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Octus Bridge

It is no secret to anyone that one of the vision of blockchain technology is based on the premise of decentralization, but even though we have seen many advances and innovations in this environment, there are certain limitations that do not allow the user experience to be more efficient when performing certain operations on the network, and one of those limitations is interoperability. there are some blockchains that remain isolated from the rest, and make the trading process difficult, or extremely tedious and slow, and that is where blockchain bridges play a fundamental role. That is why today I want to tell you about the Bridge that Free Ton has created with the most popular network on the market (ethereum), called Ton Bridge. Ton bridge, was created by Broxus and is a mechanism that provides users with a secure way to interoperate on both sides of the Etherum - Free Ton blockchains, allowing tokens to be transferred from one chain to another, even when the protocols of them are different, something that is undoubtedly a very valuable tool when doing any operation on the network that needs to be executed quickly to generate some profit, for example. Ton Bridge works by using a set of smart contracts and relay nodes on both networks to make it possible to transfer tokens in both directions. The consensus mechanism is based on proof of stake (POS), and allows the entire ecosystem to protect itself from fraudulent users, since, to become a validator, a considerable amount of tokens must be staked, and if one wants to incur in a crime and the other validators catch it, it loses all the tokens it has deposited in the system, a mechanism that requires maintaining a highly secure and democratic consensus. It should be noted that for the correct functioning of the network, there is a DAO in which the tokens used are Bridge tokens, created especially for this process, and with which there are various levels of voting power in the decisions that affect the bridge . The Ton bridge project was born as one of the many proposals that are made daily in the Free Ton network, through a contest called `` Ethereum - Free Ton Bridge Design and Architecture '', published in the free ton forum in September of last year and which was won by the Broxus team of the DEFI subgovernance, a group of experts and professionals committed to the Free Ton ecosystem since its inception and who have already created other highly functional tools such as the Ton Surf wallet. The creation of bridges like this one, play a fundamental role for decentralized finance, which today runs more frequently on various blockchains, especially on the ethereum network, through which the creation of smart contracts and the issuance of the well-known ERC-20 tokens, as well as most of the best-known DEFI applications in the world such as uniswap or Binance DEX, which have enormous liquidity in the market. But despite all the possibilities that the ethereum blockchain has to offer us, there are still certain disadvantages that projects like free Ton want to counteract through the creation of Ton Bridge, such as the super high fees and the very slow speeds that offers that network. I hope that in the near future many more people will realize the great potential that this bridge has to offer, which enjoys optimal performance compared to other blockchains. 전체 리뷰보기

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I must admit that I am surprised by the fact that there are so many promising projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market such as the Roobee platform that I want to talk about this time. Due to the economic situation faced by many people in the world today, it is very difficult for them to access to invest in any cryptocurrency or in any action of their choice. In this context, this situation made Roobee offer an opportunity in the industry since it is based mainly on an investment platform, where with just a small investment of $ 10, all enthusiastic and professional users are welcome to invest. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the system collects data and statistics on the best options in the market where you can invest, in order to ensure that its users can obtain better rewards. This means that undoubtedly those people who do not know much about investments can also enjoy an environment in which the best options will automatically be provided with total transparency due to the use of AI. The project developers have done a great job in recent years and today they have their own Blockchain called Roobeechain that with the use of hyperledger technology keeps the entire network extremely secure. The token that moves the entire ecosystem is called Roobee and has many utilities, such as staking, farming, participating as master nodes, etc., but it is especially used as in other platforms of its kind to obtain better rates when making transactions. Robee is not only an ideal platform to invest, but also has the main characteristics that many projects have today, such as the possibility of creating smart contracts and decentralized applications, which give it more scalability and interoperability with many other projects. of the industry. I am sincerely delighted with this platform and all the mechanisms it offers to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to more users, and thus generate investments that can change our quality of life.전체 리뷰보기

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This time I am going to review a project that is located almost from the moment it was launched on the market, as the second most important cryptocurrency after bitcoin. This project is called ethereum, an open source platform that is primarily known for its powers of allowing developers to create decentralized applications and smart contracts. These terms are very common when talking about ethereum and that is why I want to delve a little more into them. Decentralized applications are a kind of computer program that do not need intermediaries to function and are totally open source with very varied use cases such as financial applications, or cryptocurrency wallets that after being launched on the market will always be executed according to what programmed. Smart contracts are also computer programs that are executed between 2 or more parties and enforce a previously planned agreement making transactions completely secure. These 2 are the most important advantages of ethereum in the cryptographic environment, which have made it gain a lot of popularity but ethereum has also been a platform with which many cryptocurrencies have been created using the ERC-20 standard and allowing the exchange of that type of tokens with others on the same network more easily. All projects created on the ethereum blockchain are created through a virtual machine known as EVM. It is very common to refer to ethereum as a cryptocurrency, but the word itself refers to the platform, since the currency that gives life to the entire network and that is used for payments on the network and running decentralized applications is called ether. 전체 리뷰보기

bitcoin 로고


In this first review on the platform, I am going to talk about the first cryptocurrency created in the world, and about all the characteristics that make it compete with a financial model that is becoming obsolete. It is, of course, bitcoin, which is 12 years old since its creation and which from the beginning began to attract the attention of many users because no one, no institution or governments can control its use. Instead, users who interact with bitcoin do so in a decentralized environment known in the world of cryptocurrencies as p2p (transactions directly between 2 users without intermediaries). This system has great advantages over the payment systems that are currently in the market, and its fluctuation varies depending on supply and demand, so that no entity can manipulate its value or cause inflation. Bitcoin is not only a cryptocurrency as many of us may think, but it works under an open source protocol in a network known as blockchain, in which all user transactions are recorded and which we can access at any time to verify them. On the internet there are many pages that allow you to earn bitcoin for doing some tasks, but they are really very small amounts that are awarded, that is why one of the most profitable methods is bitcoin mining that can be done individually with the purchase of equipment powerful computing or in a group, in sites called mining pools. In the last few months that I have been hearing about this cryptocurrency, I have seen friends who have obtained a lot of passive income from just having a certain amount of this cryptocurrency in their wallets, and that is what has motivated me to learn more about it and invest my finances in this great project that came to revolutionize the world economy전체 리뷰보기

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