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bose quietcomfort wireless headphones cancelling 로고

Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones Cancelling

Took on the action for 24000r. For such a price, I did not find an alternative. According to reviews, Sony XM3 cuts off mid and high frequencies better, but my task is to remove low ones. I live in a new building, the neighbors wait with a puncher during working hours. I want to isolate myself from the noise. At the same time, it is important that they are as light as possible, you need to reduce the load on the neck. In the maximum noise reduction mode without sound, there is some effect of deafness, so for those who just for noise isolation and work, it is better to put a quiet unobtrusive track. It is better not to select the 2022 language in the settings, it is synthesized and rather mediocre.전체 리뷰보기

huyun privacy shutter protects logitech accessories & supplies 로고

HUYUN Privacy Shutter Protects Logitech Accessories & Supplies

I bought it for Skype and "desktop" videos, for unpacking goods and for photographing all sorts of boards, the photos disappointed. Taking into account the current dollar exchange rate, I give it a maximum price of 3500, I don’t advise you to take it more expensive, and even more so with today’s horse price of 8500. Moreover, as it was advertised everywhere that this was initially almost the first and only camera supporting Full-HD in Skype, I was a little disappointed, but the quality is much better than my previous a4tech camera전체 리뷰보기

stylus boxwave« universal evertouch capacitive 로고

Stylus BoxWave« Universal EverTouch Capacitive

In my description below I will present my opinion about Stylus BoxWave« Universal EverTouch Capacitive. my first stylus, so there is nothing to compare with. weight is acceptable, maybe a little heavier than others. in the hand lies comfortably, just to lift a little rubber nozzle to hold it. with a phone, the poco m3 responds well and is consistent. there is a spare tip in the box전체 리뷰보기

stylus boxwave accupoint active electronic 로고

Stylus BoxWave AccuPoint Active Electronic

I experience discomfort when I hold my finger on the phone screen for a long time. But I love swipe typing, especially when learning foreign languages. With this thing, you can fiddle around the screen for an hour without any problems. They find it easier to write or draw thin lines on the screen, but don"t count on the precision of a pencil. It is rather a more compact finger. In general, for accuracy, it is best that the phone or tablet has its own special stylus. Ordinary phones are still designed for fingers.전체 리뷰보기

tips sticker stylus touchscreen monitors 로고

TIPS Sticker Stylus Touchscreen Monitors

Great stylus, slightly heavier and thinner than a Wacom stylus if you buy it for drawing. Of course, but it has its advantages, for example, drawing when tilted, it completely imitates a traditional pencil when drawing, it is charged from the iPad, it is magnetized from the side rather firmly and does not interfere. Expensive, but its worth the money, like all Apple technology, in my opinion. In short, I am in love with him and very satisfied.전체 리뷰보기

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