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KuMex is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange that debuted in Singapore in 2019. Derivatives, spot trading, and margin trading were all available on this exchange. The term KuMex refers to KuCoin Mercantile Exchange, indicating that it is a Kucoin Cloud derivative. There isn't much to say about the exchange because it's been dormant for a while and numerous sources have reported a $0 trade volume for KuMex for quite some time. It was a trading platform for crypto assets, although it only supported Bitcoin during the time it was operational. Trading here would have been a fantastic experience, particularly because of the extremely low trading expenses전체 리뷰보기

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The Xuebi exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows for the trade of multiple cryptocurrencies. This company began in 2018, and I learned about it through a fellow author. Since then, I've been determined to engage in the exchange. During my time checking out the exchange, I was able to gain some important insights on trading costs, the exchange's UI, the amount of cryptocurrencies traded, and liquidity. Due to the fact that I have not utilized the exchange in a long time, my experiences with it are limited. The UI on this exchange is extremely professional, giving traders the greatest trading experience possible.전체 리뷰보기

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Creatively Cleveland

Creatively Cleveland Company which was supposed to provide financial support loans and support to students or job seekers. I tried to access the extra company via the link provided buy Revain but it was not accessible. Upon accessing it with the use of my VPN I noticed that the company had been disconnected from its domain. The domain had expired which made the company not accessible any longer hence it wasn't offering any form of activity. I can't give a full review about to the customer support and the social media reputation but you can always check them out on their Facebook page to get more update. Please stay away from this company for now it's not functional.전체 리뷰보기

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Cottonlove Quilts

Founded in 2019 cottonlove quilts is a company which has made a remarkable Mark in the line of fashion and design, it has achieved this by providing the topmost quality fabrics and quilts to its customers. Firstly it has a well-designed website which allows for easy shopping but it was so unfortunate that I couldn't shop on the platform. The company seems to be on a break or at least all business activities had been shut down on the platform. There wasn't any notification or reasons why this company was shut down but all users believe that the company will come back online very soon which is why I'm going to stop my review here. You can follow up their social media platforms to check for more updates concerning the reopening of this company. 전체 리뷰보기

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Hearst Ventures

Hearst Ventures is a company that focuses on startups and entrepreneurs which have moved and put their attention on media and information technology. This company was founded in 1995 and started making investment as at the year with its first investment on NetScape another Media company. One cannot deny how media is a very important aspect of human life hence focusing on media was a very responsible choice by Hearst Venture. Dude I was not a media analyst to an expert I had friends who were in this profession so immediately I referred this company to them, they seemed very happy at first not until we discovered that the company wasn't offering financial services to Africa so we just had to look for another company with support for African entrepreneurs. On the other hand, this company has a very good customer support as well as a good reputation of social media. 전체 리뷰보기

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Abbotstone House Collection

Abotstone house collection is a company known for delivering the best and the top most quality fabrics quilts and other apparels. Speaking of quality this company is one of the top brands known worldwide to provide the best fabrics which will not fray at any moment in time. The companies located in Hawes, Yorkshire Dale, United Kingdom. They usually stock their collections frequently and users can choose from the best and be assured of getting quality fabric delivered to their doorstep or they can pick it from their store located in Yorkshire dales UK. Not only fabrics can be gotten from the store you can also get your quality needle, thread wool, spool and even patterns and notion. The important thing was to find out whether this company actually made deliveries to my region hence I have to register which was seamless and within two minutes I was done then I moved on to shop for my desired item then I moved them to check out upon checking out I was able to make payments via American Express PayPal MasterCard visa JCB discover and other electronic means of payment which allows users to enjoy payments conveniently and easily, well I found out that the company shipped internationally but Africa was not favoured which left me in a disadvantaged state. Generally the prices of fabrics and materials on this store are relatively expensive but the fact that they make sure that their users are generally satisfied by the quality of products provided, I didn't mind the price tag. As for me, the only setback I came across while using this platform was the unresponsive customer support. I had laid complaint severally but it took them time to resolve or attend to my issues generally I'm going to give them a two-star rating for the customer support.전체 리뷰보기

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Motorola Solutions Venture Capital

Motorola™ is one popular brand everybody knows about today I'll be introducing you to their venture capitals and. Motorola solutions Venture capital is a company that focuses on startups and entrepreneurs with new ideas that can change the world from the aspect of technology. This is not surprising since they have chosen technology and technological startups to invest in because Motorola used to be a brand that focused on production and designs of technological equipment like mobile phones. Getting to know this company was a nice idea. Well, they are known to invest within the range of 1 to 5 million dollars in their startups this is a pretty good amount for a company and and an entrepreneur to start with. Actually it is a company with experience as it was founded in 1999 making it one of the oldest investment firms I've seen so far. What even made me interested in the platform was the fact that it wasn't just focused on Europe, Asia or America but it's even had Africa in focus which means that if you are an African entrepreneur with bright ideas you can always seek help, financial advice or even expert advice from Motorola Solutions Venture capital. I can't doubt their popularity since Motorola used to be a brand that everyone knows about you can also check them out via their social media platforms Facebook and LinkedIn. Once your idea is bright technological and innovative Motorola solutions venture capital should be your one-stop platform, you are sure to get a support from here!!!전체 리뷰보기

chiratae ventures 로고

Chiratae Ventures

Chiratae also known as IDG Ventures is a technology venture capital firm that has chosen to invest in companies and startups that have focused on technology, FinTech, Consumer Media & Technology, Software/SaaS, Health Tech, Deep Tech. Founded in 2006, Chiratae Ventures is a multi billion dollars worth company that has invested in more than 170 investment and about 20 exits. Recently, Bizongo raised $51,000,000 in Series C from Accel and 6 other investors, this happened in April 2021. This is to show you how successful and complete this company is. Among the companies they've invested in include, Bizongo-$51M, ShopSe-₹400M, Play Shifu-₹1.3B, HealthPlix-₹990M Uable-$3.5M, MyGlamm-₹1.8B, RentoMojo-₹100M, Questt-₹96M, CropIn-$20M, Deepfence Inc. Sudhir Sethi happens to be the Founder and Managing General Partner as well as TC Meenakshisundaram who is also the founder of the company. The company has provided access to its social media platforms so you can always see update on latest developement on the platform. 전체 리뷰보기

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Novartis Venture Fund

Novartis is a company that focuses on health startups and entrepreneurs which focuses on the health sector. Their choice of focus has actually made them a very popular company that has established a lot of feats during its time as an investment firm. They are known to invest about 10 to 15 million in a company that can start from as little as 100,000 dollars. One cannot deny that health is an important aspect of life so this company focusing on health is that actually a great innovation and a nice idea. A focus on companies which are located in Israel Europe and North America. As this is where a lot of successful health startups are found. This company was founded by Dr. Anja König and was founded in Switzerland just like WHO. The team is made up of experienced health practitioners who have excelled in various aspects of health and medicine. You can always access this company via their social media handles and pages on Twitter and Facebook.전체 리뷰보기

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This is Fabrilife store, it is a store and an e-commerce company where you have unlimited access to high quality fabrics and t-shirts at exclusively affordable prices. I've gone through their archive and list of fabrics and i must say, I was very impressed. They have a well designed website that allows yu to be able to select from their wide range of attractive t-shirts, trousers, fabrics and different apparels. They have t-shirts from your favroirte commercials, games or even tv shows. The cloths here are of different designs and different brands. Shopping here is complemented by a fast and secure payment gateway via credit cards and a whole bunch of payments methods like American Express or PayPal.전체 리뷰보기

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