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My past demand for a Kumex computerized cash exchange from Singapore, which occurred in July 2019, doesn't demonstrate a connection to the site and it is said that the exchange is at present non-fluid. Cocoa is known as the future, so be cautious and watch out. Substitution at KUMEX, however somewhere else. All in all, KUMEX isn't pretty much as accessible as KUMEX at the present time, yet one of my most utilized exchanges is the Kucoin Trade. At any rate, basically I didn't stuff my jeans w

  • It has a star and splendid appearance with a straightforward interface.
  • Cocoa is presently accessible as a future.
  • It is presently working appropriately subsequent to being remade.
  • The expense of the substitution is lower than that of different others.
  • There is a particularly awesome exchange.
  • Rebranded and not lost.
  • Something different arranged to flaunt the mix.
  • KUMEX is no longer true to form.
  • This is something else that KUMEX can do now.

The site was inconsequential to my solicitation to get ready for the Kumex cryptographic money trade from Singapore in July 2019, and truth be told exchanging isn't generally a genuine programming. Cocoa is supposed to be the future, for instance watch out. In this manner, KUMEX isn't at present bolted as KUMEX, however one of my most utilized trades is the Kucoin Trade. At any rate, essentially I didn't go down without accounting for myself first. CUMEX is affected by cucumber and is forwar

  • There is an expert and lightweight look that is not difficult to utilize.
  • Substitution costs are less expensive than others.
  • Gives dynamic updates.
  • It is as of now in activity.
  • Since the KuCoin sponsorship, a KuMex trade has been arising, and purchasers' trust in it has developed.
  • The swapping scale of one Tea is lower than the other.
  • Unfit to get to right currently like KUMEX.
  • Something different arranged to show the association.
  • People call this a dead exchange.

The website was unrelated to my request to prepare for the Kumex cryptocurrency exchange from Singapore in July 2019, and in fact trading is not always a real software. Cocoa is said to be the future, for example be careful. Thus, KUMEX is not currently locked as KUMEX, but one of my most used exchanges is the Kucoin Exchange. Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. CUMEX is under the influence of cucumber and is up-to-date, up-to-date and does not meet the…

  • There is a professional and lightweight look that is easy to use.
  • Replacement costs are cheaper than others.
  • Gives dynamic updates.
  • It is currently in operation.
  • Since the KuCoin sponsorship, a KuMex exchange has been emerging, and buyers' confidence in it has grown.
  • The exchange rate of one Tea is lower than the other.
  • Unable to access right now like KUMEX.
  • Something else prepared to show the union.
  • Individuals call this a dead trade.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

My review about KuMex

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about the KuMex crypto exchange. KuMEX was founded in Singapore in 2019, it is KuCoin's Bitcoin futures trading platform. Being supported by KuCoin has helped a lot in making the platform famous among people. According to my research, only American investors can trade on the KuMex exchange, and the fact that it cannot be used in other countries creates a big obstacle to the growth of the exchange. If we look at the transaction fees, the transaction…

  • The support of KuCoin has caused the KuMex exchange to become famous among people and increase the trust of the customers in this exchange.
  • Trading fees on the exchange are lower compared to other exchanges
  • According to the information I have received, this exchange can only be used by US citizens.
  • According to my research, the KuMex exchange was merged with the KuCoin exchange, but I could not find any official explanation about it.
  • I could not find an official site or an app for the KuMex exchange

Revainrating 2 out of 5

All I have written on was based on what experienced

From Singapore in the middle of the year 2019. Kumex exchange claims to rebrand it features to Kucoin. I think this is very true. The exchange trades limited crypto currency with a bit low low fee. This exchange on telegram doesn't have much member, and seems are not even active. I expected that the mistake will be corrected for trust. The exchange itself is less liquid, but though has avery fine and impressive trading environment. Also, the deposit method is not okay by me, I could only use…

  • Affordable fee
  • Fast support team
  • Easy navigation
  • low trading volume
  • Low liquid

Revainrating 2 out of 5

This exchange should do the best it can to come back

Kumex exchange is a centralized exchange coming from Singapore. This exchange traded spot, derivative, and I think margin trades comfortably with no form of hitch. The exchange shares some features with kucoin. Though during it activities the exchange only traded bitcoin leaving other coins aside. The trading fee is always very considerable as t is very affordable. The platform is well arranged in the trading environment. Also, this exchange support a large language type, it is almost opened to

  • Good leverage rate
  • Affordable fee
  • Nice trading environment
  • The exchange is not more active

Revainrating 1 out of 5

This exchange has a $0 trading volume and is no longer useful

KuMex is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange that debuted in Singapore in 2019. Derivatives, spot trading, and margin trading were all available on this exchange. The term KuMex refers to KuCoin Mercantile Exchange, indicating that it is a Kucoin Cloud derivative. There isn't much to say about the exchange because it's been dormant for a while and numerous sources have reported a $0 trade volume for KuMex for quite some time. It was a trading platform for crypto assets, although it only…

  • The company seems to be associated with Kucoin
  • It has a low trading volume
  • The exchange isn't really popular

My pre-order for the Kumex cryptographic change from Singapore, which was released in Singapore in July 2019, no longer links to the website and shows that the trade is not current and is currently underway. Cocoa is known as the future, so be careful and be careful. My test shows that a KuMex exchange is closed to U.S. agents and is the first hurdle to improving the only change that can be used in interesting international regions. Honestly, there are very few variable payments for failed…

  • There is a professional and light weight look that is not difficult to use.
  • Exchange prices are cheaper than others.
  • Gives dynamic updates.
  • Currently working.
  • It has no liquidity.
  • The rate of one exchange is 0.
  • He is a bitcoin trader.
  • The connection is not always displayed.

My previous request for a Kumex digital money trade from Singapore, which took place in July 2019, does not indicate a link to the site and it is said that the trade is currently non-liquid. Cocoa is known as the future, so be careful and be careful. Replacement at KUMEX, but elsewhere. In other words, KUMEX is not as available as KUMEX right now, but one of my most used trades is the Kucoin Exchange. Anyway, at least I didn't stuff my pants with kelp and seagrass. CUMEX has been updated with…

  • It has a star and bright appearance with an easy-to-understand interface.
  • Cocoa is now available as a future.
  • It is now working properly after being rebuilt.
  • The cost of the replacement is lower than that of various others.
  • There is such a wonderful trade.
  • Rebranded and not lost.
  • KUMEX is no longer as expected.
  • Something else prepared to show off the combination.
  • This is another thing that KUMEX can do now.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

KUMEX is no longer available but know as Kucoin futures.

It has really been a very long time since I heard of this exchange, KUMEX, and I wondered what it is, like I have never seen or heard of any exchange platform called KUMEX but from my researches I made, I discovered that I have been trading on KUMEX but in another domain. That is, KUMEX is no longer available as KUMEX but now a part of one of my mostly used exchange which is Kucoin exchange. While I was making my researches, I discovered that KUMEX is a Singaporean exchange which was very…

  • It is now available as Kucoin futures.
  • It gives active updates.
  • It now functions better.
  • KUMEX no longer exists as it usual form.
  • People term it as a dead exchange.

All advanced money shippers should consider KUMEX is how it is finished filling in as it used to considering the way that it has been re-checked. Various advanced cash Exchanges are by and by refreshing their organizations' adequacy by upkeep or by re-stamping really like by virtue of KUMEX. Notwithstanding the way that I never got the opportunity to work with KUMEX anyway as of now I trade on Kucoin and I use the KUMEX re-stamped organizations. KUMEX has been re-set apart to Kucoin possibi

  • It has been re-checked.
  • It is as of now working properly after been re-stamped
  • It's anything but a charming Trade see.
  • It's anything but, now reachable as KUMEX.

KuMEX is KuCoin's Bitcoin fates exchanging stage, which was made in Singapore in 2019. KuCoin's help has gone far toward making the stage notable. As per my investigation, the KuMex trade is only open to American financial backers, and the way that it can't be used in different nations represents a huge obstruction to the trade's development. With regards to exchange costs, the trade has moderately modest exchange charges, which is incredible for customers. Since with regards to picking a…

  • The trade's exchanging costs are lower than those of different trades.
  • Since to KuCoin's sponsorship, the KuMex trade has gotten notable, and shoppers' confidence in it has developed.
  • The KuMex trade doesn't have an authority site or application that I could find.
  • Just residents of the US can use this trade.

KuMEX is KuCoin's Bitcoin futures trading platform, which was created in Singapore in 2019. KuCoin's support has gone a long way toward making the platform well-known. According to my study, the KuMex exchange is exclusively open to American investors, and the fact that it cannot be utilized in other countries poses a significant barrier to the exchange's expansion. When it comes to transaction costs, the exchange has relatively cheap transaction fees, which is great for clients. Because when…

  • The exchange's trading costs are lower than those of other exchanges.
  • Because to KuCoin's backing, the KuMex exchange has become well-known, and consumers' faith in it has grown.
  • The KuMex exchange does not have an official website or app that I could discover.
  • Only citizens of the United States can utilize this exchange.

All digital currency merchants should think about KUMEX is the way that it is done working as it used to in light of the fact that it has been re-marked. Numerous digital currency Trades are presently updating their administrations' effectiveness by upkeep or by re-marking actually like on account of KUMEX. Despite the fact that I never had the chance to work with KUMEX however as of now I exchange on Kucoin and I utilize the KUMEX re-marked administrations. KUMEX has been re-marked to

  • It has been re-marked.
  • It is currently working appropriately after been re-marked
  • It has a pleasant Exchange see.
  • It is not, at this point reachable as KUMEX.

All cryptocurrency traders ought to know about KUMEX is the fact that it is no longer functioning as it used to because it has been re-branded. Many cryptocurrency Exchanges are now upgrading their services' efficiency by maintenance or by re-branding just like in the case of KUMEX. Although I never had the opportunity to operate with KUMEX but presently I trade on Kucoin and I use the KUMEX re-branded services. KUMEX has been re-branded to Kucoin futures and it now operates better than ever,

  • It has been re-branded.
  • It is now functioning properly after been re-branded
  • It has a nice Trade view.
  • It is no longer reachable as KUMEX.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

KuMEX was merged and voluntarily closed

KuMEX never went offline even though you can attest to say that the exchange doesn't have any recorded volume of trades. Actually, KuMEX was merged into the KuCoin exchange which apparently, were the ones who developed the exchange. KuMEX which was primarily focused on Derivatives and leveraged options centered on that area for a long time and then following KuCoin launch, they got merged and closed. KuMEX still maintains all of its inherent prowess of a derivatives exchange within KuCoin…

  • The exchange service of KuMEX has been merged into KuCoin
  • None. Though volumes of $0 makes the exchange appear as one which got abandoned

Revainrating 1 out of 5


My submission ahead of time about Kumex a cryptocurrency exchange from Singapore which was released in July 2019 is that it is no more in existence as its website link does not load to display and presently this exchange has no liquidity, it has also been claimed to have rebranded as Kucoin futures, I kindly advise you to exercise caution and stay careful . Kumex charges 0.06% for taker and 0.02% for maker as trading fee and charges 0.0005btc as withdrawal fee. Kumex supports one crypto…

  • It is multilingual
  • It has both pro and lite version with user friendly interface
  • It has no liquidity
  • Its trading volume is zero
  • It trades only bitcoin
  • Its link doesn't load to display

Revainrating 1 out of 5

From KuMex To Kucoin Futures

The KuMex exchange platform is an exchange platform that would be reviewed today. It is an exchange platform that doesn't stand on its own but is an extension of one of the largest exchange platforms in Asia. One must have quickly recognized that with its name, Kucoin would be the nearest to it. The KuMex exchange platform, therefore, is an exchange platform that seems to be an extension of Kucoin. It is an extension by Kucoin that was built for the sole purpose of trading futures. The KuMex…

  • It was rebranded and didn't go into extinction
  • The KuMex website don't function anymore

RRecently, there have been some controversies as to whether it's better for an exchange platform to either rebrand or stop functioning. The answer seems as clear as possible as rebranding still leaves them in the industry while of they stop functioning, they have stopped finally. The exchange platform I would be reviewing today is known as the Kumex exchange platform. It is an exchange platform that publicly made an announcement of their company being rebranded. This still leaves them in…

  • The exchange platform chose to rebrand, rather than to stop functioning, a good idea
  • Their claim is yet to be proven

Revainrating 1 out of 5

He has been trading for $ 0 for KuMex for some time.

Kumex is a bit of an exchange organization that doesn’t give brokers any convenient tools for a long time. In 2019, the consolidated trade was sent to Singapore. The meeting record may have been interrupted by the fact that there was no way to open the scene. The name KuMex really means a KuCoin trading Exchange that indicates the location of the Kucoin cloud. As Digitaleke confirms digital currency, Bitcoin was the only dynamic computerized exchange platform to replace it. To put it here…

  • There are no life indicators on the site.
  • Public information was not shared.
  • One Tea was left unoccupied.
  • Just an unattainable page.