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overall I think this exchange is pretty good to use, but the drawback is that in very low trading volume, I find it hard to sell my tokens, but during this exchange I have never experienced any problems from trading, deposit coins or whithdraw coin, you can use this exchange when selling coins on this exchange. The other advantages of the account registration process are also very easy, you only need to verify your email, but for security, after registering, please install extra security, such as using 2fa or bind cellphone number.the rest of this exchange is still feasible to use for trading.전체 리뷰보기

mercatox 로고


in my opinion mercatox exchange has its advantages and disadvantages, for its advantages you don't need kyc to trade on mercatox but if there are obstacles you have to wait for days to get an email response from mercatox, the worse thing is you have to do kyc first so that your problem can be helped by its customer service, but as long as my use of mercatox exchange has never experienced any problems in deposits, whithrawls or trading, the cheapest withdrawal fee is to use dogecoin you can try it yourself.Mercatox Exchange also has lots of coins traded such as tron, eth, btc and other coins.전체 리뷰보기

bitmart 로고


I think overall when using this exchange is a lot of events held I often use this exchange if there are interesting events to follow it, for the withdrawal fee is also very cheap you can use Tron and whitdraw speed is also very fast, but in Behind those advantages there is a disadvantage that I don't like the most, that is, there is no support when I have a problem when I do deposit coins, I have contact support because my coins do not go into my bitmart wallet, but my power can't be anything. But overall Bitmart exchange is still feasible to use.전체 리뷰보기

trust wallet 로고

Trust Wallet

For my daily use, I highly recommend it because it has a low fee feature when sending coins, you can also set up an eth gas gas fee, but the feature I like the most is the Multi Coin, here I don't need to use many wallets to store coins You can also save doge coins in trustwallet. but the drawback is that in this wallet you cannot keep EOS coins, yes I think this deficiency can be improved,if there are problems using this wallet you can just complain in the telegram group.This trust wallet has 4 out of 5 stars on trustpilot which is quite impressive right?I think please add more eos wallet features, trust also has a dapp browser feature, you can use this feature if you want to exchange coins at the stock exchange. 전체 리뷰보기

crex24 로고


I think this exchange is easy to use, and when the registration is easy for new users to understand, the feature that I really like is being able to get free coins for free, I highly recommend for those of you who want to get free coins, but behind the advantages of Exchange Crex 24 This is very unfortunate not to have a live chat feature or live customer service, if there are problems the user can only send emails. but during my use, I didn't get any obstacles.but overall you can use this exchange because withdrawals are very fast and easy, you can use dogecoin because the cost of withdrawing this coin is very cheap and fast of course.전체 리뷰보기

indodax 로고


I think this Indodax Exchange is good because there is a Rupiah exchange system because this exchange is from my country, namely Indonesia, not only that the advantages of this Indodax exchange are that it has a rupiah voucher redem system so you can send money without taxing 1 percent, which The most I like in this exchange is that the customer support system can use live chat, so you can interact directly with the Indodax Exchange employees if you experience difficulties, but behind all the advantages, this Indodax exchange has one disadvantage: the user registering must be KYC, if the user does not have an ID card then cannot use this exchange.전체 리뷰보기

bittrex 로고


Overall Bittrex

I think Exchange Bittrex is very good, in its very low trading fee, which is only% 0.25, registering on Bittrex is also very easy and very easy for new users to understand, but it is regrettable that Bittrex exchange has low response customer support, I hope it can be improved again. Moreover, that's just good that I can convey전체 리뷰보기

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