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Jesta Vision Suite

I like all the modules very much. It's easy to customize and configure as per your requirement. There are many options available with Jesta vision suite which helps us to run our business smoothly. Some of the modules are not so user friendly so it takes time to get used to them. I recommend this software to those who have big data and want to make their work more organized and easier. We can use this system to manage our inventory. It will help us to keep track of stock and update it accordingly. This software has helped me in managing my stores effectively without any hassle. 전체 리뷰보기

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The ability of being able to see at-a glance all my job orders in one place! It's also very helpful for seeing where I need more help or less depending how busy our department gets during certain times throughout the year (e.g., Christmas season). Our jobs are often quite diverse so it would be nice if there were categories but this does not seem like something they're working towards implementing anytime soon? So far no dislikes as everything seems pretty intuitive once using it for about an hour. However, I'm sure many people have questions when first starting off which might take some time before answers become available through support channels/forums etc. Take advantage while its free because after awhile things do start getting expensive - especially adding additional users who may require training and implementation costs to get up & running. This makes sense since these services tend to charge monthly fees by volume used rather than cost per user, however even without knowing what.전체 리뷰보기

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The user interface of this software can be easily understood by an average person, it has all options that you need in one place which makes my work easy as well for me! I wish there was some other features like advanced filters or data export option but they are pretty good otherwise!! If anyone wants to know what their customer's reaction will be then go ahead and try out newaai first because i have never seen any bad reviews regarding them so far! They helped us grow our business exponentially after just 2 months working together.전체 리뷰보기

skycatch 로고


I like that we can control our drones through the app, which is very user-friendly and easy to use. It also comes in handy when you want to get aerial photos of a big area at once (which helps me save time). Sometimes it gets slow at certain times during the day or night depending on weather conditions. We have noticed this problem more so while flying late at night/early morning than midday. If possible, try to fly outside peak hours, especially if its raining! The ease of controlling the drone from anywhere with almost any device makes getting these shots much easier for us. 전체 리뷰보기

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It's an amazing tool for team collaboration. I like most how it provides multiple options to choose from - audio conferencing, whiteboards etc. Also, its screen sharing feature helps me understand my colleagues better without any hassle. However, sometimes there could be issues while using the chat option since it gets difficult to follow conversations due to background noises. As per now we use wave as one way communication between our remote teams and also used its screen share functionality during meetings/presentations. The most loved feature I find for wave was its ability use as an idea generator tool where my team members would ask me questions or give their suggestions about projects we were working upon at work place; it allowed us do brainstorming sessions without having any physical meeting room available so i have no dislike except using different platforms like slack etc instead but still not much disliking here because everything works fine when you know how things go around! 전체 리뷰보기

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I really like how easy it was for me as their client (as opposed to my coworkers) to check in with things that were taking too long or where we needed some guidance from them. There's nothing bad about it honestly--it just takes time sometimes because they are so new-ish but you have no choice! They need people who know what they're doing when running this type of service! Definitely give 'em your money if they can figure out how! Great price point compared to other systems and ease of use even for someone without experience using something similar. We love knowing exactly everything our scheduler does every day via email updates. That makes us feel comfortable letting her fly solo since she knows there will be consequences should anything go wrong during surgery times, etc., I like that you can schedule appointments in advance with your clients without having them come into our office or wait for us when they call! It's easy enough so anyone could use it if we had more staff members who knew how much time their patients needed before arriving at my clinic (and vice versa). Also love being able to see all patient information right from one screen instead of logging back out each visit/appointment which was cumbersome previously - just click where ever there needs be!! 전체 리뷰보기

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e-Register Book

The best feature is being able to create different types of books, like an online register or memory book with photos that can be accessed anytime from any location using your smart phone! It's easy enought you don't need training but I'd recommend getting some help if things get complicated so it works as intended when first installed/set up because there are many options available which might confuse new users. Creating multiple registers in one application has been really helpful since we have several locations where people visit regularly who may not always know each other (elderly facility). We also use this software at our home office too - great way keep track of all visitors coming into both homes without having duplicate applications open simultaneously! Having everything recorded digitally means less paperwork later!! And most importantly keeping everyone informed about important events such as birthdays etc., makes life easier overall :) Great product & service. Keeping accurate records helps us make sure those visiting.전체 리뷰보기

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