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gonhui reflective training leashes comfortable 로고

GonHui Reflective Training Leashes Comfortable

The leash works fine. The plastic pieces that protect the ends of the line aren't very strong. My dog chewed them up. However, the leash itself is strong.전체 리뷰보기

computer monitor adjustable notebook hd01t 001 로고

Computer Monitor Adjustable Notebook HD01T 001

The glass is thick and well made, but the other components (legs) are of absurdly poor quality. They're made of metal as thick as a can of lemonade. The legs don't really match the ribs in the jar, and they're so flimsy that even if they weren't broken (one leg doesn't have an insert that the sleeve screws into), they definitely wouldn't last long without the first one fails. the time it weighed, moved, or slid across the table. The most frustrating thing is that it would only cost pennies more to get it right and get something permanent instead of useless junk. Ideas that are so poorly made that they do not work as intended should not be sold by Revain without a disclaimer.전체 리뷰보기

ideal pet products aluminum adjustable 로고

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Adjustable

As expected, it took my cats a while to get used to it. The youngest is 9 years old and picked him up in about three weeks. The eldest is 16 years old and it took about two months and a long weekend when no one was around to open the door for her to understand this. It's an incredible relief when they don't meow every 15 minutes to be let in or out. currently. Senior is still confused and forgets from time to time, but mostly fine. This is a very well made item, looks like it belongs entirely in the display case. I bought the window locks that other reviewers mentioned so my window couldn't be easily opened by someone from the outside. The panels are clear and the aluminum is clean and matches the aluminum windows I have. If you have a little patience to make life easier for your cats, I promise it will be worth it. I would suggest starting by holding the door open for them and putting wet food on the other side to create good associations for them to use the door. Also the platform on the other side was a must for our setup, we used concrete blocks and built some stairs. Oh, and one more thing, I had to buy an extra seal as well. And my half-open window didn't seal well between the sliding and fixed glass, so I bought some clear adhesive originally intended to seal the underside of the outer door and glued it to the underside of the outer glass.전체 리뷰보기

wysong epigen canine feline diet cats 로고

Wysong Epigen Canine Feline Diet Cats

I tried this product because Dr. Elsie that my cat loves was out of stock. Wysong Epigen seems to have good protein and ingredients, my cat didn't like it as much as his old food but he ate it and I was happy until he suddenly got epic scales. I attributed it to the changing of the seasons, but it only got worse. Then I tried everything, smeared coconut oil on the skin, put fish oil in the wet food. nothing helped. It wasn't until I put him back on his old food that his scales disappeared almost as suddenly as they had appeared. I ended up throwing away the rest of the package. Maybe he's allergic to some ingredient, I don't know. He eats chicken, beef and fish with no sensitivity issues so this was a first for me. He's also had other brands of pellets, both cheap and expensive (Aldi's, Dr Elseys, Meow Mix, Purina) with no problems. So I'm not entirely sure why Epigen can cause dandruff in my cat. I really wanted this new food to help my cat, but. Oh.전체 리뷰보기

tetra 77326 lifeguard tablets 32 count 로고

Tetra 77326 LifeGuard Tablets 32 Count

Saved our goldfish!

We purchased two Pleco rubber spouts from our local PetSmart store. Little did we know we were buying fish that were carrying diseases. Plekos brought with him septicemia and ichthyophthyriasis. We added them to our goldfish tank and our goldfish developed blood poisoning. The septicemia progressed rapidly. The goldfish became lethargic, sitting on the bottom of the aquarium and barely eating. Within 24 hours of taking Lifeguard, the goldfish's condition improved significantly. Within 48 hours, the blood poisoning was almost gone and the goldfish returned to its normal behavior. I did a 5 day course and the lifeguard worked better than expected with septicemia. However, he did not heal from Plecos. The goldfish didn't develop ichthyophthyriasis, so I'm guessing the rescuer kept them at bay. I will switch to treatment Ich API Super Ich. The bottom line is that this remedy saved two goldfish that were just days away from dying. It would be 5 stars if I cleared it up too.전체 리뷰보기

reptichip babichip coconut reptile substrate 로고

ReptiChip BabiChip Coconut Reptile Substrate

I have an 18 year old Tegu and we have always used this product on her bedding and she loves it. When it's new she buries herself in it and I don't see her for days. Religiously, I change this completely once a year and recommend it for any size reptile.전체 리뷰보기

jackson galaxy satellites cat toy 로고

Jackson Galaxy Satellites Cat Toy

Incredible cat toy and Easter egg for cat owners (see below). They are lightweight and designed to be worn in your kitty's mouth. They contain no dangerous bells or jingling objects that could potentially choke. And if you've ever stepped on a hard cat ball at night and broke it, you don't have to worry with these flexible balls. ORDER SEVERAL SETS because your cat will lose them instantly and you will spend a lot of time looking for them under sofas, beds and other tight nooks and crannies where your cat will inevitably stuff them. My cat's personal favorite hiding spot is under the dresser. I can always find supplies there. Good Hunting! In fact, however, Jackson Galaxy knocked this one out of the park.전체 리뷰보기

release adjustable stainless behavior training 로고

Release Adjustable Stainless Behavior Training

We received this as a replacement for another spiked collar. The other collar worked great for about 2 years but the buckle broke and I couldn't replace it. So I bought this collar as the other one was no longer available. This collar is too thin. The pins fall apart easily and sometimes the collar falls apart when taking it off or putting it on. The tines are not as strong/thick as the others we've had. The buckle is flimsy and not that secure. No wonder it was half the price but I was hoping for the best.전체 리뷰보기

dry cleaning software 로고

Dry Cleaning Software

The best thing about this program is that it can be used by both small businesses as well large business, so there are no limitations to its use at all! We have been using for more than two years now without any issues or problems whatsoever with our customers' data in their respective accounts!! I would highly recommend anyone who wants an easy way out from handling such tasks manually through paper documents. It's like having your own personal secretary right here within reach always available whenever you need her/him. !전체 리뷰보기

50pfl5601 65pfl5602 55pfl5602 50pfl5602 43pfl5602 로고

50PFL5601 65PFL5602 55PFL5602 50PFL5602 43PFL5602

So I still have the original Philips TV remote control. and I made a direct comparison.1. You will immediately notice that there is no Philips branding on the remote control2. You will then find that you are missing a few buttons (may vary from TV to TV with different remote controls). I'm missing the SAP button and CC button which are on the Philips remote next to the home button near the center of the remote. 3. You will find that the colors of the buttons are different, for example, the Netflix button and the VUDU button are different colors, and you will find that the printing of the letters is different. You will notice that the color of the buttons and the names of some of them are different from Remote Control 5. Where you see the colors on the remote control (RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE) you see on the new Amazon remote control (APP1, APP2, APP3, APPENDIX4) 6. There is no Philips trademark on the remote control. So if you know Philips, you'll know right away that it's a generic product.7. MAJOR DIFFERENCE The battery compartment has a large sliding door and the batteries are placed next to each other with a traditional remote control, with a well-known Philips brand the batteries are placed one behind the other.8. WHERE THEY ARE MADE! The Philips remote control is made in Thailand. There is no label on the universal remote as to where it was made, but it is a copy with minor modifications. Sounds like a Chinese fake. But overall the remote works, you don't get all the options you get with Philips but it works well enough to turn on the TV and turn up the volume. So overall, if you don't mind these things, it's not a bad buy.전체 리뷰보기

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