size and dimensions. At first it will be difficult, but after an hour everything will become easier. In order not to jump out of the ground, you need to squeeze a little, then it will drip deeper and twitch less. Bye bye Fine. Thank you. Pros below: Lightweight, agile. You can dig in a narrow greenhouse. Carried in the trunk of a regular car. Easy to maintSee full review

backpack xiaomi 90 points grinder oxford casual backpack blue logo

Reflecting on my purchase.I liked the backpack because of the unusual format, the usual backpacks are already tired. Bought and never regretted.See full review

shopping bag / checkered trunk bag / market bag 90x60x30 cm / bags for moving logo

The bag fulfilled its function - to transfer a bunch of things. How long can she do this is the question. The bag is thin and does not look very secure.See full review

assault backpack ecos compass outdoors (black), grey, black logo

I do not recommend buying. Or immediately flash the whole. The design is cool, but the hands and the material that was used g . but. Pockets open at the seams. The straps are not sewn correctly.See full review


Bought these tires as a set of 4. The season skated normally, the winter was stored in the garage on disks in the suspension. In the second season, the rudder began to beat from 80 to 120 km. Balancing doesn't really help. I do not recommend these tires.See full review

xiaomi atuman duka ls5 laser range finder 40m logo

Got pros: Very convenient, easy to understand the functionality. Ideal for personal needs, for professionals, most likely it will not be entirely convenient. Some cons: Came with a peeled off screen, the screen is peeled off from the bottom.See full review


Haven't worked for them yet. Soon I will write my impressions of working with him. The micro-stop for fine-tuning the milling depth on a submersible base looks a little clumsy. The rest I don't need. If it fails, it's easier to buy a carcass cutter. Pros: Compact edger, just what you need for tapping hinges and front flanges of fittings. I took it to work with templates. Cons below: There is no parallel stop for the submersible base. Separately, it costs 1/3 of the cost of the router. It's a mysSee full review


There is a nuance with the subsequent replacement of panels, they are sold in sets of different types, that is, to replace two panels, you need to buy 2 sets.See full review

michelin pilot sport 4 225/45 r19 96w summer logo

Considerations on usability.I changed two sets over the summer since the drive is completely worn out uniformly all four at onceSee full review


I think this is the best option in its price range. I watched for a long time, went to different shops. In the end, I realized that this is the best for me. And the dimensions are convenient - it lies in the hands, like a glove. And a high-quality screen - the eyes do not get tired, visually pleasing display of colors. And it works smartly. The consultant in the store told about the ecosystem, about the Ep Gallery app market, showed how everything works. And I was finally convinced of my choice!See full review


Has pros: The rubber is very good, it keeps the road perfectly. It’s good on ice. The spikes for 2 seasons are almost all in place. Has cons: They make a little noise, but you get used to it. Sometimes I travel between cities in the winter, where I feel great on them.See full review


I confess that I had almost never used stitchers before, so I chose for a long time, read reviews on the Internet. On the day of the purchase itself, I went around more than one store, and in each I consulted with the sellers for a long time. Based on the price and quality, my choice fell on the cover stitching machine from Leader. It was advertised to me as unpretentious and easy to use. And so it turned out, and even for me, a person who rarely uses sewing machines, it was easy to work on it.See full review


We use it in the apartment, turn it on in the summer for a pleasant airflow. The height of the fan is easily adjusted and fixed. The fan is three-bladed, the air flow from them is powerful. The blades are securely protected by strong gratings on both sides.See full review


The remote does not replace the one from the TV. Both have to be kept close. Otherwise, there are no complaints. Picked it up on a Friday discount. In general, the purchase is satisfied.See full review


It was packed carefully, but the hinge of the case was broken. But this is all nonsense, compared to the problem that will now have to be solved by trying to extract a piece of tap.See full review

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