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Cryptographic project Lisk is developing an SDK with the catchphrase "Easy for anyone". You can also easily trade the Lisk sidechain projects "lease hold" and "capital isk" through DEX. I think it's a crypto project with a huge drop from the highest price, but a huge future value. It is said that development is slow, but I think that the attitude of putting safety first is a point that should be evaluated. It is highly reliable because the Foundation's funding flow is disclosed monthly. JavaScript is used as the development language, and it is easy to attract developers, which also makes it different from other projects.전체 리뷰보기

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CROSS exchange

It is attractive to have a system where dividends come in every day with a profit sharing plan by holding XEX with CROSS exchange. However, with the current trading volume, there is almost no profit on the exchange and it seems that it is not worth holding XEX. Furthermore, the definition of IEO is that the listing date and time is fixed to some extent, which can be differentiated from ICO. However, even now, a year and a half after IEO, XCR has not been listed and investors are freezing their assets. The CEO's blog is full of excuses for postponing listings and doesn't keep his promise to constantly deliver progress. Therefore, it can be said that there is almost no merit to use this CROSS exchange. 전체 리뷰보기

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