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Indodax is an Exchange originating from Indonesia, Indodax is the first largest exchanger in Southeast Asia and I really like Indodax because I come from Indonesia and as long as I use Indodax it is very easy to deposit or withdraw IDR directly into my account and withdrawl very instant, indodax also has a 24-hour online customer chat that is ready to help its users, but what I regret is that the IDR withdrawal fee is quite large so in my opinion it is very disturbing when I want to make a withdrawal to my account전체 리뷰보기

bittrex 로고


I have long used the bittrex platform to trade cryptocurrency, and I am very impressed with the bittrex platform because it is easy to use and understand by its users, bittrex also provides an application that we can download via the appstore so that we can access our bittrex account via our mobile and that I like from bittrex is the full responsibility for the user, I never forget not to enter a memo when the deposit so my crypto does not go into my account then I send a message to customer service and they help my problem quickly and all my deposit problems are resolved and I am greatly helped by him then a lightweight website when accessed and guaranteed security because every user is required to verify KYC전체 리뷰보기

poloniex 로고


my first exchange

poloniex is the first exchange that I use when I know cryptocurrency, in my opinion this exchange is very easy to use, customer support is quick to respond to my problems when I have problems when using their platform, so the problem can be resolved quickly and it really helped me, the KYC verification process even very quickly only takes 24 hours the verification process is complete and the account can withdrawl smoothly, but Poloniex does not have a deposit feature using a credit card so users have difficulty making a deposit directly through the Poloniex exchange전체 리뷰보기

coinomi 로고


coinomi is multy chain wallet which is very useful for cryptocurrency users to store their Assets safely, coinomi guarantees the safety of its users because they don't have their private key so we have full control over our wallet, we don't need to do KYC so can use this wallet so that everyone can use it without age restrictions, coinomi is one wallet that has a very low fee even up to zero fee, dicoinomi can also buy crypto using a credit card so that we can buy crypto very easily, coinomi also supports dapp browser and web3 so that dapp users can access dapp directly through wallet전체 리뷰보기

blockchain wallet 로고

Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain wallet is a wallet with the best security and useful features, I have been using this wallet for a long time, as long as I use this wallet I think it is very easy to use, with a crypto swap feature with a low fee and has an android application that makes it easy for me to access my wallet via mobile and with very good security. blockchain wallet also held an XLM airdrop and I got xlm of 50 $ from it, I am very grateful because it really helped me from the results of the airdrop I can buy what I want with it, I hope blockchain can improve server connectivity so that I can access the wallet with fast전체 리뷰보기

coinbase wallet 로고

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase wallet is one of the wallet that I like, I like using this wallet because it makes it easy for me to make transactions in receiving and sending Cryptocurrency, what I like most about coinbase is that I can withdraw flat money to a bank account directly and it is very useful for me , besides that coinbase wallet also has a swap feature that allows me to exchange cryptocurrency at a low cost, and coinbase is one wallet that can send bitcoin at a low and fast fee compared to other wallets, so that I can send bitcoin at a very low cost small but with a fairly fast delivery speed전체 리뷰보기

binance 로고


binance is the best exchange that I have ever used, Binance is very easy to use and understood in terms of appearance makes it easy for users to understand using existing features, binance is growing quite rapidly, many coins can be traded in finance and for deposits can also use credit cards or accounts debit that has been supported in various countries, with many binance users having a very large transaction volume compared to other exchanges, although including new exchanges, binance can rival other old exchanges by increasing their services전체 리뷰보기

trust wallet 로고

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a wallet which in my opinion is very easy to understand and use, as long as I use this wallet I do not find any obstacles including user security and comfort, thanks to my trust wallet it's easier to access my digital wallet using only my phone, the trust wallet also has facilities that complete enough that is needed by me and other users such as dapp browser and added the newest feature that is the domain so that I can make the address according to my wishes and easy to remember, but I regret the price of the domain is quite expensive so we can have the domain in accordance with what we want전체 리뷰보기

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