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Boston Technologies Inc.

The system was very easy to navigate in order for me as an administrative assistant (and former secretary) to be able to access my clients' files when I am away from their offices or traveling with them around town/state etc., it makes life so much easier! There is nothing about this program that has made us dislike using BTS at all -- quite the opposite actually! We've had no problems thus far while logging into our computer remotely through Wifi which allows you to log-in easily anywhere we are without having physical contact available via USB drive like some companies use nowadays.전체 리뷰보기

spectrum services group (ssgi) 로고

Spectrum Services Group (SSGi)

I have been with SSG for about 2 years now. The people are great! They treat you like family when they hire you but it doesn't stop there; they will go above an beyond for their employees as well if needed. It's not much that i dislike at this point honestly. You get what you pay for right? Well if your looking in general then look elsewhere because some of these companies charge way too much money just so someone can say "hey we're nice" or something along those lines. Hire them only if you know exactly where you want to be placed within the organization. If its somewhere specific ask questions from other current staff members who work under you before choosing one over another. Helping out our small business by getting paid while doing nothing was always my favorite part working here. 전체 리뷰보기

rise lms 로고

Rise LMS

The customer support is always available for us and they are very responsive with our needs. It's difficult to find all of the pieces that we want in one place but their team keeps working on it! I would say that there could be more options when creating new courses. We have been able to provide our students with great learning experiences without having to hire an outside help. They also come up with creative ideas for marketing. I love the ease of use in creating courses for my clients. The ability to create multiple versions of each course and then easily update them is fantastic! The customer support has been great as well. They have helped me solve some minor issues but haven't had any problems with the platform itself. It's pretty easy to learn and set up so it's not a huge time investment either. I'm able to provide my customers with quality training at an affordable price.전체 리뷰보기

vpower software 로고

VPower Software

I like that it is a user friendly software that is easy to learn. It is a great way to plan and track energy usage and make sure that we are using the most efficient and cost effective way to power our building. I dislike that sometimes it is difficult to find the right information in the software. Sometimes I have to go back and forth between the software and the spreadsheet to get the information I need. I have to be very careful when I am using this software. I am able to track our energy usage and make sure that we are using the most efficient and cost effective way to power our building.전체 리뷰보기

collaboard 로고


The best thing about collaboards is that you can make your own website like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram without any coding knowledge at all! It looks very professional when it comes to graphic design but I would have liked if there was more than one logo option available in case they want something different from what we choose initially for our project!! We've been using this tool since 2017 as an agency with around 100+ clients who use their services almost daily so far; no complaints whatsoever because of its reliability &amp price tag! 전체 리뷰보기

sporco app 로고

Sporco App

It is super simple, not too complicated interface makes it easier for non-English speakers like me as my friends understand how this works very well which I appreciate that much. There really was no downside at all since we use it in our university community group in Japan, everyone knows what to do when there are scheduled activities. As far as problems go that people would be asking about here, nothing comes up with using this system at least from what I can tell while on campus during school hours. This will also help for those who work during office hours or want something to occupy themselves during such times. We have used this tool so many times now where students are able to easily make connections between themselves and others through social media networks. I like that it is so easy for me as an individual player, or coach/manager etc., to make use of this platform in my daily activities. It helps keep track of all things soccer related across my various connections! There are some glitches here & there but nothing too bad at the moment. As far as functionality goes - very good! Great tool if you're into sport management!!전체 리뷰보기

samparq 로고


I like all aspects of this app for my work as an HR Professional in Corporate America. It allows me to check up on employee activity when off site at events/training sessions etc. This also helps with communication between departments which keeps everyone informed about any issues they face. All great! The only thing I don't like is how it sometimes freezes. Not sure if its just mine but other users have noticed this too. Make sure you download the update immediately after install because some things are hidden within it's menus until updated. We use it primarily for our corporate training classes and also for our team building events. Its allowed us to keep tabs on our staff while away from our office which makes keeping them productive easier than ever. 전체 리뷰보기

qdao defi 로고


I absolutely love this idea and its simple concept that everyone will definitely use in their everyday life! Its easy to integrate, secure for people who are beginners with Ethereum as well. A bit of learning curve but it's worth because you can save some gas by running code locally instead waiting till nodes start processing transactions (can take hours!)I have no complaints about this product thus far - the UX is good enough so there shouldn't be much downside using defi dao tokens when trying out other DApps such as EOS-Bancor in order to get them free from DEX transaction fees. It saves money if you donot want to buy ether upfront at market value before transferring funds across platforms/apps. I like how easy it is to use, and how fast transactions are processed. The interface could be improved by adding more features for users to customize their experience. It's one of the best DEXs out there. I have been using this platform for about three months now and I have not had any issues with it. It has helped me make some profits as well as keep my funds safe. 전체 리뷰보기

happy apps 로고

Happy Apps

The price of this product is very competitive when compared to other similar products in market at same time period (1 year).We can monitor our application/websites performance as well as network health from one place using happy apps.The best part about it was we could set up few rules for easy management so if any rule breaks then notification email will be sent automatically which makes things much easier than manual work or searching webpages etc manually every day. It's not available offline mode but everything else seems perfect i like all features provided by HAPPY APPS PRODUCTS team member are really helpful & worth paying money. I would recommend everyone who want more visibility into their applications / websites should give them try once they start collecting data there might be some minor issues regarding UI design may change according your needs just go ahead with what suits most people around.전체 리뷰보기

werk 로고


I like how easy it was to use, as well as all of its features (like file sharing). It's free! The interface could be improved by making some icons bigger/more visible. As with any new platform there are bugs that need ironing out but we've been able to solve most issues quickly through our support team so far. We're using this software primarily in order to facilitate communication within my organization, both internal and external. This has enabled us to have better visibility into projects across different departments which helps keep everyone informed about what they should do next. File storage allows me to share files easily between users without having them email each other or save their own copies locally. Having access from outside work hours can help ensure no one misses important information during office closures due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. 전체 리뷰보기

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