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KuCoin is one of the most important and influential crypto exchanges in the world. It even got picked out as one of the best exchanges by Forbes Advisory. What’s so great about it? For me, it’s the scale. I’ve been using KuCoin for a few months now and I can tell you that this is a truly robust project that has a lot to offer. The number of options can be a bit overwhelming, so I present to you a brief overview of KuCoin. KuCoin has a pretty standard registration process with two stages of KYC verification via a Handheld Identity Document Photo. There is also the institutional verification option available. The registration is fast - the main page promises us that it takes only 10 seconds to create an account. It’s not a false promise, at least in my experience. Keep in mind that while KuCoin is available in 207 countries, it is not licensed in the United States, which means that users from the US cannot complete verification. They can still use the exchange, the only differences are limits on withdrawals and leverage. Honestly - not a big deal, especially if you are not interested in high-frequency trading and big leverage. Once the registration process is complete, the many opportunities of KuCoin are opened to you. And there are many opportunities to choose from. First of all, there is the basic spot trading. KuCoin has hundreds of listed coins and tokens, ranging from all the oldest major assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Litecoin to the newest most obscure coins and tokens. Feels like there is a new listing every week, so it’s highly unlikely that you won't find what you are looking for there. The trading volumes are consistently high - in fact, KuCoin is pretty much always in the top 10 exchanges by trading volume. So getting a deal is easy. Then there is the futures trading. There are fewer assets, but still more than enough for pretty much any trader with any appetites. Users can choose between a simpler and more accessible “Lite” option and a “Pro” option that has more tools and supports up to x100 leverage. I personally did not yet try the “Pro” options, but they do seem interesting, so I might try them soon. Finally, if you are not satisfied with all that, there are still other features. X Pool Earn provides great dynamic opportunities for staking and passive earning. There are always many active pools with flexible conditions to choose from, as well as guidance and recommendations, The platform describes it as “your professional asset manager”, which I would say is quite accurate. There is also robust crypto lending with very flexible conditions - annualized rates range from 1% to 730%. Users can also use referral codes to invite their friends and get bonuses. Finally, there are two latest additions to the platform. The first one is KuCoin pool - a high-performance mining pool for various Proof of Work assets. It boasts an optimized and perfected algorithm, as well as a very low mining fee of only 2%. And the second one is KuCoin’s affiliate program. If you have a platform of any sort and can reach many people - you can apply to become an affiliate. Then you can invite people on KuCoin and get 40% of all their trading fees as commissions forever! Quite a lucrative deal, especially if you are an influencer. In case if you got lost or have questions about the exchange - there is an expansive Help Centre with detailed instructions and guides. In case if that’s not enough, there are other ways to get answers to your important questions. You can submit a ticket or ask what you need to know in live chat. The support team is very helpful and always responded on time. These are the main features of KuCoin. I strongly encourage everyone reading this to check out the exchange for themselves. No matter your crypto experience and goals - you will feel confident in your choices. And this is what matters. 전체 리뷰보기

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I would say that BitYard is a great exchange for everyone. It is simple enough for beginners and robust enough for pros. I'll admit that I am not a very experienced trader, but I felt right at home. The registration was quick, no issues with KYC. The main page promises an account in just 3 clicks - and they aren’t lying! The interface is clean and easy to understand. Not the widest selection of available assets that I've ever seen. However, if I am being honest, the listed options were more than enough for me. There’s also a great copy trading system that enables users to copy successful trading strategies. I think I would recommend using it, especially if you are a beginner like me.전체 리뷰보기

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Octus Bridge

Crypto is supposed to be fast and easy to handle by default. Free TON team understands this well. After all, they built one of the fastest blockchains there is. TON Bridge develops these ideas further by providing users with a fast and convenient way to transfer assets from the Ethereum blockchain to the TON blockchain and vice versa. Developpers are also considering enabling transders from and to other blockchains. And, of course, true to the decentralized spirit of the platform, there is a native token that enables users to vote on the future developments. While the feature of tranferring assets from other networks itself is not exactly new, most projects who support it are established and have resources to spare. So it's especially impresive for an emerging project like Free TON to get it up and running. I tested it out. The loading speed was a bit low, although it might have been just my connection. The overall UX is not exactly mind-blowing, but it does not really need to be. Everything worked fine and was easy to use. Great tool if you want to invest in Free TON or just aim to expand your portfolio. 전체 리뷰보기

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