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Review on Nano by Alex Cabello

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Cryptocurrency without commissions

Nano is a very promising cryptocurrency since it is not mined and its transactions are confirmed by small nodes that record the transactions, which allows less energy to be consumed for its operation and that the transactions are free of commissions, being able to carry out transactions in a second without having confirmation congestion problems, which allows it to be a cryptocurrency with a potential for everyday use. It has been criticized for its name change and there is little knowledge in the community about its operation and its benefits.

  • Open Representative Voting
  • It has no commissions
  • Normally a Nano transaction will be made and confirmed in less than a second even between different continents
  • Nanos are not mined, there are small computational nodes that record transactions, but use much less energy
  • Before it was called Raiblocks and changed its name to nano, which has caused confusion.

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