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About Dell

Dell is transforming computing and providing high quality solutions that empower people to do more all over the world. Dell Technologies is a unique family of businesses that provides the essential infrastructure for organizations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset, information.

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My review about Dell

Hello to everyone. I'm going to write to you today about the Dell company. Dell is a computer company created in the US in 1984. Computers produced by this world-famous company can be found in almost every home and have millions of users around the...See full review


Dell is a multinational computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs and maintains computers and related products and services and is owned by Dell Technologies. Founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, the company is one of the largest...See full review

durabile power

One of my favorite brands. I owned monitors, desktop PCs, laptops, keyboards, mouses. I remember one "bad" thing what i dont like on this brand; if i buy 1 pc price on that pc is little bigger that other brands, but if buy like 10 computers or...See full review

Dell makes masterpiece!

Hello, everyone, I wanted to write about Dell (Multinational computer technology company). Dell is founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, and the company is now one of the largest technology corporations in the world. Currently employed more than 165,000...See full review


Dell enterprise is constructed in 1984, in the USA. Some factors really attracted me the source of price like expenditures and quality, we meet with these computers are so often. Almost i have considered merchandise of this organization all my...See full review

Affordable gaming/work laptop.

Name of the model: XPS 15 Laptop I wanted to say something about XPS 15 Dell laptop which I found so amazing for a cheap price. I'm impressed with its perfect performance and lovely battery life which can last for over 8 hours while working or...See full review


Hi guys ! I am going to write about Dell . Dell company is built in 1984, within the USA.  It isn't like Apple or Hp at offering, but i have seen awesome compelling items by Dell around cost execution, of course too approximately quality. I too...See full review

About Dell

Hi everyone! I am going to write about Dell. Dell is the third largest manufacturer of personal computers in the world, based in Texas (USA). Founder is Michael Dell. At the same time, the company, which produces server and other network...See full review

Dell monitors are insane!

I purchased the Dell 24 Monitor SE2419HR on Dell UK website to connect my Dell laptop to, as I had to start working from home due to the global pandemic. Being used to Dell in the office, I was absolutely positive about what to pick to have at home…See full review

Dell:everyone's computer

We can say that it offers good use with its full-size keyboard with backlight under the screen. The laptop accompanies this with a large touchpad area and a large palm rest area. Of course, you do not only play games but also write on these types...See full review

One of the top selling technology company.

Hello everyone! Today I am going to write about Dell company. First of all, Dell is founded by Michael Dell in 1984 in the USA. Dell is one of the biggest technology companies in the world which has more than 165,000 employees. Although, Dell does...See full review