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Review on Nano by Muhammed Özdemir

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Almost everyone now knows what Bitcoin is. There are several major problem issues with Bitcoin. There is an altcoin for the problem we are having. Nano Coin, my opinion about Nano Coin? I will give my opinion on the question in my own. The project and the cryptocurrency Nano aim to bring crypto into people's daily life and replace Fiat currencies. Some of the jobs of Nano Coin and almost the same as Bitcoin. Nano Coin (formerly RaiBlocks) is a decentralized, sequential and secure cryptocurrency that aims to reduce inefficiencies in other cryptocurrencies. Nano targets the world economy unlimitedly through an accessible (public) and accessible high-speed, free and decentralized network to create a solution for peer-to-peer (P2P) solution transfer. With a fully distributed provisioning, fast connection transfer and exchange operations can be performed securely over a decentralized network. It provides three important advantages for cryptocurrency users. One of the first features of Nano is that transactions go faster. As I mentioned one of the second features of Nano, there is no obligation to pay any transaction fee when any transaction is made on the Nano platform, which I like. And one of the features that makes it third is the scalability problem, one of the biggest problems of the Bitcoin type, one of the biggest problems in the size of Bitcoin, the scalability problem can be done quickly thanks to Nano's 1000 times faster speed. processing capacity It's a very nice feature.

  • Transactions are free
  • Works similar to Bitcoin
  • Good developer team
  • Highly scalable
  • Not as popular as other coins on the market
  • Difficulties buying NANO with fiat currencies

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