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eighwood 2pcs bnc tee adapter bnc female to dual bnc male 3 way video splitter connector for cctv cameras 로고

Eighwood 2Pcs BNC Tee Adapter BNC Female To Dual BNC Male 3 Way Video Splitter Connector For CCTV Cameras

buy good ones

I couldn't find any really good ones at Revain. Maybe I missed them, but I ended up going to an electronics supplier where they are much more expensive but work well. I teach electronics and this and others I've bought are falling apart and/or have connection issues. It seems good for teaching students, but it's already enough for them to figure it out.전체 리뷰보기

motong garmin edge 820 case car & vehicle electronics 로고

MOTONG Garmin Edge 820 Case Car & Vehicle Electronics

Inexpensive $$$

Nice case. Better than what Garmin offers. If you order red, note that it's more orange than anything else. At least the ones I received. No deal breaker전체 리뷰보기

boss audio cxx1002 1000 watts amplifier 로고

BOSS Audio CXX1002 1000 Watts Amplifier

This amp did exactly what I needed, but it's important to understand why the Boss typically gets mixed reviews. . 500 watts is the power you will see if you win the lottery and discover a cure for cancer. In other words, this is the power you'll see at times on your best day. The RMS power per channel is 100 watts, and this power calculated by Boss electrical engineers is the average output power of the amplifier over time. This amp is relatively small and light, which means it definitely doesn't have enough bulk to displace heat over time. . This amp is passively cooled by the air around it, so don't expect it to be operating well above RMS with an audio driver before it fails due to thermal overload. The Boss doesn't have electric fans to keep the air flowing, so depending on your audio driver this could be an issue. As always, a bridge circuit heats up any amplifier considerably. Heavy drivers and high impedances should be avoided as this boss is clearly not designed for very high loads. I am using 2 Polk 5x8 speakers that draw 60W RMS into 4 ohms. The boss takes care of it. The bass is clean and the attacks are all sharp. The mids are warm and delivered on command to fill my sedan's interior. The Boss comes with a pretty decent external volume control, but I didn't need it. Additional efficiency is achieved with a high-pass filter to ensure signals below 60Hz are properly routed to the dedicated subwoofer and amplifier. One final note: your connections on this amp are surprisingly good. They're stainless steel screw-in racks, but they're spaced far apart. Those with big hands will appreciate it. Boss makes amplifiers for almost every application. However, it's hard to pinpoint what the amp is, and it will require frequent visits to the boss's website to bypass the wasteful marketing that this company has sadly gone nuts with. Boss makes amplifiers for almost every application. However, it is difficult to determine what type of amp it is, and frequent visits to the boss's website are required. to bypass the wasteful marketing that is sadly driving this company crazy. Boss makes amplifiers for almost every application. However, it's hard to pinpoint what the amp is, and it will require frequent visits to the boss's website to bypass the wasteful marketing that this company has sadly gone nuts with.전체 리뷰보기

benfei displayport display gold plated compatible 로고

BENFEI DisplayPort Display Gold Plated Compatible

I bought this cable as a last resort to get two external monitors for my Acer Helios 300. Since the Helios 300 is a gaming laptop, most people probably won't want to install two external monitors. but I use the machine for both gaming and work (which is why I was dying to add a dual external monitor). I was able to get an external monitor through an HDMI to HDMI connection. As for a second monitor, I originally tried connecting my laptop via miniDP-to-HDMI but found that didn't work. However, this miniDP to VGA worked great! I am very happy that I have the opportunity to use two monitors! Cons: Obviously it's not HDMI picture quality, and having two monitor cables is a bit ugly. comes out of the laptop. On my laptop, an external monitor connected via VGA only displays the laptop's screen. I don't get 3 unique screens. That being said, I only wanted/expected two screens (in extended display mode) so it's less of a minus than just FYI.전체 리뷰보기

compatible screens rechargeable android touchscreen accessories & supplies 로고

Compatible Screens Rechargeable Android Touchscreen Accessories & Supplies

Highly recommend

Bought this for my son to use on our iPad for his school work as he needs to type a lot on the tablet. This is one of my best purchases. Works very well, no problems so far.전체 리뷰보기

scosche ta2053b double installation 2005 2011 로고

Scosche TA2053B Double Installation 2005 2011

is not a bad kit. The main part didn't match the painted parts on either side, but it did match the part around the switch, so I didn't care. NOTE: 1. This is not textured kit, it is smooth. 2. Also don't forget to use the yellow plastic clips from the stock radio and put them in this kit, I believe there are 5. The biggest problem I had was the plastic side brackets. When installing on the radio, you could not mount the radio at the correct angle to insert the dash kit. Also, they were cheap and flimsy. I used standard metal staples and they worked great. NOTE: If using metal brackets: install them on the radio,전체 리뷰보기

anwaut compatible stainless wristband replacement accessories & supplies 로고

Anwaut Compatible Stainless Wristband Replacement Accessories & Supplies

Great watch strap! Made my Apple Watch 6 very stylish. It took a little time to build and you have to be able to work with very small details, but it's doable even for the most inexperienced. Adjustment tools are included in the bracelet. Be sure to adjust it so that you can put it on and take it off on your wrist. You really don't want to remove links just to reinstate them. A link can make a big difference in overall size. It can feel a bit heavy and stiff at times, but for the most part it's comfortable. Reminds me of an old watch from over 40 years ago. Again very classy! I put it on a week ago,전체 리뷰보기

eeweca 2 pack inspire accessory sangria 로고

EEweca 2 Pack Inspire Accessory Sangria

Holds Fitbit and stays on pants. I always clip my Fitbits to my belt with the Fitbit (when I'm not running I face him so he doesn't sweat). I learned my lesson from having a Fitbit One: I lost my first One when it got stuck in my pocket. It turns out that it slowly slips out of women's tiny pockets as they sit and stand (so this might not be a problem for men). I lost my second one while it was strapped to my belt, face out. The Fitbit worked way off the clamp, so I still had the clamp but no Fitbit. Perhaps this clip was defective, but still the lesson was learned. I wear it day and night.전체 리뷰보기

exaalgia 로고


I like how easy it was set up, my website went live within minutes of purchase! Customer service has been amazing as well too help me with any issues that arise along way when using their platform!! The only thing i dislike about exalgalia so far are some minor bugs here or there but nothing major at all just little things not worth mentioning however they seem very quick in fixing these problems once notified. If you want an excellent quality product without breaking your bank account then this should be top priority. ! They have helped us grow our business immensely by providing outstanding customer support while also helping get more people onto social media platforms which helps spread awareness regarding what we do/sell. !!전체 리뷰보기

extractor optical splitter converter chromecast 로고

Extractor Optical Splitter Converter Chromecast

I have this to split the directv channel sound to my stereo (I use directv to hear music around the house). The problem with this box is that HDMI is not a pass-through and should always be on. also for television. I really am not전체 리뷰보기

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