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Telecom coin

Dent is the first cryptocurrency which is specially designed to meet blockchain and telecom industry also dent have their application that is available in play store according to dent currently more than 10 million users are already registered on dent app and different on app store also dent are able to provide their services in worlds top 46 countries n that we can top up our card or sin using dent app Dent ico faces epic fail in 2017 on July 2017 dent help ico of 70 billion coins for 0.0005$, but unfortunately, only 7 billion tokens were sold in ico also the team have more than 20% of coins DENT is listed on world's biggest exchange like binance, upbit, bittrex and many 전체 리뷰보기

bittrex 로고


Bittrex is the advance crypto exchange for assets bittrex have listed many of significant cryptocurrencies so it will become more easier to trade multiple coins at one place also a rumour was 2 years ago btc didn't take KYC for trading depositing funds and after bittrex starts KYC immediately and many users are from that cannot able to give KYC to bittrex means restricted countries so currently so many users funds are stuck on bittrex also they are not able to access that funds I feel bittrex hires one of the worst support team if we ask some question, so they block that user from twitter if you wrote your email publicly bittrex will disable the account to 전체 리뷰보기

mixin 로고


Mix messenger

Mixin cryptocurrency currently using ethereum blockchain but sooner they planned to launch mainnet and on mainnet mixin will convert into pos cryptocurrency and if you want to hold the master note you need to keep 10000 mix Mixin developer says they have created the best messenger like facebook on blockchain technology for beating big message but how this is very interesting to know to how many people starting adopting mixin messenger Mixin total supply is very less only 1 million, but mixin needs demand to grow 전체 리뷰보기

exodus 로고


Exodus is the best cryptocurrency wallet because on this wallet all types of top cryptocurrencies available also this wallet is totally free it doesn't take any fees or anything even exodus wallet integrated Trezor both portfolios means without going on trezor website they provide this feature in desktop also we can use so many trezor wallets at once using exodus Exodus wallet also contains a small exchange in the portfolio; if you have bitcoin so you can instantly swap with any other crypto like ethereum, litecoin and many which exodus wallet supports Exodus wallet also provides live portfolio tracking and also live cryptocurrencies prices based on coinmarketcap API전체 리뷰보기

mithril 로고


Mithril is the cryptocurrency witch specially launched for building different types of social media platform like facebook Whatsapp and many on blockchain also mithril done half work to bring platform like steemit in which user can upvote downvotes to posts MITH was an erc20 token, but for fast transaction speed they moved from ethereum blockchain to binance chain Mithril has planned to bring decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on mith based mithril CEO also has significant experience about cryptocurrencies and blockchain 전체 리뷰보기

xapo wallet 로고

Xapo Wallet

I used this wallet for sending a few bitcoins on that I did 't faced any problem but one of my best friends account they blocked with no reason and asking for id verification he submitted then also they rejecting their KYC since 5-6 months that's why we need to use decentralized wallet like trezor, cold wallet s any other because many cases sawn than centralized wallet companies always blocks wallet and start demanding KYC and other details which I don't feel any wallet should also ask if xapo wallet hacks then they will not be able to return you that's why I always use decentralized wallet전체 리뷰보기

basic attention token 로고

Basic Attention Token

Brave browser is the one excellent crypto browser; brave browser has publisher accounts for YouTubers and bloggers if you have publisher account and you share your referral links to your friends family then brave browser pay you 4$ if each friend use browser for 1 month I sawed many people that reffed 1000+ peoples and earned more than 4000$ per month if you are a blogger then you should open publisher account and foremost problem is bat takes up to one month to verify publisher account, and also we need KYC for withdrawing that bat tokens The brave browser also provides tipping means if you impressed with any blog or with any video you can tip then 1, 2 bat for their work and I feel this is great for donating a small amount for any author in the new version of a brave browser we can also tip to any tweets전체 리뷰보기

coolwallet s 로고

CoolWallet S

I love cool wallet s version because this hardware looks very pretty and also the size of cool wallet s is less than credit card and cool wallet s claims that this wallet is unhackable and also wireless with the help of Bluetooth and NFC support For using wallet our android phone is not less than 5.0 so if you use 4.4 then even you will not be able to use this hardware wallet did 't works for windows or mac Tiny size makes it more convenient to carry it, and also this wallet version is more secure than other cool wallets전체 리뷰보기

binance 로고


Binance is the multi coins cryptocurrency exchange with massive trading volume also binance charge low trading fees both makers and takers Binance also have their another decentralized cryptocurrency exchange only for binance chain coins Binance have their research center for depth review in altcoin Binance donates their listing earning and many others to binance charity for helping poor and homeless peoples Binance have their launchpad for fundraising 전체 리뷰보기

atomic swap wallet 로고

Atomic Swap Wallet

Security is the foremost important thing for every wallet, Atomic wallet gives 12 words recovery seed, and coinomi wallet gives 24 words seed so better to use coinomi for your security On atomic wallet we can able to buy bitcoin directly with a credit card with few easy steps also atomic wallet takes low fees for any types of the swap or anything Shapeshift and changelly is already integrated into the atomic portfolio Atomic wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, and it also gives the ability to export private keys of any coins 전체 리뷰보기

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