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It is an application that has been promoted as a decentralized application despite being created by the Binance company. This application is quite friendly with a good user experience. It has the availability of many Tokens, integration with decentralized finance applications, the ability to store digital assets such as Non-Fungible Token, in addition to being able to exchange between currencies. the application is secure and every so often updates to include improvements in security, user expSee full review

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a growing project.

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This cryptocurrency is focused on satisfying the needs of different games based on blockchanin, focused on the commercial exchange between gammers, in addition to being used to coin nfts and to buy and sell non-fungible tokens. With this cryptocurrency it is sought to eliminate the high gas rates that are spent for the minting of nfts, democratizing that market and allowing the duels of tokesn not funjobles to make transfers between pairs without paying the high rates. It is a project that is inSee full review

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Enjin is an interesting project that consists of a currency which is in some of the most used exchanges, in addition, several video game projects work with that cryptocurrency with a growing community. The project aims to revolutionize and democratize the use of nfts, without paying high gas rates and to be able to transfer the nfts and mint them for free. however, its main attraction is under development and that has not allowed it to grow further. Many people disconnect the project and do not See full review

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Nano is a very promising cryptocurrency since it is not mined and its transactions are confirmed by small nodes that record the transactions, which allows less energy to be consumed for its operation and that the transactions are free of commissions, being able to carry out transactions in a second without having confirmation congestion problems, which allows it to be a cryptocurrency with a potential for everyday use. It has been criticized for its name change and there is little knowledge in tSee full review

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This platform is an excellent option for trading cryptocurrencies since it has the availability of emerging tokens that are not well known but have a good projection, in addition to having advanced options of a trading platform and the possibility of automatic trading by setting up a robot. that works the exchange between cryptocurrencies according to the parameters that we indicate, giving it an important added value. Among the negative aspects is that the platform, especially the mobile applicSee full review

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Bitcoin cash is a hard diffusion of the original bitcoin algorithm, taking advantage of the fact that it is opend surce to introduce some improvements, which have been criticized and has created some controversies, despite this, many projects have integrated this cryptocurrency and its value in the market has increased considerably. With this hard diffusion of bitcoin, some improvements have been introduced such as an increase in its scalability, greater capacity to handle a large number of tranSee full review

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The project is very interesting because it bets on a decentralized network based on smart phones, in addition to that you can mine and be a node of the network with your smart phone, which is very attractive and very adapted to the mode of use of cryptocurrencies currently. The project is little known, it may seem somewhat confusing due to its innovations, besides that it has little liquidity, little capitalization in the market. The project is shown as easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to earSee full review

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This cryptocurrency has been developed for web 3.0, designed to have great scalability and adoption, in addition to supporting a large volume of transactions. In its official portal they indicate that it has been tested for 4 years with different projects and applications around the world, which guarantees in a certain way that it is reliable. its code is open source and is an example of decentralization, working with an ecosystem of decentralized finance applications, including sectors such as See full review

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One of the greatest technological innovations of this project is to be able to work with the sharing of information and value between equipment, facilitating the internet of things. This cryptocurrency would be a pillar of smart cities, in addition to ensuring that transactions are very fast. It is not based on blockchain technology, but on mathematical algorithms, which significantly differentiates it from other cryptocurrencies on the market. Many people do not know how it works and philosophySee full review

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This cryptocurrency is under development and proposes a new generation of cryptocurrencies known as the blockchain 3.0 generation. One of its main attractions are decentralized applications and solutions to governance problems, serving as a solution to corruption problems, thanks to its tamper-proof mechanism that can be used in academic matters, issuance of credentials, digital identity, including the agriculture and health. It has interesting security layers and proposes a greater number of trSee full review

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This wallet was previously excellent, quite easy to use, the transfers were made without problems, however, currently, it is very difficult to make any transfer, it always shows an error, therefore, it seems like a scam where you cannot get your cryptocurrencies stored . I have heard similar problems that several friends have also had and it is very delicate, in my personal case, I have a small amount in that portfolio and I have tried many times without success. If it is not because it has quanSee full review

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This is one of the most important platforms for cryptocurrency trading, being one of the most used since people have a lot of confidence in it. Among the possibilities is being able to switch between different cryptocurrencies to trade, invest in the platform to obtain good returns in cryptocurrencies, make changes from person to person and buy cryptocurrencies through credit cards and bank accounts. One of the negative aspects is the high commissions and the restrictions of amounts that it has See full review

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