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bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

Native tires on RAV 4. Strong tire. 5 seasons gone. 70-80% wear. Japanese tires are strong and sidewalls and without hernias and bumps, but tough. after 3 years - bumps climb out.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Bought as a budget option. Didn't expect much from this tire. But she pleased me with her grip on the snow. It copes well with snowdrifts and snow porridge. In general, the impressions were pleasant. The only disappointment is losing spikes wildly. Has some pros: Very soft rubber. For the money it rows well in the snow. Little tread wear. With its cons: With my old driving mode, the front lost almost half of the spikes in the first season, everything is in place in the back. Dashed about 10 thouSee full review

yokohama advan sport v103 245/50 r18 100w summer logo

ADVAN Sport V103 bought last year. I personally have no complaints, I feel the car perfectly both on the track and in moderate off-road conditions (in more severe conditions due to clearance). Rutting is not terrible on it. So I recommend.See full review

sewing machine janome juno 513, white/flowers logo

A great option, and not expensive and functional. Practical to use at home at any time, works quietly and quickly. I bought it for myself, so there are no problems with different types of fabric, since the assortment is not large. There are no shortcomings in the machine.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

I am very satisfied with the purchase, considering the price, it is generally a bomb! The magnet in the package is extra nice) Delivery was fast, nice sales assistant at the point of issue of goodsSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

I bought a TV for the country. Justifies its value every day. There are no problems with connecting via Wi-Fi, via the RJ-45 connector too.See full review


An excellent lamp, the functionality pleases, the remote control is convenient, the correct switching on from the wall switch, when the brightness of the lamp is programmed to a specific value the first time you turn it on, and not to the last one before turning it off Before that, there was a lamp from another manufacturer with a declared power of 72 W, there was not enough light. We took Citilux for 90 W and now half of the power is enough. There were no problems with the remote control, AliceSee full review


I hope for feedback from the seller, as I wish to receive the goods in normal quality! I would attach a video with these tips in non-working condition, but there is no such option in the reviews . I can only upload a photo.See full review


I won’t buy bulbs anymore, it’s enough for 3 months, the support doesn’t turn on for some reason, some manufacturer’s data is needed, although I write to them that the manufacturer and my order they have support is 0 absolute, even for diode lamps, the warranty is a year and you can exchange it without problems, but here ( in ) they start to powder their brains DEFINITELY NO DO NOT BUY!See full review


Compact and very handy For more than two months now, this vacuum cleaner has pleased me with its compactness and ease of cleaning. I store it in an upright position, if something is spilled somewhere, I just take it and put it away where necessary, and most importantly, the wires do not get tangled under my feet. There is a special plastic container for dust, and all the dirt and dust is collected in it. Cleaning this container is also very easy. And if you need to collect dust in hard-to-reach See full review


Parents gave me a Xiaomi upright vacuum cleaner. To be honest, the vacuum cleaner is unusual, but it takes a very long time to charge. And so its power is enough to clean three of my rooms, then it needs to be charged again. But cleans cleanly, there are nozzles even on furniture. Not yet heavy - this is the most important thing;See full review


For noise, durability and handling I put 5 stars. 2 stars for durability. I do not claim objectivity. I do not think that my rating will greatly affect the overall good picture of the reviews for this model. I admit that the tire is very good for a slower driving style and for less powerful cars. I am writing a review to vent my annoyance, and to help others with a choice. Drive carefully, and it's not even about wear - to hell with him. Security, people's lives are incomparably more important tSee full review

cable hoco x14 times speed usb - lightning, 1 m, 1 pc, red logo

There were already similar ones, although the firms are different . . I was looking for just such a material. For the price they are simply the best!See full review


205 50 r17 runflat were standard on my bmw. Passed on them 88 thousand (summer 60%, winter 40%). There were strong blows, when I thought, well, that's it, the end of them, but they all endured, except for the last time, apparently the wear had an effect, but the blow tore the rear, and the front hernia. they didn’t lower it, I drove to the house, they lowered it there. There were punctures from self-tapping screws, but since the runflat did not take a steam bath and always drove to the tire shopSee full review


In July 2022, we decided to buy our first electric grill. They chose good power, a nice look, not loaded with completely unnecessary additional functions, and that there must be knobs on the control panel, not buttons. The choice fell on Kitfort KT-1652. On the first day, we cooked the first portion of sausages and were pleasantly surprised - the grill and the food cooked on it exceeded all our expectations! It's very simple and terribly fast. No need to wait an hour for the oven or endure oil See full review


Excellent clamps, strong clamp. The handles were a little disappointing, but that's okay, we'll trim, grind, we're used to it, but somehow not according to Makitovsky. Otherwise, there are no complaints. The thickness and width of the curved part is exactly the same as the Festulovsky clamp.See full review


The device is convenient. If you hang all the functionality separately, it will block the entire front. It is convenient to use Alice while driving. It takes a long time to load, but then I did not notice any special brakes. Apparently it slows down for those who did not download the entire map in advance due to the need to load the map. There is wifi, you can connect and download everything you need at homeSee full review


Like many others, I ran into the problem of the presence of an oil film on the water from the filter. Directly from the filter, the water comes clean, i. E. The problem is in the faucet. Flushing the faucet with water, alcohol, hot water, etc. did not really solve the problem - after a while, oil traces reappeared on the water. The solution is as follows: disassemble the faucet and use acetone / sanitizer / alcohol and cotton to wash off the remaining grease from the faucet box. For this: 1) diSee full review


An honest appraisal of the item.Its pros: accuracy, ease of installation, information content Its cons: Batteries that come with the kit die in a week one by oneSee full review

grill tefal optigrill elite xl gc760d30, silver/black logo

It came in excellent condition, the box is not crumpled or scratched. Everything works fine. Very convenient, fast and very tasty. I am delighted. Thank youSee full review

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