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Volume$ 60,304,839.62

About Nano

Nano describes itself as an open source, sustainable, and secure next-generation digital currency focused on removing perceived inefficiencies present in existing cryptocurrencies. Designed to solve peer to peer transfer of value, Nano aims to revolutionize the world economy through an ultrafast and fee-less network that is open and accessible to everyone.

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NANO coin-coin with MEGA advantages...

Nano Project platform, is a very innovative platform and unique platform. It aims at creating a low cost of transaction for its user. Nano uses delegated proof of stake consensus. With nano, users…See more


Almost everyone now knows what Bitcoin is. There are several major problem issues with Bitcoin. There is an altcoin for the problem we are having. Nano Coin, my opinion about Nano Coin? I will give…See more


Hi guys, am here to talk about another project Nano is the digital currency for the modern world. Nano have design for everyone to use the platform easy and to enjoy. The nano network is able to…See more


In my article today, I will talk about another project, Nano. This coin uses advanced technologies, including a blockchain concept. It also addresses the scaling problem, which is the approach…See more

A very fast, cheap and valuable altcoin, what about security?

Nano coin, formerly known as XRB coin, has been following the raiblock platform since it was first released. Thanks to this platform, an altoin that has reached huge masses on a global scale, has…See more

With Nano coin,its Nano worries

I have used Nano coin for five years now (2015-2020) and I have come to realize that I was or I am dealing g with one of the best,if not the best projects platform. Nano coin offers its users one of…See more

Fast transactions

Nano, also referred to as XRB, created in 2014 and established by an engineer in 2015, is a token framework more in competition with virwox, sourced as a very exclusive bitcoin trading site. Nano…See more


Nano is the rebranded, renamed version of RaiBlocks. The rebranding took place in January 2018, but nothing else has changed regarding the fundamentals of the coin. Nano hopes to be a productive…See more

Nano price prediction 2020.

Probably the best element that it gives is that it is basic. What's more, in no way, shape or form do I imply that from a specialized point of view, it's as confounded as the different digital…See more

Nano: pioneer in block-lattice for faster transactions!

Nano is a digital currency that came onto the market in 2017 with a maximum issuance limit of 133,248,290 cryptocurrencies. Nano is a decentralized virtual currency; In other words, it is not…See more