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best of the best

I have had nothing but AWESOME experiences with HP & their products. I just went out and bought another HP envy 5640 printer after my old one was stolen along with my computer. I used my back up Epson for a couple months before getting this new one and I was miserable. HP is the only company that I know of that sells their products with full ink cartridges instead of just the starters which right there save you at least $30-$40. Their products are super super easy to install they almost install themselves in fact it did install itself on my phone. I am an HP customer for life. Awesome quality awesome pricing and they just look sharp too. I also recently ordered toner from them and was delighted to see it arrive next day and was similar price to companies like others where I would have had to wait for over a week. 전체 리뷰보기

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I purchased the Dell 24 Monitor SE2419HR on Dell UK website to connect my Dell laptop to, as I had to start working from home due to the global pandemic. Being used to Dell in the office, I was absolutely positive about what to pick to have at home. Unfortunately, it took a long time to arrive - it was shipped, returned to sender, held, and finally shipped again to me. Customer care agents were very apologetic and did their best to reassure me I'd get my monitor. I was far from impressed and with a headache after working for days on my laptop. Just when it was becoming painful to my eyes I received my monitor... Surprisingly, the box was in perfect condition after so many travels, and the monitor is just as fantastic as I expected and as described on the website. It was worth the wait, the monitor has undoubtedly improved my working from home experience. I wish I had received it way earlier, but I'll give Dell the benefit of doubt, given the circumstances.전체 리뷰보기

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Im always very impressed with their products, TV 's look sharp and vibrant colours, Headphones lovely sound and quality, and cameras also up there with big brands in the field. I've bought lots of Sony products over the years and have always been impressed with the mobile phones. The last one I bought was an Xperia xz premium which is awesome. 4k screen and great cameras, the best at the time two years ago. Its still going strong with loads of memory left and everything works as it did the day I got it. The sound quality is excellent and with Deezer you can listen to anything you like. I highly-recommend everyone who wants to buy sony products. 전체 리뷰보기

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Very good company

Microsoft company is a big company which make the useful programes like word , excel , access and another so in my opinion this company is very nice company and helpful so we should be thankful this company for their efforts. I have been using Microsoft software for 5 years and these softwares helps me a lot in too mani kinds. For my educational operations, business presentation, online study platform and much more. This is a perfect company that makes our life easy and comfortable. It provides us the software which create or makes our life tasks in a systematic and organized manner which creates easy understanding between users. It has a good user interface.전체 리뷰보기

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I'm glad!

Great company! I'm really pleased with my laptop. It litterelly has 10 hours of battery life! Or atleast my model. Did I also mention that it takes 6 SECONDS TO SHUTDOWN! Yes! 6 seconds! It also makes no noise whiles switching on and shutting down! It also has an intel i7 prosseser witch is great. It also has 8GB membory space witch is great and it doesn't overheat at all. Another great thing is that it loads quite fast. I have never written a review on here before, despite looking through reviews but I felt I had to come on and say something because of all the negative comments I have seen. Love my laptop never let me down never had to use customer service so can’t commnet on that but product is great and well priced 전체 리뷰보기

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