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electronic organizer travel universal cable organizer cable cord bag electronics accessories cases storage bag waterproof for cable 로고

Electronic Organizer Travel Universal Cable Organizer Cable Cord Bag Electronics Accessories Cases Storage Bag Waterproof For Cable

This is a very practical case. It's big enough for everything I need to carry my laptop around, yet small enough to fit in a suitcase or carry-on. Reconfigurable internal dividers come in handy. I'm a person who doesn't like the clutter of cords and accessories that ALWAYS fall to the bottom of your carry-on for some reason. Keeping it neat and tidy!전체 리뷰보기

adl45wcc pa 1450 55ll charger gx20l23044 gx20k11838 로고

ADL45WCC PA 1450 55LL Charger GX20L23044 GX20K11838

Great replacement for the Lenovo laptop charger. I have two boys who constantly unplug power cords from outlets and despite constant abuse this charger still holds on; much better than I expected, especially given the very reasonable price.전체 리뷰보기

carrying professional protective cartridges turquoise 로고

Carrying Professional Protective Cartridges Turquoise

Beautiful soft case that protects the Switch from dirt and scratches when it's in my backpack. The case is soft and doesn't offer perfect protection if dropped with my Switch, but I bought the case knowing more about its aesthetics than its protective ability. a business. The workmanship is excellent and clean, there are no sloppy seams to be seen. However, I would like the version to be sold without the 5 card slot holder as all the games I buy are downloaded and stored on the mini SD card.전체 리뷰보기

ahd1080p recorder motion function included 로고

AHD1080P Recorder Motion Function Included

Device will not work without code provided/emailed by company. This is obviously a security measure, but renders the device unusable if the code doesn't work. You need to create an account and they will send you a code to activate the DVR. I was emailed a 4 digit code but the device said the code is invalid, a 6 digit code or more is required. I tried twice, same result. I don't have time to call them so I returned it and ordered a ZOSI brand DVR. I wanted to try a new brand hoping전체 리뷰보기

mobile harness universal compatible samsung 로고

Mobile Harness Universal Compatible Samsung

Absolutely USELESS

This product is NOT suitable for "action videos" at all. If the person is completely still, it might work, but not move! Mountain biking, skiing, skydiving are advertised. Eh, no. The straps are just elastic so you can't hold it in a fixed position, the weight of the phone puts pressure on the straps allowing for movement and the way the mount/mount parts protrude from the body, means that the camera falls forward and jumps around. forward and you don't get FORWARD VIEW Although the angle can be rotated forward or backward the whole design concept is wrong - you need strong shoulder straps (not elastic) and something to hold the top of the camera in place. so it doesn't just point down or lean forward (like riding a bike) when moving. Just take a look at the product image and you'll see what I mean, nothing is holding the top, it connects and snaps onto the bottom allowing the top to tilt forward/down. DO NOT buy this if you want something for an ACTION POV video.전체 리뷰보기

qgeem compatible samsung nintendo playstation 로고

QGeeM Compatible Samsung Nintendo Playstation

I recently bought an OLED TV and Blu-ray player. When researching these products, I came to the conclusion that many people buy top-of-the-line electronics but use old cables that can't take advantage of the high speeds that can be achieved. I looked at my HDMI cable and found that it was actually several generations old. So I did a lot of research on cables and came to the conclusion that HDMI 2. 1 would optimize my current needs and also make it a bit future-proof. This cable from QGeeM looked like the best of the best and I couldn't believe the price was so cheap, lower than most of the competition and that Revain would ship very quickly. I'm very happy with this cable, it's 6 feet long in case I need that length and it will support 8K when that day comes. The company contacted me to make sure I was happy, which I really appreciate. You can't go wrong with this cable or this company! which I really appreciate. You can't go wrong with this cable or this company! which I really appreciate. You can't go wrong with this cable or this company!전체 리뷰보기

envel headset external mic supported headphone external components 로고

ENVEL Headset External Mic Supported Headphone External Components

This little device is the perfect plug and play USB adapter that quickly connects headphones/speakers/microphones to any PC. It's plug-and-play, works with gaming headsets with microphones, and installs in seconds. I'm using it on a PC build with a standard headphone jack, but without 3.5mm support for the headphone and mic combo. This little guy adds both to the PC, and since my headphones have USB powered LEDs, you just plug both into the rear USB ports and everything just works. The sound quality is as good as on PC and no drivers are required for Win10. Excellent value for money and good workmanship, which is suitable for use with laptop/mobile phone. Hope that helps.전체 리뷰보기

logitech wireless multi device certified refurbished 로고

Logitech Wireless Multi Device Certified Refurbished

I also use the wireless m510. The M585 is slightly smaller, can transfer data to multiple devices and works with Bluetooth. The m585 is a bit louder than the m510 when clicking, but the m585 is my everyday mouse, which I use to complement my laptop.전체 리뷰보기

attollo intranet 로고

Attollo Intranet

I like how easy it is to add new pages or modules without having to worry about compatibility issues when upgrading from one version of Sharepoint to another. The layout isn't always what you'd expect - sometimes there's too much going on at once which makes navigation difficult! It also doesn't have many features out-of-the box but can be customised easily. We're using Attollo as our internal portal so we've been able to quickly build an area where members are encouraged to upload their work in progress documents.전체 리뷰보기

leather adhesive samsung motorola smartphone 로고

Leather Adhesive Samsung Motorola Smartphone

I think I need to find/order something stronger or more expensive because they are cheap and both cardholders broke within a month. I also tried to be very careful with them!전체 리뷰보기

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