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Spotlight Data

I like that it allows me to see what kind of candidates are applying to my job postings, which makes it easier for me to decide on who should be interviewed. The software can sometimes have problems with uploading resumes, but this has been resolved in the recent updates. I also don't like how you cannot search by salary range or location. It would be nice if there were an option to filter by those parameters. I am able to find candidates more easily now than before using this product. I used to spend hours searching through other sites and applications looking for candidates for my open positions. Now all I do is log into Spotlight to check if they've applied. 전체 리뷰보기

projector psa 로고

Projector PSA

The best part about this software it has great features to automate tasks as well keep track of projects using milestones which makes my work much easier in many ways! There are some minor bugs that I have encountered where certain modules don't seem like its working correctly but overall very good product with excellent support if your having any problems they will get back right away!! Not really anything at all since i am not used enough yet so far everything seems fine however there may be something you haven'r thought off till later such as how long does an item stay open or what happens when one closes out from another user's file? 전체 리뷰보기

perfecto encryptor 로고

Perfecto Encryptor

It is very easy to use, can be set up in minutes by anyone with basic computer skills (I have no experience at all). The interface could improve but it's not too bad for what you get out of this software package as-is; I am able t o easily access my files from anywhere via any device or browser that has an internet connection without having them stored locally where they are subjectively vulnerable if stolen/hacked etc., which makes working remote much easier than trying do so while physically present there using other methods like VPNs &amp C2S connections such us VMWare Horizon View Remote Desktop Connection Server - Free Edition + Hypervisor Client Access License required).전체 리뷰보기

pengxiaomei training whistle clicker adjustable 로고

Pengxiaomei Training Whistle Clicker Adjustable

Clickers are good. Whistles are no good. No matter how hard you turn the pitch screw, you basically hear it like air blowing through the neck of a beer bottle. Neither I nor my dog were impressed by the sound. Worth the price not just for the clickers.전체 리뷰보기

michael kors stainless touchscreen smartwatch 로고

Michael Kors Stainless Touchscreen Smartwatch

So I bought this watch for my 78 year old father. He's of that generation that thinks it's cool if it looks like gold or is gold, and this watch definitely fits that style. Sure, it's not a gold watch, but it looks good. So if that's important to you, you can't go wrong. Also, it's a bit thick so little hands might not do well with this watch, and Wear OS integrates well with the watch. There are two buttons on the side that can be adjusted but to be honest I don't think he ever uses them. It looks great for the price.전체 리뷰보기

leadsom reflective absorbing comfortable suitable 로고

LEADSOM Reflective Absorbing Comfortable Suitable

We have a strong husky who pulls a lot when walking, but this elastic leash (in combination with a harness) makes walking the dog easier and more enjoyable for both of us. a leash alone with an aggressive rodent - it will be damaged. I bought a second leash of this style as I really like it and will need a replacement when the fabric eventually fails after being chewed midway near the handle. It's still a strong and durable material. I like the soft touch, although after a few months the grip seems to deteriorate. I have a light layer of "powder" foam rubber on my hands. I love that you can secure it with the ring on the handle halfway up and it also has an auto buckle so the dog can't wander around while driving. One thing that could be improved is the size of the attached carabiner; It's a bit small, but I've added a larger, lighter weight carabiner to make it easier and quicker to remove from a collar or harness.전체 리뷰보기

chintu cat beds indoor cats 로고

Chintu Cat Beds Indoor Cats

I bought one of these for my naughty, fussy, elderly cat hoping to give her something cozy to cuddle with in the winter. I really wasn't expecting much from her but she loves it and makes it very clear when she doesn't like something by simply refusing to approach it. She immediately curled up on this carpet. It seems to reflect heat well. As for cleaning, I haven't tried washing them in the washing machine. My old lady has stomach problems and throws up a lot so I've had to wash her off twice in the week I've had this blanket. I use the spray nozzle in the sink to rinse it off and hang it to dry and it worked fine. However, I'm deducting a star because the down seems brittle enough to make a real mess in the washing machine, so I feel it's a hand washable item. Do I recommend buying? Well I bought a second one so I can wash one and the other for my cat so I guess the answer is yes with the caveat that I really won't clean it any other way than washing my hands. .전체 리뷰보기

ireenuo waterproof jacket winter raincoat 로고

IREENUO Waterproof Jacket Winter Raincoat

I'm so happy to find something our friend can't pee under! I am also very happy with the size and it is also adjustable from the bottom. He is a taller Ming-Ping, very fit but with a solid chest. So it's quite difficult to fit in. And while his outerwear is quite stylish, he dresses for purpose rather than pleasure. The older he gets, the colder he gets, and there's no more miserable shivering or refusal to go outside. These and similar inspire us all!전체 리뷰보기

petleso dog goggles protection sunglasses 로고

PETLESO Dog Goggles Protection Sunglasses

Not the best human quality but gosh they are cute! It's just a molded lens with a rubber band wrapped around it and a set of elastic straps. The rubber strip comes off fairly easily. So I don't rate it particularly well on individual items, but the look my dogs wear ranks highly overall with these scores. Also, sitting on it is best for dogs with a more square face shape. Pitty, rot etc my giant golddoodle doesn't find them that comfortable as they can't be adjusted far enough under her ears so they don't slip in her eyes. My Pitty wears them much more comfortably with a sharper stop and a squarer brow comb.전체 리뷰보기

aqueon aag21236 fluorescent deluxe 36 inch 로고

Aqueon AAG21236 Fluorescent Deluxe 36 Inch

fresh water only?

Nice hood. My only concern is that the instructions that came with it said 'designed for freshwater only' and I bought it for my saltwater tank. I still can't find any important information about the Revain oscilloscope. Am I missing something? I think I'll find out if it works for salt water.전체 리뷰보기

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