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About Central Computers

Our 5 retail locations in the Bay Area are filled with a wide selection of computer products from laptops, monitors, and hardware to cables, peripherals, and accessories.

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Central Computers: 5 fabulous computer stores in the San Francisco Bay Area

With 35 years of experience in the computer field, these fabulous stores strategically located in the San Francisco Bay Area are available for whatever you need in computer products, equipment, accessories, technical service and maintenance, in...See full review

Central Computers - underrated company

Hello everyone, today i am gonna talk about Central Computers which company is so underrated company at computer sphere to me. I am also into this sphere, and i can say as a pc expert, I can price this agency genuinely and objectively, as I am...See full review

Central Computers road to success

Central Computers offers a variety of customer service for a long and extensive time, it is a company that is loyal, real, and very serious and 100% reliable. loyal, real and very serious and 100% reliable company. It offers details for PC...See full review

About Central Computers.

Central Computers has been providing services for a long term and they're a completely legitimate corporation from the receive as real with aspect. They offer low-price PC repair and customer support this is pretty appealing for the clients....See full review

All the comfort of your PC in one spot.

Focal PCs has been offering types of assistance for quite a while and they are an authentic association from the trust side. They give minimal expense PC fix and client assistance which is very appealing for the clients. When fabricating a...See full review

Central computer - Wide selection, low prices

Store that is dedicated to the sale of supplies and technology since 1986. Over time it has acquired vital knowledge about the field and has grown to have 5 large stores where it presents a wide range of products, with great diversity. More than 30...See full review

My review on Central Computers

Technology plays a very important role in our lives. The availability of their acquisition simplifies human life. One of the electronics stores is Central Computers. The company's activities are mainly focused on the sale of computers, as well as...See full review

Too Centralized

Central Computers is a platform where building, repairs and computer services are been rendered, it has been in operation since 1986 covering numbers of categories of computer technology related services . Although the company has been in...See full review

My research and review about this store

Central computer, I don't even know how to start to write my review on this company. This is the biggest, largest,and the most awesome computer store I have ever done research on, they have 5 retail store in Bay areas and are filled in with great...See full review

All the convenience of your computer in one place.

Central Computers has been providing services for a long time and they are a very legitimate organization from the trust side. They provide low-cost PC repair and customer service which is quite attractive for the customers. When building a...See full review