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HitBTC is one of the oldest crypto exchanges. Prove me If I’m wrong, HItBTC ranks 9 on the list of the largest exchanges. This is a great platform for selling some altcoins that I get from airdrops because this exchange supports approximately 700 trading instruments. Fees policy is flexible and the transaction speed is decent.전체 리뷰보기

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Electrum Wallet

A good wallet that you can use. But the wallet is not perfect, because there are downsides too!전체 리뷰보기

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Waves has both its advantages and its disadvantages. It's impossible to speak unequivocally about whether this wallet is good or not. Everyone chooses himself! Personally, I put a well-deserved 3 points out of 5.전체 리뷰보기

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This is a large exchange, which means you will not be deceived here. But be prepared for the fact that this is also not an ideal exchange with its problems (like all other exchanges too!).전체 리뷰보기

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