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xiaomi mi air purifier 2s cn air purifier, white logo

I turn on the device, connect to its Wi-Fi, then go to Mi Home (I have already chosen different regions from China to the Virgin Islands (USA), even Japan, since the plug is American, two flat plugs). I select my device in the application, then I select the device network and enter the pword for my Wi-Fi, but the device does not connect. Can you help me connect, people? anyone?See full review

clipper carrier for dogs mps skudo 4 48x51x68 cm 68 cm 51 cm 48 cm gray 30 kg 3.86 kg logo

The dog immediately climbed in and spent the night at home in a carrier all night. Saves on car trips. We only ship by carrier. He jumps into it himself and sleeps all the way (3-4 hours is generally calm). At exhibitions between entrances to the ring, we are waiting in a carrier, without hassle, on our territory. Either sleeping or looking around.See full review

aqara water leak sensor: wireless mini flood detector for alarm system & smart home automation - works with ifttt logo

I am using ioBroker. Sensors fit without problems. It is not yet possible to transfer the statuses of sensors to Alice. Set up telegram notifications. Checked, everything works.See full review

vacuum cleaner dyson cyclone v10 absolute global, red/grey logo

I use a week. Excited. Now it’s not at all to vacuum into the scrap after the pets or the cat have been screwed. Subjectively, cleaning has become faster. Turbobrushes greatly increase the quality and efficiency of floor cleaning (no carpets - laminate and porcelain stoneware). I have a very woolly Maine Coon at home; the wool is removed with a bang and at the same time it does not wrap around the brush (there were big concerns about this). The vacuum cleaner is stored very according to Feng ShuSee full review

dry dog ​​food monge daily line, chicken 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 12 kg (for medium and large breeds) logo

Pros below: The only food of the brand, where large granules are for large dogs. Cons: The smell is not very good, with lamb it smells nicer, and the dog eats with more pleasure.See full review

knee brace orlett energy line dkn-103 (xxl) logo

During the course of the struggle, he ended up tearing both his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and his own patellar ligament, which resulted in a dislocation of his kneecap (patella). After having surgery on the ligaments and spending the previous 2.5 months immobilized in a rigid tuttor, the traumatologist advised that a fixing bandage be purchased. due to the low cost and positive evaluations, Orlette managed to convince me. as a direct consequence, total and complete Chinese garbage. They aSee full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, black, cn logo

for the price it turned out in June 2022, the new one cost about the same as in August 2022, another scooter of the same modelSee full review

smart watch garmin fenix ​​6x sapphire dlc wi-fi nfc, grey/black logo

By modern standards, this is not a smart watch, but a purely sports device. But the feeling of a reliable, durable thing Much looks like an anachronism, a low-resolution display, buttons without a touch screen - but see above, this is a sports device, all the shortcomings are the reverse side of the chosen solution, and not the manufacturer's flaws Pros: Strength Brutal appearance Measurement accuracy Many measurable indicators Wide range of customization options Batteries last for 4-5 days evenSee full review

computer chair zombie 9 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/red logo

the chair is comfortable, it is written that it can withstand a lot of weight, after a few months, the gas lift fell into the cross and began to scratch the floor. Yes, my weight is large (130 kg), but within the declared load (indicated in the description up to 180). I first contacted the market about the return of the marriage, but several months have passed since the purchase and I was given the seller's contacts. I contacted the seller, sent a photo, they said that it was a marriage and theySee full review

watch casio g-shock awg-m100b-1a logo

I RECOMMEND! Pros below: Design (live look better than in the photo. White arrows on the general dark background of the dial and case - a very good ergonomics and stylish solution). Functionality (every day I use everything that is in them. Nothing superfluous! And at the same time, I do not intend to refuse any of this from now on!). Convenience (cool, ergonomic strap, solar battery, radio synchronization, size). Vitality. Adequate price. Different cons: The accuracy of the course, however, by See full review

tefal salad container masterseal to go k3100112, 16.7x16.7 cm, green logo

Different pros: I used blue containers, I liked the company, I decided to buy at a discount for 500 amazon, if it weren’t for the points, I wouldn’t buy it. So it costs 1000r. Got cons: The price, I think the price without discounts and points should be no higher than 600.See full review

🦷 soocas dental floss pick (1 pack) 50pcs (d1-cn1): effective dental flosser for optimal oral hygiene logo

Outstanding toothpicks produced by a sub-brand of Xiaomi. Also, we are all aware that Xiaomi is a manufacturer. a significant improvement over standard thread in terms of comfort. Because the thread is so resilient, there is little chance that it will snap even if the gap between your teeth is far smaller than normal. If it is absolutely essential, you can utilize the device as a one-time device, and the thread will not be affected in any way. In addition, the compact size makes it simple to thrSee full review

xiaomi smart humidifier 2 aroma humidifier (mjjsq05dy) ru, white logo

It's aesthetically pleasing, it fits in beautifully with any decor, it syncs effortlessly with your phone, and you can customize it from afar. Although it has a filter, I still only use filtered water to fill it. It's not easy to filter 4.6 liters, so I use a jug from which I reserve some of the purified water for later, while also topping it out during the day. There are three settings: low, medium, and high, with the latter also responsible for keeping the humidity at a consistent level that cSee full review

chair stool group style dsw, metal, color: black logo

We chose to add the same chairs on the balcony because they are a great model and there are already several in the kitchen. The new bed and setting were instantly liked by the cat.See full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

A good humidifier, measures humidity, and quickly humidifies the air. Large and handy water tank. Fits well into the interior. Works almost silently, does not interfere with sleep. The price is very favorable. I advise everyoneSee full review

split system samsung ar07tqhqaurner/ar07tqhqaurxer, white logo

It doesn't hum loudly. Like a small refrigerator) You can get used to it in a couple of nights. Other than that, great condoSee full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v11, gray logo

Different pros: In turbo mode, it collects dust very quickly. Nozzle for the sofa, this is what I always lacked! Vacuum cleaner for pleasure three times a day) Different cons: It discharges quickly, but I think these are all vertical vacuum cleaners.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

Some pros: It picks up garbage perfectly, even cleans cat hair from the carpet, despite the fact that it does not have lint on the brush to collect hair. Great option for a small apartment. Has cons: It heats up quickly and, most likely, you will often have to change the filter in the flask that collects dust and debris.See full review

xiaomi mijia handheld vacuum cleaner (global), white logo

With its pros. Comfortable in using. The charge is enough to clean a small apartment. Not overly noisy. Value for money in short. Its cons: I've been using it for over a month now. Didn't find any deficiencies.See full review

computer chair metta samurai s-3.04 for executive, upholstery: textile, color: black logo

Overall, the chair is cozy and appears sturdy. In particular, I appreciate the weight because it makes the chair stable and dependable at first glance, but only time will tell. Unfortunately, the design elements lack significant assurance, especially the fasteners for the backrest. I'm going to change them all as soon as I get to the hardware shop because the washers they installed are already terrifying.See full review

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