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induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

With its pros: Fine-tuning power (100 W each), simple operation, can withstand heavy weight. Different cons: It makes noise loudly (40-50 dB, probably), but I think this is inevitable, and you get used to it quickly.See full review

backpack thule chasm 26l black logo

I have been using Thule backpacks for about 8 years (there were 4 backpacks), I always bought one model. Since I stuffed it completely, over time, the lightning broke / deteriorated in almost the same places, a couple of times I was under warranty for free. Decided to try another model.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

With its pros: Lightweight, easy to connect. You can use Alice's voice commands. There are all required interfaces for connection. Got cons: Rarely after the ate, the film search subscription setting opens.See full review

computer chair raybe k-5923 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/white/red logo

In general, if you really want a gaming chair, in terms of structure, it is no different from others. If the cost does not hit the pocket and you will not particularly notice its loss. You can take it for temporary use to understand whether you need a gaming chair or not. . Still hasn't fallen apart after a few months of use. The pillow for the back was completely deformed. Since I am 190cm+ tall, I have to lift the back to the maximum up, which it absolutely cannot withstand, I have to lift it See full review

video recorder digma freedrive 303 mirror dual, 2 cameras, black logo

Due to the small volume of the built-in battery, the functions described in the shortcomings are simply not needed. The parking lot does not work because there is not enough chargeSee full review

nikon 50mm f/1.4g af-s nikkor lens, black logo

I use this lens mainly for portrait photography. It is very convenient that this lens is small, so I always take it with me and even when I do not plan to shoot portraits. Pros below: With a fairly small size, this lens contains high-quality optics. Sharp shots at aperture 1.4. Has some cons: There is none of them. For me, this lens is an example of what a manufacturer can design - perfect. I hope that the tradition of high-quality fifty dollars will not be violated in the new models.See full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

My husband and I bought an imax pro for trips to the park and shops. We go in turn, we can ride together - he completely takes us both out. We are comfortable and recommend to everyone. Has pros: The deck is long and large, comfortable, smooth running, without jerks, it happened that I had to drive through puddles, without consequences. Has cons: I worry that we will need rights to it, then we will have to sell more and buy something less powerful.See full review

set of deep impact sockets 1/2"dr (10-24 mm) 10 pcs, thorvik iss11210 (53463) logo

the heads are excellent, weighty, I tried it in practice, everything is super, the only one, from another set, into the rim, they fit easily, but these did not fit in diameterSee full review

adapter hoco ua6 usb to type-c black logo

I bought it to connect a logitech camera to an nvidia shield. Other wires did not fit - the camera did not work. With this adapter, I managed to use the camera's native cable and everything worked as expected.See full review

box stanley fatmax 1-95-615, 49.7x29.3x29.5 cm, 20"" , grey-black logo

Some pros: Excellent box. Roomy, durable. "Pockets" for screwdrivers - test device. Some cons: The price is higher than we would like, but given the quality of the box as a whole, I was satisfied with the purchase.See full review

keychron k5se wireless ultra-slim mechanical keyboard, full size, rgb backlit, brown switch logo

This is my first clave from the upper price segment. I can say that it is worth it: build quality, key travel, tactile sensations, and most importantly - low profile. In general, I recommend to all connoisseurs of decent products to buy. I took it to Keyronrush, they put a noise for me there and drew an engraving for Windows. You can talk for a long time, but it's easier to try to understand.See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

Nice tonometer! Clear and bright screen, all numbers are static, do not blink. The cord is quite comfortable, long, no need for extension cords. I measure the pressure of my grandmother three times a day, so she herself has recently begun to take the device and use it on her own. There is nothing complicated about this. The handbag in the kit will protect against injury, and the grandmother even managed to attach her pills to it from pressure. So for retirees - a great option. At the same time, See full review


I have a short conversation with compressors. The first one was a cheap hyunday. He didn’t pump at all, and in winter his hose got frostbitten and fell off. After this incident, I realized that the compressor must be reliable, so I chose the R15 golden eagle, because the reviews clearly hint at this. Berkut R15 worked twice, on the third time it blew the fuses in the car, blew its own fuse and did not turn on. The service center replied that the repair would be at my expense, despite the fact thSee full review


DOES NOT WORK with Xiaomi Home on Android. Region - 2022. The application simply writes "there is no such device. " The official Xiaomi said that this device is not supplied to 2022. Everything that is sold is a gray import. I will provide notarized screenshots of proofs upon request. Well, at least there is a proprietary Qingping application, and it works properly with the device.See full review

shif/tor r. shimano tourney, tx800, right, 8sk, tr. 2050mm, col. black logo

A candid look at this product.Good coin. The keys are informative, the two-finger lever is comfortable. Looks massive and strong.See full review


With its pros: The scooter is made soundly, everything is solid, nothing backlash and does not creak. Son height 127 cm very comfortable. Different cons: Came with a scratched steering wheel, although everything was packed in a film. Looks like it got scratched before packaging.See full review


Previously, having read divine reviews that any food turns into ambrosia, and the grill almost jumps into the sink and cleans itself, 🙄 We bought this miracle for some kind of promotion for 5t with a penny. He fried us faithfully for six months without any complaints (remember, the price is 5k), the removable panels washed well. They did not particularly use the timer and heat adjustment, they immediately twisted it to max. and forward. And everything seems to be good for that kind of money, BUSee full review


How easy is it to use a hand held steamer? I regret that Philips GC361 appeared at me only now. Now it is not difficult to put a couple of things in order in the morning. While I wash, I turn on the steamer and in a couple of minutes it is ready to go. I really like that the Philips GC361 has a heated sole - I can easily iron with it even on the bed, while it's not scary to damage delicate fabrics, since the heating temperature is optimal and safe, plus steam is supplied. The kit includes a mittSee full review


Its pros: Compact, lightweight, bright and most importantly, maintainable. Its cons: In terms of accuracy, the lottery is now available from any manufacturer, but ADA is better than Controltrol.See full review


Inexpensive product, simple design, white color - this is what attracted me here. I bought it, hung it on 4 screws and enjoy the TV :) Different pros: They are described in the comments, but I will especially note that I am pleased with a large set of all sorts of screws and screws in the box. The bracket will fit any TV. Some cons: It is inconvenient to work with wires behind the TV, because. the distance from the wall is very small. That is, if you need to connect / disconnect the wire, or adjSee full review

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