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If you are starting or running an exchange, going with Bitgo may be heavy on your expenses, but takes care of big security headaches. We are a Cryptocurrency Exchange started in 2017, launched in April 2018. We are using Bitgo to support all our coins and they have played a significant role in our growth. By using Bitgo we are able to support multiple coins without getting into the details and vulnerabilities of each coin. It is not exactly a plug and play solution, but still for a startup operating in Crypto space using Bitgo solution saves months of hard-work.See full review

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Education on blockchain

BitDegree provides students with expertly-created online courses while tracking learners’ achievements and awarding them for the same. The platform uses a technology based on Ethereum blockchain to issue token based scholarships. By taking courses with token scholarship attached, students earn BitDegree tokens. Students can exchange these tokens on learning other skills or for different currencies. Simply put, students can gain amazing tech skills and make money at the same time with BitDegree. At the same time, BitDegree allows employers to recruit technology specialists from a pool of best and well-educated students.See full review

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Luno displays my wallets (BTC Wallet, BCH Wallet, my Local Currency Wallet). It shows my transaction history (buy, sell, deposit and withdrawals). It displays my beneficiaries: I can add beneficiaries. It shows my promotional code. I can earn when inviting friends with the link. I can trade Bitcoin by clicking on exchange. See full review

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Mainly I suggest saving the private keys that the platform gives in a totally safe place, because the user is the only one responsible for the use of these private keys, and to make the correct use of it. It is also important to clarify that you should be very careful if you use the official website of the platform, because there have been many cases where users enter websites that are plagiarism and steal their credentials.See full review

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One of the best features that Nano coin provides is that it is simple. And by no means do I mean that from a technical standpoint – it’s as complicated as the other cryptocurrencies out there. No, what I mean is that it has very clear goals and tasks in mind, straightforward ways to achieve them and a good leader and team to back it up. With such a combo, the coin may reach interesting hights in the future to come. Nano prove that the crypto technology is constantly advancing and moving forward. Even after the infamous market crash of the end of 2017 – the beginning of 2018 didn’t shun people away – on the contrary, more and more people seem to take interest in the world of crypto.See full review

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