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Unlocked Apple iPhone 7, 📱 32GB, Black (Refurbished) - Enhanced for SEO Review



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Model NameIPhone 7
Wireless CarrierVerizon
Form FactorSmartphone
Memory Storage Capacity32 GB
Operating SystemIOS
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Description of Unlocked Apple iPhone 7, 📱 32GB, Black (Refurbished) - Enhanced for SEO

Product Description: (Refurbished) Apple iPhone 7, 32GB, Black - Fully Unlocked


Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with this (Refurbished) Apple iPhone 7. Designed to deliver a seamless user experience, this fully unlocked smartphone offers compatibility with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, as well as CDMA carriers like Sprint and Verizon. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a professional on the go, or simply looking to upgrade your mobile device, this iPhone 7 is a reliable choice that won't disappoint.

Features and Performance:

Equipped with a powerful ...


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Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not the best quality, but overall not bad.

iphone 7 128gb. Black color. Model: A1660. I address my review to people who are capable of something more than FB and Instagram. I really regret that I did not take HTC U11 Plus. After watching so many reviews, I didn't think I'd run into this kind of problem. If you like bass in music, long-term operation of the device, flexible functionality and you are not too constrained by the budget - do not take an iPhone. Only now, I began to notice that everyone who advised me to buy an iPhone is…

  • 1) I really liked the external speakers. There is a pleasant trembling of the whole phone even at a low volume level. 2) Excellent performance per thread. High read and write speed of permanent memory. Thanks to the last two parameters, the swap is almost invisible. It is possible to install 3 applications at the same time. 3) I liked the taptic engine. Some friends thought it was a physical button. 4) Quick payment by card using Apple Pay (twice press the home button when the device is locked) 5) Nice animation in ios. Especially if you switched from android (6.0.1. I can’t say anything about the later ones). 6) A large margin of sound volume in headphones with an impedance of 52 Ohm.
  • 1) Battery. The biggest drawback is the battery capacity. Due to the volume of 1960 mAh, it works in the load exactly as much as an android smartphone will work with the same battery capacity. My 2022 nexus 5 D821 (2300 mAh) with a dead battery lasts as long as a new iPhone. The battery charge with a good load lasts for 4 hours. Listening to music from FB for 30 minutes with the screen off, the iPhone sat down by 6%, my nexus 5 sat down by 1%. (The number of applications on two smartphones is the same) If you play a game like dead effect 2, about 10% flies in 20 minutes. 2) Sound. I listen to music through headphones Sony MDR-1RNC The sound is certainly clear, but what is it FLAT. There is absolutely no volume (I'm talking about bass). If you like juicy, voluminous, deep bass and like to feel the vibration from sound emitters, then this phone is definitely not for you. No equalizer on an iPhone will make the device give out such bass as it will on LG without an equalizer. I stopped listening to music on my phone. 3) LTE. Poor internet connection if you take the train, while nexus catches lte without any problems at all. In the car, I did not observe any problems with lte. 4) Limitation of the system. To download files from your computer to your phone you need a program, to download a document from the Internet you need a program. And I use documents from microsoft all the time. And you will have to face dozens of such examples only for the first month of use. Further we go, worse it becomes.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I was surprised by the quality for the price.

Yes, I was so bored at work that I decided to write this review in such detail :) P. S: I switched to iOS from Android and did not regret it at all. Pitchforks, knives and rotten tomatoes from Android users "flyed" at me, but you know what I'll tell you guys? Just try iOS and judge later ;) P. P.S: I probably got used to it for a week no more. There was more excitement about the new features with this smartphone.

  • A smart smartphone, even in 2022. Powerful smooth graphics in 3D games, does not slow down, does not heat up. Mid-range camera, for 2022. The pictures are of high quality, detailed, color reproduction and brightness at the highest level. Photos reflect the real colors perceived by the human eye. 2GB of RAM is enough for the eyes, as they say. Applications open and run in milliseconds. The processor is still powerful, performs many tasks in exactly the same way - without brakes. Apple still sends actual ates, supports the smartphone, fixes bugs and problems (ated to iOS 13.2.3) Loud speaker, bass does not sag, it is pleasant to listen to music both with and without headphones. The built-in recording microphone is capable of recording sound at a distance of 5-10 meters, which is very commendable. Home button. This is another advantage of this smartphone. The button is touch-sensitive, not mechanical, the improved Touch ID instantly responds to fingers. Strong glass. He fell and flew over tile and concrete, withstood everything, until he once again fell "face down" and cracked. But it was a protective glass, the native endured everything - not a scratch. In two years of use, it never hung up. Generally. FaceTime and iMessage are very convenient applications when there is no connection, but only Wi-Fi (for example, if you are in another country) Siri. I don’t know how things are with her among my fellow citizens, but we became friends with her. I ask her about everything, either turn on the music, or open the passwords, or send a message and much more. A lot of small handy things ranging from a compass, a magnifying glass, spelling correction, voice control, screen recording, a bright flashlight, tape measure and more.
  • Front-camera. The quality of the image is average, the purpose of the camera is of course to make a 2D version of the face / something, so this is a minus. If someone is chasing the best selfies, then I advise you to take an older iPhone. Suitable for FaceTime video chat and click yourself for a message or Instagram. Home button. Wet your finger a little and she will no longer react to it. It turns off the music in the headphones in the cold -15 and below, and even if it is turned on again, it will not play it until you enter the room. Disgusting Apple Maps, it's just some kind of nightmare. Points and leads to non-existent addresses, incorrectly calculates the distance and creates a strange route. Removed, installed Maps. Calendar. I never got used to him, you make a note, for example, that tomorrow you need to be at 3 p. M. there, and he will remind you of this at 2:45 pm with a traffic forecast. And what can you do in 15 minutes? Memory. Applications grow and take up more and more every month, just like the system. With modest use and a minimum of applications, I have only 10 GB free. Battery. Over time and the latest ates (especially after iOS13) it started to sit down wildly. Holds 4 hours. Yes, and I already have 1100 charge cycles, so . we are getting old.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm very happy, it really is worth buying.

Made a transfer via iTunes from 5s to 7ku. Everything is gorgeous, all the settings have been transferred to a single one, photos, videos, contacts. Generally comfortable. Only all the purchases of melodies for some reason remained at 5s, did not bother. First day of operation. A person calls me, the call is important and it is impossible to interrupt / be distracted. And 13 people called me during this 5-minute conversation. Everyone remembers the second line tone? Now imagine that your…

  • Large screen (in terms of watching videos, Internet surfing) Volume level (I really liked it when watching the video) Vibrating alert (on 5s subjectively it seems less noticeable when the phone is in your pocket, you can miss a call, on 7k it feels better)
  • Large screen and, accordingly, the size of the phone (in terms of operation in general) Glitches in the software when transferring from 5s to 7ku For me personally, after the five - the dimensions are very inconvenient, the 5th one could easily do everything while holding the bodies in one hand. It doesn't work, maybe I'll get used to it.

This is probably the last iphone to date, which I like in terms of design. For me, this is ideal, if you live in the country of the manufacturer, then the price tag is really not big and worthy for a quality phone. When you hold it in your hands, you feel that you are really holding an expensive device.

  • - ios - the best system without any garbage - performance unlike android, which slows down over time - display, excellent color reproduction - 128 GB memory per eye - 4k camera and a lot of built-in pluses, I like the quality more than other companies on android - sound - the sound inside is the coolest, the sound is the purest - equipment - headphones are very high quality, dense sound and excellent microphone - remote control, even when there was no iPhone, I specially bought them separately for another phone - convenient lightning charging, why it is impossible for all manufacturers of other devices to make two-way charging. - closed system (I personally like it, I like to buy music in stores, etc., but to each his own) - applications are much better made than those of competitors - loud speakers - best touch id, works instantly
  • Didn't reveal.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The product did not cause delight, but you can use it.

Thus, in this operating system, I will single out the pocket version of the iTunes Store, because the idea of ​​​​purchasing lifetime legal content without subscription priority and anywhere for the sake of mood is close to me. But I paid a lot of money for it. Therefore, I recommend it for purchase with these reservations. With 3D Touch, the phone becomes more alive, and without it - on modern IP - well, very similar to Android, if you delve into the design diagonally, intuitively.

  • 1. Having an excellent iTunes Store at hand with a lifetime purchase of multimedia, no uncontested subscription, like on Android (there is Apple Music, but for me this is more an addition to the ability to listen to audio tracks before buying in full, instead of 30 seconds in the store) and a cool pre-order system . It's like I'm walking around the Soyuz store. 2. Live Photo along with 3D Touch, which the modern IP will no longer see. Firstly, it is beautiful, and secondly, you can catch and select the desired frame. 3. There are no complaints about the technical, ergonomic part. It is difficult to make a modern flagship technically of poor quality.
  • Such shortcomings can only be detected with prolonged use, I collected them for more than three years. The only but big problem is the operating system. She has glitches and more. Screenshot examples.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I was surprised by the quality for this price.

Review for those who like to play! Before that, there was an iPhone 6, but in modern survival games it began to slow down, due to low performance. In the iPhone 7, things are better, games are running faster, 128 GB of memory is enough for games, surfing and watching TV shows on the road. I want to note that the optimization in some games is at a terrible level, and when you start the game from tasks, the phone starts to get very hot under the camera. So uncomfortable to hold in your hand. As…

  • Performance Heat transfer Picture quality
  • heated

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Im amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

No smart person will blame the phone for what the firmware is to blame for. However, here she lags very rarely, I would even say that she does not lag at all. Especially compared to the iPhone 6, where lags were the norm. On the seven, there is no such thing and I don’t know what to do to make him lag. For a smartphone in 2022, an excellent device. It fulfills its price by 100%. Still, Vilsackom was right, Apple got excited and made a too good phone. Based on my impressions, I think it will…

  • Fast, light, thin, beautiful and with a good camera. Water resistance also pleases, but personally I have never drowned phones in my life, but it will probably come in handy for someone.
  • In fairness, it should be noted that I actively use my smartphone, but even this does not justify the fact that he sits down in the evening. Again, with normal use, it can work for 2 days.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The quality is worse than I have ever seen, a complete disappointment

I took it, because For some reason, global manufacturers have decided that in 2022 a phone with a 5-inch screen is an extra budget, in which literally everything is bad. I use it in combination with xiaomi A3, which is half the price, but when you pick it up after the iPhone, it feels like it is 10 years newer, the iPhone seems like a dinosaur. I'm waiting for the industry to wake up, and we will get androids of sane dimensions.

  • Small, very comfortable in the hand and does not pull the pocket. Some interface details are more successful than in android. (swipe from below) Build quality is top notch. The screen is well read in the sun. The best light sensor I've ever dealt with.
  • There are a lot of errors in the software, compared with pure android, but less when compared with overloaded shells (the same Samsung) And this is a new trend, I remember how I owned the iphone 4s for a very long time, and the situation was reversed there. Inconvenient interface (compared to pure android), a lot of actions, such as switching geolocation or battery saving mode, are hidden under four or five clicks, while on my spare a3 it's one swipe + click. Some things are made more comfortable, most are not. The screen is terrible for 2022, it looks just disgusting, about like a xiaomi for 7 thousand. But it suits me. The sensitivity of the sensor is also average. Battery life. No words, my second A3 phone has a much larger screen, more powerful hardware, and I use it more actively. And it sits down about 3 times slower than an iPhone. This is despite the fact that the difference in battery size is only twice. You have to carry a heavy power bank with you everywhere) I’m already used to it, so it’s not so critical

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A valuable purchase, some advantages!

My verdict: the device is really worth it. If there is an amount equal to the cost of this device and you are still in doubt, take it, you will not regret it. [9.5/10]

  • Performance: The most powerful device. In 3D games like World of Tanks Blitz at maximum settings, it consistently produces 60fps. In normal use mode, it also showed itself perfectly both before and after ating to iOS11. [10/10] Screen: The image quality is amazing. I watched the Game of Thrones on this device and a lot of videos on YouTube and was satisfied with the quality. [10/10] Battery: From the very beginning of working with this device, I was 100% satisfied, but after several months of use, the steel quickly discharged. In principle, it holds a charge well, but the time spent in 3D games using the mobile Internet will not pass without a trace for the remaining charge of the phone (from 80% to 20% in 2 hours of such use) If you do not play 3D games, then the charge will be enough for ~ 16 hours of normal use (some social networks, music and web surfing). [7.5/10] Camera: Shooting on iPhone 7 is equivalent to professional shooting. The quality of landscape and portrait photos at the highest level (photos taken on the iPhone in the attached files). [9.5/10] Ease of use: I was very pleased with the most useful gadgets like 3D Touch and Apple Pay. They really add variety to the iPhone experience, and often help you select the desired function much faster. If you are moving from Android to iOS, you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of use of this OS compared to Android. I am generally silent about the speed of Touch ID. It just flies. [10/10] Hull strength: Dropped twice on the tile from a meter height. Not a scratch. [10/10]
  • Battery capacity is slightly lower than expected (everything is stated in the pros)

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not everything is so bad, the average purchase in quality.

If you consider an iPhone, then it’s better to watch new models starting from 11, especially if, like me, I take a lot of pictures and use modern applications to play games, this will be more relevant.

  • In general, the ios system is very simple and convenient, specifically the interface, as for the technical characteristics, I liked the camera and the ingenuity of the system in general .
  • After six months of use, the speaker flew out, the sound became quieter and croaked, I looked on the Internet, this is a common problem, there is not enough memory on the phone, the battery heats up if you play games, I concluded that the phone is not relevant for modern applications .

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Feel free to buy, for such a price, the quality is simply amazing.

Bought this for my sister, she loves it. I used before giving it to her, I must say that I really liked it! It works perfectly, smart, takes high-quality pictures, everything pulls, it is very convenient to use. Another plus is that it is waterproof and if it falls into a puddle or the bathroom everything will be fine, it's very cool! I believe that this is by far one of the best iPhones in terms of price and characteristics, it will last a long time and ates will be for it for another 3-4…

  • Performance, camera, ease of use
  • except that you can’t download the movie and music from the left site

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Always the best

Apple is a nice company , and the making a device like iphone 7, it's crazy! And I love it.it has the same device features as the locked ones. charges via a lightning charging cable. It has the best camera you can think of.its interior is superb, iphone 7 is a unique phone most of my friends prefer to use iphone 7 because they all love it's features

  • It's strong and people like to use it
  • It's data consuming is out of this world

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Perfect product for any user!

My unbiased product assessment.There are 12 Pro outputs, this one is needed for "all occasions", compact, light, loud. Just what the doctor ordered.

An excellent device, probably the best that I had, but unfortunately now it lives somewhere at the bottom of the ocean, drowned Different pros: Camera, fast performance, excellent screen, operating system is beyond praise Cons below: The battery does not hold much, I hung out with a power bank all the time

I want to state up front that, despite the fact that it is now 2022, I DO NOT regret purchasing it. Yes, I spent a lot of money (at the time, it cost $54,000), but I had a great experience with Apple, and now I feel qualified to participate in conversations about IOS versus Android? In conclusion, I want to state that although the phone is quick, safe, has a fantastic camera, and fascinating features, its price of 54k (it is now between 40k and 45k) is not justified. I'd donate between $30 and…

  • In fact, there are many benefits to iPhones that you can't possibly remember all of them. Screen. Straight eye rejoices at the vibrant, rich hues. If there is any type of color blindness, this is also offered; you may alter the colors for protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia, choose any shades, or do everything in gray shades. If the colors are too vibrant, you can always change this in the settings and lower the white balance. Really, it is quite satisfying! Performance. It operates well and really takes off. However, I want to mention the issue that will be covered in the negatives right away. Not always will it fly as well as it did when you first bought it. Memory. Just how much of stuff is there? I don't even know where to store it all. I always have 90–100GB of my 128GB available (!). Camera. Although it takes excellent pictures, I would rate the camera at 7/10 because I don't believe that a phone costing $54,000 could afford such a camera. Pictures may be turned into pure sweetness with the appropriate lighting and camera settings! It's great that the front and main cameras, thanks. Glass and case. I don't carry a case or a protective glass for my phone. Would you please let us know how frequently he has already managed to trip and where? The screen has a few little scratches, but they don't affect how it works. Also undetectable are the dings on the case's back. Other features include: - 3DTouch, a highly useful tool that enables you to easily disable program notifications, view their details, or otherwise modify one or more applications from the desktop - The entire screen glides down with two gentle taps, allowing you to simply use your free hand to access what previously on top of the screen. - The guide access appears if you swiftly push the button three times. When you need to borrow a phone but don't want someone to inadvertently leave, it's also quite helpful. If you have internet access, sending SMS from an iPhone to another iPhone is free. - The capacity to simultaneously relocate multiple apps to a different place (folder).
  • Battery. The biggest problem with Apple goods is certainly this one. Because I seldom used it while I was working, I didn't realize that it discharged rapidly; I had enough for two days. If, for instance, I spend the entire day at home, I now have to charge it twice while out for a stroll. Carrying a pzu'shka around all the time is uncomfortable because it is difficult, requires charging, and causes other disquiet to suddenly subside. Performance. It starts to slow down a bit after a year of continuous use. The settings itself start to stall when I'm looking for programs in the settings, and this can linger for an hour or two. However, if this lag is there, I won't even be able to access the program settings, and they will begin to freeze. I will also be unable to connect to the network or disconnect from it at the appropriate times. Camera. Very few settings. This makes me sad. A HDR function is available. And all I have to ask is: Is that all? Is that all you can do, a phone for $54,000? It's better to view a photo from a distance rather than trying to expand it because the image quality would suffer. single SIM card. I found it to be both more practical and financially advantageous to use one SIM card for calls and the other exclusively for the internet. Next, one for everything under the sun: Commerce. All fees have been paid. Song and video. Additionally, there are numerous free android apps. No, I'm aware that you can watch videos, listen to music, and use apps for free if you get a bit steamed up, but why should I care so much about this when I have a pricey phone that costs $54,000?) Interface. Everything has relatively few options. There are no standard widgets for you (the only item I found useful was the weather; the rest is pointless junk), nor can you customise the screen how you like. The strip below, which keeps the safari, call, and message symbols, irritates me greatly. And, regrettably (! ), there is no way to get rid of it. ALL IN ONE HOLE: AND CHARGING, AND HEADPHONES!

Still don't get the "kindergarten" argument between Apple supporters and detractors. I prefer both iOS and Android smartphones; each has advantages and disadvantages. It's repulsive to drain a device's rating before even using it. Some people complain about the lack of a 3.5mm connector, but since I use wireless headphones (of which there are several options), I have no issue at all.

  • In October 2022, "American" was bought. The entire time it is in use, everything is excellent. When the exposure is adjusted, a great camera can produce a pretty cool picture even at night (photo 3). The iPhone is unmatched in terms of stability and 4K video. Battery life: Enough for a day of intensive usage, assuming you use the recommended accessories and your iOS version is 10.3 stable. The battery is not used at night or while the screen is off (picture 4).
  • There is only one restriction: with careful use (I don't carry a smartphone with keys and other iron), a slender "kotska" remark appeared on the lens after three months. The screen did not suffer even slightly after being used on the same 5k. It is simpler to install a protective gl (on 2 photographs) in order to avoid such issues. Other than that, I don't have any issues, but I personally seen issues with others' volume ons decreasing. Here, everything is straightforward; any technique could be flawed, and nobody is secure. Products from Apple are no different. In the US, a damaged iPhone is taken away and replaced; nevertheless, there are still issues with this in the CIS nations.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not a bad product, but I expected a little more.

I'm going to come right out and say it: I have no idea why the devs eat their bread. Once upon a time, I utilized IP4s; back then, the design was outstanding, the technology was cutting edge, and the operating system (iOS) did not have any bugs, despite the significant upgrade to ios7. And I also recall a delightful detail: in older versions of all of their products (IP4s, iPad2), the charging port smelled like an apple. Seriously! I can't even recall who it was that suggested I take a whiff of

  • . and there is nothing worth writing about. The 3D Touch interface also includes a built-in speaker.
  • I'm just expressing the facts as I see them. Simply put, it has a lot of flaws. 1. When they contacted me while I was recording to the voice recorder, the call window appeared immediately on top of the voice recorder program; 2. It also happens that you are unable to turn on the screen, despite the fact that tapping works; 3. The browser's form autocomplete feature occasionally becomes unresponsive. 4. When I had the screen down, I once tapped my finger lightly on the back panel in the location of the camera, and I heard something rattle there. This inadvertently leads to a comparison concerning the car's finish, which is not of particularly good quality.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A good product, more pros than cons.

The actual price is only $20,000; anything more than that is simply paying for the name. The battery dies rapidly, it takes forever to charge, and the screen is too small to see anything. Don't bother with China without at least an Android S8, A8, or A50! In 2022, the iPhone 7 will seem like a toy compared to the iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max. The only real difference is in the price from the iPhone 6s. Donated and sold at the time; a daring and attractive liquid device; a fast seller at a low…

  • The device has a stylish camera, especially for video, is resistant to dust and water, has outstanding voice quality and conversational dynamics, runs iOS reliably, and performs admirably even in NBA 2K19. Excellent stereo sound, very pleasing to the ears. Weigh it against the HTC top of the line and the older Meizu smarts. After all, Cupertino, not China, is where you want to be if you want to be in a prominent position.
  • Dimensions and borders close to the display, a modest display, limited autonomy, no 3.5 mm jack, adaptor required. Apple paid way too much for the iTunes name. In other cases, like the iPhone 7 Plus, the secondary camera isn't present. There were once highly pricey add-ons available.