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Review on Nano by Eve Vallenilla

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Nano: a smart solution to decongest transaction traffic

For traders, investors and users in general, the cost of using a cryptographic platform for the exchange of digital assets is an important matter of interest due to the volume of transactions that can be executed and the high expense that this would cause throughout your financial arrangements.

This directs your attention to those smart solutions that in addition to security provide you with affordable rates. Such is the case with Nano.

Nano is a digital asset management platform, recognized for the economy of its transactions, since these do not represent any cost, that is, the payment for use of the network is zero fee.

This feature is extremely valuable for users who handle large volumes of operations, since it makes their work a low-cost and powerful management, allowing them to exchange and trade multiple cryptographic protocols without incurring any cost.

What other characteristics make this network attractive?

In addition to zero fees, the Nano platform allows:

• Save energy, because it is not a currency that uses a consensus protocol for its issuance or complex computer equipment.

• Speed in the processing of operations and therefore speed in handling a large volume of digital assets with total ease and without congesting the network due to the fact that it only records balances instead of saving all the history on the blockchain. This way, you don't need to save all the accounting files on the network

• Ensures that the network is free from intermediaries and third party control

• Offers users the convenience of managing assets from a mobile-friendly wallet

• Due to the fact that it does not handle a mining system to extract the currency, therefore, it does not incur in reward expenses for the payment of this concept

• Offers a secure hardware-type wallet so that users have greater peace of mind when storing their digital finances

  • Employs alternative mechanisms to lighten the traffic of operations
  • Provides speed in the management of blockchain services
  • Does not require the issuer and receiver of the exchange to remain online
  • Allows a wide range of operations to be carried out simultaneously
  • Subject to stock market volatility
  • Quoted on few exchanges

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