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GestiClean Up'

I love that the customer service is amazing! I was having an issue with a machine not running and they were able to help me with the issue right away. I've been using GestiClean for over a year now and have had no issues. I would highly recommend this company! I've been able to get my dry cleaning done quickly and easily! I love that I don't have to get my dry cleaning done at a traditional dry cleaner anymore! I have never had an issue with the service and the customer service is amazing! I have saved so much time in the morning going to the dry cleaner!전체 리뷰보기

homarden square digging deterrent plastic 로고

Homarden Square Digging Deterrent Plastic

I bought these to keep the neighbor's cats from marking my sliding patio door. I've only had the mats for a week and the cats are not regular in their habits but so far so good. The reason I'm only giving 3 stars today is that at low temperatures (below 20°C) plastic breaks very easily even if hit lightly. As such, they must be carefully lifted before being raked or swept around them, and if someone were to step on the section they would surely be crushed. However, they are not expensive, there are many sections in order, and this is a good and gentle way to deal with pesky animals. I'll try to remember to edit this after seeing how well they hold up. survived the winter and whether any volumes passed through. Update: After the northern winter, the carpets behaved normally until walked on. I have a nice trail of crushed tines on one where I forgot. They held up well when moved. Now that the temperature is above zero, they are not so fragile. The cat did not mark the places where the mats were laid out, although "someone" found another place nearby, and this was solved by expanding the placement of the mats. I'm increasing my rating to 4 stars.전체 리뷰보기

chilly dog diamonds sweater x small 로고

Chilly Dog Diamonds Sweater X Small

I was concerned about the quality, fit and colour, my fears were unfounded! This is a good quality sweater. It fits my male Schnauzer cup like a glove! He didn't flinch one day when he had it and he seemed calmer, I think the sweater hug really calmed him down. I love this sweater and have just ordered 3 more!전체 리뷰보기

silverstone technology motherboard accessory sst ca04 로고

SilverStone Technology Motherboard Accessory SST CA04

I hate that M.2 drive manufacturers are so cheap and indifferent that they can't fit a spacer and mounting screw into an otherwise great product (M. 2 drive. ) However. Silverstone Technology is a company that produces high quality and superior products. This kit should be purchased, kept and used by every PC owner using this type of drive. Great product and lots of parts for future use!전체 리뷰보기

pets first grooming tooth combs 로고

Pets First Grooming Tooth Combs

The quality of the nail file is very cheap and did not suit my poor quality dog. I do not recommend people to buy this, very dissatisfied.전체 리뷰보기

contego 로고


The best thing about this software tool for me personally, was that I could view my calendar appointments (with other people), as well as being able see when someone else had booked time with them so there were never any missed meetings or opportunities! It would be great if you are looking at different business areas of your office - eg HR & Admin team vs Sales/Marketing Team etc where they might have separate systems but then it makes sense why some features aren't available in one system compared others? We're solving many problems within our organization by using congtigo- all staff can access eachothers calendars easily without having multiple copies lying around which saves us hours per week from wasted admin work!! 전체 리뷰보기

parisian pet police dog t shirt 로고

Parisian Pet Police Dog T Shirt

I'll start by saying the delivery was incredibly fast. I ordered the product on 12/16/2013 and received it 3 days later on 12/19/2013. I was surprised how fast it went. This is probably the fastest package I have ever received from Revain. Second, this shirt is BIG! I have a German Spitz (medium sized dog), a 1 year old girl, 11.5 IBS and she is PERFECT for her. I took X-Large because Large would be too tight for her and X-Large is a bit looser so she doesn't care. The material is EXCELLENT. The fabric is good quality like a real t-shirt, the letters are beautifully and neatly embroidered. If you have a medium-sized dog, a large one will do, but if you want him to be a little looser so he doesn't bother him or get his coat dirty, go one size up. mine loved it Very satisfied. I will buy again.전체 리뷰보기

hmyomina prickle digging deterrent outdoor 로고

Hmyomina Prickle Digging Deterrent Outdoor

With up to 14 neighborhood cats and feral cats visiting my garden, plus a few squirrels, I've had a hard time keeping flower bulbs buried, garden soil clean, and patio furniture free of hair and fleas until I have discovered these mats. You are wonderful! Although the orange spray and animal spray didn't work, these rugs did.전체 리뷰보기

trendnet edgesmart mountable protection teg s50es 로고

TRENDnet EdgeSmart Mountable Protection TEG S50ES

I bought this switch because it claims 2000 Mbps (full duplex) data transfer. See my photo where it is highlighted. In the networking world, a data rate of "2000 Mbit/s (full duplex)" means that you can send and receive 2000 Mbit/s in both directions. I was excited by these claims because I have a Cat 6 Ethernet infrastructure at home and my desktop and home theater PCs have 2.5Gbe Ethernet cards. So since both computers and cabling support >1 Gb/s, I only needed a >1 Gb/s switch. I was disappointed to learn that this switch was actually only a 1 Gigabit (full duplex) switch. Your misleading data rate claims were created by dividing the switching fabric (10 Gbps) by the number of ports. I was able to run a duplex test on my network and actually set the limit to 1Gbps per direction. Yes, if you add the send and receive rates (duplex rates) you get 2000 Mbit/s. However, the specification "2000 MBit/s (full duplex)" is misleading as it implies that both directions (sending and receiving) are limited to 2000 MBit/s each. I was happy to double my gigabit transfer speed, but in fact I just bought a newer gigabit switch that did exactly the same thing and had the same speed as my previous switch. They do the same with their 8-port product description. Buyer Warning. Don't waste your money believing you'll get faster than gigabit data rates.전체 리뷰보기

mothermed electric professional polisher calculus 로고

Mothermed Electric Professional Polisher Calculus

As with ANY pet product, many factors go into whether it is good for you and your situation. For me this is a great product. My GSP/Lab mix and lab showed some tartar buildup on a pair of upper molars. The vet said we might need a dentist next year. I figured I had a year to safely fix the problem myself, so I ordered this tool. My dogs are well trained and used to various manipulations (otherwise: I sharpen their claws with a Dremel). So it didn't take long for them to get used to the machine on their mouths. And it didn't take me long to figure out how best to use this tool (angle, compressive force, etc.). Too bad I didn't take any before and after photos! I've had the instrument for about 2 weeks now and have had short sessions with both dogs almost daily. The white cone removed almost all of this buildup (I also use pet toothpaste). I'll have to contact the company to see if I can order a few sets of replacement brush heads to have on hand as I now plan to use this toothbrush as a regular toothbrush for my dogs. I turned on the attachments for a general cleaning of the rest of my teeth, which showed no signs of buildup. I used it with AA batteries and they still work after 2 weeks of use, but the cable that comes with it is very long. I find that with regular use my dogs don't have to go to the vet for a teeth cleaning (which in turn saves me hundreds of dollars). I believe that for the right dog and situation, this product was worth the price!전체 리뷰보기

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