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Addn is a prepaid card site, it offers different payment methods, including crypto-currencies. They support about twenty "crypto" like DASH, bitcoin, ether and others. It is extremely easy to buy there, no need for an account, simply add to the cart, enter your email, and choose crypto, pay and you will instantly receive confirmation. Do you want to buy on UBER, deliveroo amazon or any crypto site? Buy a card of these brands by crypto and you can, the possibilities are endless. I suggest you try it, you will see how great it is to easily buy on it. They also offer regular methods like paypal or credit card, but I suggest you use crypto because we all love crypto!전체 리뷰보기

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Dogecoin is a trap

I don't like this currency, which in addition to being the same coin, makes fun of other serious crypto-currencies. Its course depends on only one person (Elon Musk). With each tweet, it increases and decreases once the hype has passed. Dogecoin is inflationary, which means that every time you buy it, dogecoins are created, so dogecoins are "infinite" unlike other currencies which, unlike dogecoin, are deflationary and reduce their coin to increase scarcity. and therefore their price. How can an "infinite" currency continually increase? She can't, and this is one of the reasons that will cause the downfall of dogecoin, because dogecoin is just a ponzi scheme that only exists thanks to the hype brought on by an autistic billionaire. This meme doesn't even have a goal, the project is based on nothing, it's only speculative. If you are in dogecoin, I advise you to get out because in addition to killing other cryptocurrencies and making the market unstable, it will make you poorer than before.전체 리뷰보기

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Revain is a blockchain-based opinion site, it allows to ensure a real and reliable opinion based on several factors thanks to its artificial intelligence and its staff who check thousands of reviews every day, this allows to ensure serious and reliable advice for companies in the crypto sector. I do believe that Revain can become an internet review pioneer, as is trustpilot for non-crypto companies. Everyone wants to have an opinion on a platform and in particular cryptocurrencies like ethereum, bitcoin and more to be able to invest, and revain allows to get real opinions for that. If tomorrow, you want to invest in a currency that has just been released, and it is a scam, thanks to revain you will find out, that's why it can help a lot of people. I hope that the Revain team will list its coin (Rev) on big platforms such as binance or kraken because its visibility is almost zero, its volume is low but its potential is enormous. I also hope they invest more in marketing to attract more investors and businesses / people to use their website.전체 리뷰보기

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Bitcoin the leader

What to say about Bitcoin .. It is the most used cryptocurrency today, it is the leader and king of decentralized currencies, its dominance decides the market. If the King falls, everyone follows him, if the King shines, everyone shines with him. Perhaps this is one of the problems with Bitcoin today, as it can hurt other much more ambitious cryptocurrencies. Despite this, everyone wants Bitcoin, because it is the one that everyone knows, its price is only increasing, and its stocks are decreasing, it is inevitable that its price will go towards $ 100,000 or even a lot more with the years to come. Without bitcoin, there would be no cryptocurrency전체 리뷰보기

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Binance top

Binance is the best experience for trading cryptocurrency, or just storing it. It is a very complete site which also allows you to exchange cryptocurrency, allows you to stack and save several crypto-currencies while gaining interest and this only represents a tiny part of the possibilities of binance. He is a leader, if not the leader in the field of cryptocurrency. Their safu fund allows them to reimburse their client in the event of a security problem, unlike other exchanges that do not have this kind of guarantee. The only downside for me is fiats deposits. At least for businesses they are disabled and we can't use them, hopefully in the future this feature will open as it restricts the possibilities for business clients to work seriously with binance.전체 리뷰보기

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