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bose quietcomfort wireless headphones cancelling 로고

Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones Cancelling

Let me explain a little about a very cool feature "simultaneous connection to 2 devices at once". If you have paired with a TV, with a computer and with a phone, then when you turn on the headphones, they start looking for these devices and connect immediately to the 2 found ones, for example, to the phone and to the TV. And now you are listening to music from your phone, and meanwhile the TV is silent, because it thinks that headphones are connected to it, i. E. no sound comes out of the TV speakers and no one can watch it until you select another pair of devices, for example, a phone and a computer, using the device switch button on your headphones. Or, for example, you are talking through headphones on the phone, and at some point you find yourself too far from the TV. At this point, the headphones begin to tell you that the "TV" device is turned off and after a second "the TV device is connected". All this time (~ 8 sec) you do not hear the conversation.전체 리뷰보기

apple airpods charging latest model 로고

Apple AirPods Charging Latest Model

I bought headphones I don’t take, but I still want to write a review. Less than 3 days later, the headphones first disconnected via bluetooth from the iPhone, then the orange indicator flashed, the headphones did not connect even after a reboot, after 3 hours they managed to connect them to the iPhone again, but the left earpiece failed and the indicator is constantly on. It's a shame that on the 3rd day of use they do not function as they should. But in general, the headphones are good, if not for this .전체 리뷰보기

samsung galaxy buds pro accessories & supplies 로고

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro Accessories & Supplies

Headphones received as a gift for pre-order S21. + Sound quality will only be maximized when working in the Samsung ecosystem, due to their own audio codec. In this case, they sound just great: deep, detailed. Pure bass. The volume margin is decent. + If you are lucky and the headphones fit well in your ears (complete rubber bands do not fit about 50% of users - I tested it on friends), then extraneous noise is already perfectly cut off. Activating ANC dampens occasional external noise (white, pink noise; hum) superbly. At the same time, the sound of the car horn is skipped (if you are signaled). + 2 hours at volume "9" in ANC mode consumes about half the charge. - You can open the case by touch with a probability of 33% - due to the fact that the recesses of the lid are made the same on three sides, it is impossible to understand without looking where to open it. - They are not suitable for sports at all due to loss. Because of this, contact with the auricle is disturbed, noise reduction begins to fail, and so on. Headphones are designed for casual use. - Complete rubber bands are not 100% suitable for anyone. I was lucky - they sit well in my ears with the largest ear cushions. - Hood, buff, hat lead to false alarms of sensors. Headphones constantly falling out of the ears have to be corrected - and again endless unnecessary sensor responses. During such manipulations, the placement sensor in the ears constantly fails and the earpiece simply stops responding to touch ("insert the earpiece into your ear"). You have to take it out completely from the ear, wait, and insert it again. In summary: great headphones to work in the Samsung ecosystem, in a casual use case; totally unsuitable for sports. I'll ate my review if I have more to say.전체 리뷰보기

microsoft rjn 00001 bluetooth mouse black 로고

Microsoft RJN 00001 Bluetooth Mouse Black

Below I will present my personal opinion about the product Microsoft RJN 00001 Bluetooth Mouse Black. The mouse is good from the point of view of an engineer, it is possible to service it yourself. But in terms of daily use, I would not recommend it. The first year of use does not cause problems, it gives only joy. Then there are shortcomings that can no longer be ignored, the buttons stop responding, albeit not critically, but long-range use begins to strain.전체 리뷰보기

silicon power 2 pack microsd adapter 로고

Silicon Power 2 Pack MicroSD Adapter

speed in the phone: reading - 30mb, writing - 20 ultrabook speed: read 68, write 25 in an expensive laptop it worked only after dancing with a tambourine (search for normal drivers) due to poor compatibility and the speed was, to put it mildly, terrible: reading 11, and writing 10. on usd 3.0 reading 24, writing 18. a year after the purchase, I passed, the money was returned . If you are sure that your device is supported by the card normally, then take it.전체 리뷰보기

microsoft wireless mobile mouse special 로고

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse Special

I love mice from Microsoft, Logitech might be better, but they are all very very very loud, they click insanely loud. Before that there was a model 3500, after 4 years the wheel began to fail. I decided to buy 4000 for testing, the fly a little more appeared extra. button near the thumb, which can be customized as you like. Since pressing the wheel is very tight and very loud, I set up a beech button for the place where the wheel is pressed. It is 2 times quieter than the 3500 model, and about more expensive, and it’s not a bad mouse in the trailer. Well, the batteries run out quickly due to the fact that it is not a laser but an optical one, so don"t write it in minuses, any optical mouse runs out of batteries quickly =).전체 리뷰보기

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