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bluetooth wireless cancelling charging resistant 로고

Bluetooth Wireless Cancelling Charging Resistant

So, my personal opinion, as a lover of listening to music If you are waiting for the sound of the 6-7 series of monitor syncs through the DAC, this will not happen It won’t work to set up my ears through an iPhone, I have a samsa tablet, I set it up through it, I use an iPhone myself, my ears work fine with it, nothing falls off, the sound is not distorted, they don’t lose connection. Now, on the ears themselves, they write a lot that they don’t fit well in the ears, I’m the person whose airpods fall out of the ears, there is no such problem with these ears, I put the biggest elastic bands, everything sits tight, ears after 2 hours of wearing do not hurt. Sound - I certainly expected a miracle, but physics is physics, everything is fine with the sound, the bass does not kill the sound, there is a top, everything is audible at a low volume, the sound grows smoothly at a high volume, the bass does not start to kill the track as it does jbl. According to the conversation, in the wind the interlocutor hears me perfectly, I also hear him, even if the headphones are under the cap. The case does not play, I won’t say anything about the charge, I didn’t manage to land them. If you watch kintso through the samsa tablet, Dolby atmos is supported, and it even sounds nice (for TVS) As a result, I got them with all the points for 4600, for this money it’s a sin to complain about anything at all. Orig got caught and it’s already good) if objectively, then I see an excellent price of 8-9 for them. 14990 is a little expensive for me, prices of course now are a relative concept, if 15k is not money for you, and you need to squeeze the maximum out of the TVS, look towards the Sony hm4. If I want bads, period, take them, they are interesting, the main thing is not to bring a fake. If you have a sams phone / tablet, he will determine them himself through "samsung verbable"전체 리뷰보기

wd 5tb my passport ultra silver portable external 로고

WD 5TB My Passport Ultra Silver Portable External

They gave the specified hard drive, found a strong swing of the slot itself in the HDD case, thought it was a marriage, went to the store, wanted to exchange it, it turned out that this was not a marriage of one product, but a feature of the line. I thought about changing it to another brand, but it turned out that the price of the goods had risen in a week, I didn’t want to pay extra. In general, the hard drive is probably good, but, looking at the long term, there is concern for a broken socket. I hope this will not affect the recorded files, but I don’t want to carry a hard drive with personal information for recovery to a service center.전체 리뷰보기

msi geforce gtx 1660 ti 로고

MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

Great version of the map. Very beautiful. In a compact build in a Node 202 paired with a 3600x, there is more noise during gameplay from the Noctua cooler on the CPU than from this card (at a maximum temperature of 72 degrees). No problem taking out games on ultra settings, with the exception of AAA titles. For a powerful system with an emphasis on price-frame rate - definitely the best choice전체 리뷰보기

logitech performance comfortable ultrafast customizable 로고

Logitech Performance Comfortable Ultrafast Customizable

i bought it for a promotion in the dns for ~ 3500 in the summer of 2021. in this case, the price is ok . now 9-10k, it’s unrealistically much for it. for a long time i wondered if it was possible to connect logitech unifying to the dongle, because. the keyboard works through it, and the bluetooth has a big delay. i answer - it clings perfectly and works, in fact it is no different from the windows version.전체 리뷰보기

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