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32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

The best option for your money. Who needs a convenient TV with perfect control to the country house or to the kitchen - that's it. Average quality full hd picture with a normal viewing angle, an average level of color reproduction and contrast. The response is not instant, but not annoying, without glitches. Its pros: The first is a smart filling from - Alice - the most convenient operating system for a TV, more convenient than LG, Samsung, and even than Android TV. Its cons: Contrast, of coursSee full review

bicycle navigator igpsport gps (igs630) logo

an excellent computer for enthusiasts, a lot of "sports" functions, training, etc. , but I practically do not use these functions, sometimes out of curiosity. I mainly use it to navigate a previously created track and everything works fine here. There is no independent navigation as such, it is possible to get directions through the application on the phone, but without a good Internet connection, you will not be able to do this. Maps based on OSM, but this is not accurate, there are questions aSee full review

roof box eurodetal magnum 330 (330 l), carbon black logo

In general, for this price of 16tr, he is forgiven a lot and was ready for anything, so I don’t lower my rating, but I’ll tell you about the nuances! A very convenient size - 2 bicycles will stand on the sides of it, which was required, 330l is enough for me, before it was 460l which occupied the entire roof and was not filled with more than 60-70% of its volume. It is inconvenient to wind the lambs, but I don’t care - I don’t plan to constantly put / remove. The holes for the brackets are drilSee full review

hdmi (input) to av (output) adapter logo

Personal impressions of the item.With its pros: Price 499ru, compact case, the device works, time will tell. . Has some cons: Slightly wrinkled and slightly torn packaging!See full review

junion belli children''s tricycle with handle, beige logo

We read the reviews, everything seems to be fine, we bought it, we drove it, we were not satisfied with the quality of the parts. In general, this bike needs to be improved in terms of the fit of the baby and the parental handle, at least for the first time, and then the wheel hubs and everything else. Manufacturers write that a five-point or three-point belt is there . . but one must also take into account where all this is attached, whoever has an engineering education will understand))) Now tSee full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

Pros below: The device is compact, the numbers on the display are large enough and clearly visible. The measurements are accurate. Checked on other devices. Some cons: The cuff feels a little stiff and does not fit comfortably on the thin arm of an elderly person.See full review

autoscanner scan tool pro autoscanner car diagnostics scan tool pro black edition wi-fi obd2 elm327 v1.5 chip pic18f25k80 for ios android windows elm 327 logo

In general, I am satisfied with the purchase and do not regret spending. I was satisfied with the bluetooth version as well. connected to the phone. But for those who fundamentally need a wif-option, I recommend that you immediately check the performance. Got pros: Works, diagnoses. Connected, launched the application, read the error and determined the cause of the malfunction. Cons: The title says "edition wi-fi". I plugged it into the connector, I'm looking for a network, but it's not there . See full review

petrol cultivator daewoo dat 3530 (3.5hp, 26cm) logo

The most important thing is the air filter. it is very bad and does not filter anything. I changed it to a filter from the same cultivator, only the champion company. plows normally, palm-deep. eats a lot of gasoline. suitable exclusively for row spacing and loosening the bed. on hard soils it will be difficult to cultivate even the soil turned over with a shovel. You won't find parts for it. it is better to take the same, only the Champion. this Daewoo is licked from him.See full review


Great tool. With the appropriate blade, it cuts everything and quickly. Used for pruning trees, dismantling wooden buildings with nails, replaced most of the work with a grinder. A little heavy when you need to use one hand.See full review


Convenient, more compact than usual. Shows pressure values ​​approximately the same in comparison with a conventional device (within the measurement error specified in the device passport). Some pros: Slightly smaller size compared to a conventional wired blood pressure monitor (relevant for those who travel often). Easy to use, measurement speed is faster. Its cons: Does not automatically transfer readings to the phone, for this you need to open the application on the phone. Compared to a regulSee full review


I connected and washed the cartridges strictly according to the instructions at the dacha of my parents. Water pressure in the 2-4atmosphere system. The filter continuously drains water into the drain, clean is not collected . Waste of money thrown away .See full review

anatomical orthopedic pillow with memory effect, 55x35x11/9 cm, high density, white logo

The pillow is firm enough. There is a memory effect. I have a pillow without memory effect and I thought it was hard, but compared to this one, mine is so soft)) I bought it as a gift for my son, let's see if he likes to sleep on it. I'll add a review later. Two months have passed. My son refused to sleep on a pillow, so I took it for myself. And I liked it. At first, it feels like you are lying down on a very hard surface, and after a few minutes the pillow sags slightly and the head is very coSee full review


I consider the watch to be a reference, I was 100% satisfied with everything, I bought it twice. The first ones proved that they don’t smell of the declared impact resistance: they jumped off a low window sill and accidentally hit it for hours. The blow was not at all strong, but the eyelet for attaching the strap broke off from it. I don’t really plan to beat the clock, because I don’t consider it a minus and bought the second one, which had served faithfully for 6-7 years, after which the uppeSee full review

dobe x dual charging station for two controllers for xbox one s (tyx-532s) white logo

Small and inexpensive charger. Glad I finally bought it. The kit also came with 2 batteries. I checked everything, everything works.See full review


The timer provided a breakthrough in the dacha economy, and a high yield, in fact, for this reason, I ordered a couple more timers in order to create a more optimal irrigation regime for crops that are not compatible in terms of irrigation volume. Has some pros: Convenient software, sufficient watering of plants during the dry season, by adjusting the irrigation regime, you can not interfere with watering for a week and therefore not be distracted from other equally important matters. the timer See full review


Very cute, neat, super-leshky suitcase. The color is amazing, lavender, as in the photo. I took it as hand luggage, it fit perfectly, the dimensions allow. I recommend! Cool suitcase.See full review


I doubted the purchase very much because the price tag is very biting. But from the first use, I realized that the purchase was successful. Rich equipment, nozzles with brushes, floor mops, water cassettes. Really very heavy, the wife can sometimes move it with only two hands. For flat surfaces it is just perfect, on carpets it is rather weak. The wire infuriates during cleaning, you constantly run into it and after cleaning this wire must be wound manually.See full review


I can summarize: How satisfied am I with this case? Not enough Do I want to change it? No. At least not now Minuses aside, do I like this case? Yes. It is comfortable, beautiful and roomy. Would I trade this case for another of the same price if I could? I would definitely consider the options, but I think that I still didn’t find anything better Got pros: Appearance Pretty thick walls Wall for mounting the motherboard - not foil 3 USB on the front panel (2 of them 3.0) Cool buns like the froSee full review

phone cooler black shark funcooler br11 white logo

Bought mainly for Genhin Impact. I play on iPhone 8. If before that my phone was warming up on medium-low settings (30 frames) now. it's just wow. Maximum graphics, 60 frames and all this remains cold even on a charge 🙀See full review


Food my cats love! Cats are capricious, and even at the respectable age of 18 and 19 years. I can say that the food absolutely suited them (we have something to compare with), and most importantly, it is well absorbed, and this is a very important and individual moment. In the morning and in the evening, now songs and dances with a tambourine 🐈🐈 by the bowl demanding an additional portion. Recently, they opened the door and got their own food))) I'm happy, cats too)See full review

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