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The only bad thing about this is the lengthy requirements for the actual review. The platform is incredibly easy to use for me. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. If this could be made into an app for the phone we’ll the best I’m just laughing! would spend all my time on Revain earning awesome rewards. I think that the amount of Revain that is offered for a review is a little bit low considering it’s only work about 0.017 right now. Maybe you can scale the rewards so they are a bit higher. For example I’ve just spent almost 7 minutes and.... woohoo I earned 0.02. As your tokens become more valuable then you can scale down the reward perhaps. 전체 리뷰보기

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Needs improvement

It’s really just boring. And I cannot see these games appealing to the masses long term. Needs some serious improvement. There is no casino environment either. Don’t fix what’s not broken with some of those aspects. The only way this would work is if all of the games were on an App that would be super easy to access. No one these days wants to open a browser and then pull-up another tab ect just to get to a game that they probably will lose at long term anyways. I played for an hour with zero features. The only reason anyone plays a slot game of any kind is to get a feature. Even if it doesn’t payout. That’s the goal is to get the feature. It takes 30 seconds to move my miners cart around and then roll again and again just to get 1.5 times my bet. It was exhausting. 전체 리뷰보기

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