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cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I changed my shoes in early November, for the second month I drive on dry or wet asphalt, the spikes are all in place. Satisfied with rubberSee full review

harness trixie premium h-harness s-m light purple logo

It seems to be not a bad harness, but as for me it is very harsh. Also short length when adjusting. Because of all of the above, we use it for hot weather when we go without clothes. We have a Jack RussellSee full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

We've had the same one for 5 years now. Only six months ago they changed the power supply from the network - the wire broke off. And everyone is so happy! Different pros: When used, it does not cause painful and unpleasant sensations. Good model. The cuff is medium in size - it will be small for a thick arm. Cons below: The model has changed a little in appearance, the cuff on the old model was slightly better in quality. The price is a little high. But if you catch discounts (or a coupon), thenSee full review

plastic restorer-polish lavr, 120 ml, ln1459-l logo

well betrays the color of fresh plastic, more black, the effect lasts for a long time. The only downside is the bottle leaked on delivery.See full review

bumper folio flip case for apple ipad pro 12.9" (2018/2020/2021/2022) logo

I recommend Has pros: Protects the tablet well, all connectors and buttons match. It looks strictly and not flashy, it is pleasant to hold in hands. There is a slot for a pen. Its cons: Matte surface attracts dust. Increases the volume of the tablet, but thereby protects the tablet.See full review

laser level fukuda 4d mw-94d-4gx logo

Everything corresponds to the description, a convenient suitcase for storage and carrying, everything you need is included in the set. Compact, easy to work with, the beams are clear, clearly visible even in sunlight, even glasses are not needed. Error within tolerance. Very useful for renovation work.See full review

power strip defender g330 (99334), 3 sockets, c/c, 10a / 2200 w black 3 m logo

A good quality extension cord is a long wire, and the main plus does not smell like plastic. The power button turns on and off smoothly. I recommend it!See full review

compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

Satisfied with the inhaler. The noise level is the same as more expensive models. Nothing special is needed from you, just pour the medicine, sit for a breath, rinse after the procedure and remove it until the next use. Suitable for daily use, at least when I get sick, I use it every day, it can withstand such loads. Among other things, it is compact, it has overheating protection, a backlit on / off button, which is very convenient if you do inhalations in the eveningSee full review

computer headset a4tech hs-28, black logo

Has pros: the sound is good, beautiful, the thick cord will not break, a good microphone, well, in general, excellent ears, please. And, yes, I was very pleased with the volume control) Its cons: 1) some kind of hard ear membrane, because of this, after 3 hours, the ears ache. 2) for me personally, the ear membrane is small and not comfortable. 3) the microphone is not adjustable.See full review

bluetooth aux adapter for mazda (with microphone) logo

Purely how Aux will go. Pros: The sound is normal, there is no background, distortion, if any, is not noticeable. Got cons: The microphone in the kit is complete slag, you can forget about talking on the phone through the adapter.See full review


Immediately install native drivers from the site, if you leave those that are automatically installed by Windows, the connection will constantly break.See full review


Remove power first. After you understand the principles of management, gradually add. Immediately install the protection of the lower deck (note that this is the second version upon purchase) And then you will replace shock absorbers, levers, fists and batteries. Good luck with your rides Some pros: Nimble RC car for sane money, there are many spare parts for sale, as well as options for improving. Convenient equipment with the ability to control settings Cons below: The only drawback is that alSee full review


Very tasty dishes are obtained on the grill. Pork steaks are chic, juicy, you can’t pull it by the ears and in just 8-10 minutes. Salmon steaks are tender, not dry. Wings, thighs, chicken fillets are all gorgeous and delicious. We even cook Viennese waffles on it. Sandwich, toast and all. The assembly of the grill is good, of high quality, the table does not heat up from it, there is no strong splashing when cooking. The tray for fat is located well, I put a napkin under the tray and drops do noSee full review


After reading the reviews of other users, I can add the following: - the first car, the first winter, the first winter tires, and as a result, the driving style has not changed since the first cold days (the style is not slow and drive and turn into a turn); - when driving on a wet road, I repeatedly noticed that two relatively dry lanes leaving the horizon remain behind the car (it removes water very well); - in terms of noise, it is most likely due to the porosity of the rubber, first it coSee full review


If your car has good sound insulation or you are ready to do more, then there is no point in overpaying for all sorts of Nokian or ContinentalSee full review

men''s polo shirt logo

Size instead of 50 they sent 52, the color is not the same as in the picture - some kind of not dark blue, but bright, even with blueness or something. In general, you can wear it, but not what you expected, therefore minus a star.See full review


If your car has stopped starting (the starter motor turns, but it does not start) - most likely you need to change the OH temperature sensor. Fortunately, it is not very expensive and it is not difficult to replace.See full review


Has some pros: Quite a normal sound, basses are present, there is a frequency adjustment. You can connect a microphone, there is a radio and you can listen to music from a flash drive. Got cons: The sound is a little barrelish, but it is solved by refinement.See full review


I flooded the s6d engine into a 2022 Kia Spectra, it started up at -35 without problems, before that it filled the ultra shell, it started up in the cold worse and the sound of the engine was more dieselSee full review


Having bought this radiator on the market, as well as a thermal head in the color of the radiator, the site indicates that they are compatible, during installation it turned out that they did not fit together, to which the manufacturer quickly corrected the information on his website. During installation, it turned out that there was a misalignment of the fastening for the Eurocone of about 2 mm. the manufacturer said to contact support, support to the trading organization, and they, in turn, oSee full review

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