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Decathlon UK

This is a large store of sporting goods; shoes,clothing,exercise equipment, hobby devices, and so on. Prices are different. You can find both medium and high, and for almost the same things, which, for example, may differ by a pocket or a clasp. This network also has an online store with pickup from the city store.We personally have some minor problems with delivery so far. Our family mostly buys "running" things there for every day, but here is just an excellent choice for those who are professionally engaged in any kind of sports.There is a lot of equipment and clothes there, for practicing healthy lifestyle all year round. The disadvantage of this store is sometimes the crowding of goods and the mismatch of the price tag. Sometimes you have to look for a consultant, but no one refuses or turns up their nose if you buy something cheap. 전체 리뷰보기

apple mwp22am a airpods pro 로고

Apple MWP22AM A AirPods Pro

Review on Apple MWP22AM A AirPods Pro

The most sophisticated wireless headphones on this format to date. Very comfortable, excellent noise reduction and microphone, wide functionality, convenient control. Everything really works and does not lag. For the iPhone, there is no alternative. The sound is good, but clearly does not correspond to this price list. The volume is very high, the detail is excellent (I use Deezer HiFi), the middle is well worked out, the vocals are simply magnificent (every word is clear, sighs and wheezing are heard), the highs are at 4, but the bass is not enough, but their detail is decent, you can hear the cymbals well. In general, the sound is good, at 4, but it falls short of Sennheiser and Sony for similar money. There is not enough volume, they sound flat, there is no immersion effect in principle. Not suitable for music lovers, but ordinary users will really like it 전체 리뷰보기

samsung galaxy a42 5g 로고

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

The camera is the main drawback of this phone. She takes pictures with good clarity, but the pictures turn yellow, with strong lighting it changes colors even cardinally. I took a photo of myself on a selfie camera in strong white light, so besides the fact that I turned yellow in the photo, the T-shirt turned from dark blue to bright blue. With yellowness, by the way, I learned to fight by rummaging through the phone. It is necessary in the photo settings to set the temperature of the photo to a colder one. Night pictures are simply no, the camera needs light. There are no different smoothings on the selfie camera and the main camera, every speck or hair on the face is visible in the photo. I don't see as much in the mirror as I do in the photo. I was shaving this morning, then I took a picture of myself and noticed the hairs that I forgot to shave off. In one case, this is good, but if you want to get more beautiful in the photo, then this only gets in the way.전체 리뷰보기

apple earpods lightning connector white 로고

Apple EarPods Lightning Connector White

Always liked the headphones from this company. I think they are the most comfortable for everyday wear and not only. Among the advantages I want to note the following: - Sound. Excellent, balanced sound quality on any genre of songs and when watching any video. The sound is clear and there is nothing superfluous. There is also a microphone, the quality of which is also at a high level. The interlocutor hears me clearly and I him. - Convenience. I consider these headphones the most comfortable in their class. I can wear it all day long and I won't feel any discomfort. It has always been a pleasure. There is no such thing with any others. The shape of the earpiece itself is very versatile and will fit most types of ears. On the wire there is a remote control for switching songs and adjusting the sound, as well as a microphone. - Reliability. The headphones themselves are very durable. I use them for all types of tasks. And on the street for music, and for work, and sometimes I sit at home. Haven't had any issues in over a year of use.전체 리뷰보기

logitech s120 2 0 stereo speakers 로고

Logitech S120 2 0 Stereo Speakers

Good assembly Small size Jack 3.5 and mains power Cute appearance Quite decent sound quality Rubberized pads on the base The speakers were purchased to output the simplest sound from a home computer, but taking into account the fact that they also did not fall apart from touching and did not wheeze when necessary and not... During the time that the speakers were standing, I did not have any noticeable shortcomings.전체 리뷰보기

creative pebble v3 minimalistic 2 로고

Creative Pebble V3 Minimalistic 2

Good headphones with BT 5.0 (SBC codec only). It is convenient and fast to connect to devices, switching between devices by wire and Bluetooth occurs with a single button. If you connect via usb-c, then the power and sound go through the same wire. But here you need to take into account that via USB 3.0 (also known as USB 3.1 gen 1) or USB 2.0 via an adapter, the power supply will be limited to 5 watts, while the speakers may require up to 8. They will work normally, just a little quieter. But they're loud enough for their size, so it shouldn't be a problem.전체 리뷰보기

lgbtq network foundation 로고

LGBTQ Network Foundation

Cryptocurrency LGBT Token is issued by the LGBT Foundation, a non-profit organization whose goal is to bring cryptocurrency into the global pink economy in order to tap into an undervalued $4.6 trillion market. The LGBT Foundation will promote the adoption of the LGBT Token as a payment method in everyday transactions for businesses, both digital and physical. To speed this up, Hornet Networks, a sponsor of the LGBT Foundation, will accept the token among its 25 million users - about 10% of the LGBT community worldwide - and will accept the LGBT token as a means of payment for its services.전체 리뷰보기

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All transactions and all wallet balances are stored in the blockchain, and the owners of private keys have the right to access them. Metamask stores these keys in encrypted form on the user's device and allows them to dispose of cryptocurrency. Transactions are signed and sent to the blockchain on the user's computer, and the wallet can be connected to decentralized applications. How safe is Metamask There are polar opinions about the security of the Metamask, but my opinion is that security depends more on the "digital hygiene" of the user, and not on the developers of the wallet. It is always necessary to take into account what software is used on the device, who is its developer and what accesses are open for this software. Also, do not forget about the applications themselves to which the Metamask is connected, some of them may request unlimited access to tokens stored on the wallet and in case of malicious intent or hacking of the application, all coins may be lost. For additional security, Metamask can be used with hardware wallets, for example with Ledger, in this case Metamask acts as an external interface, and all the user's private keys are stored on the hardware wallet and transactions are signed there. Even if attackers gain access to the computer, the user's funds will be securely protected. How to use Metamask For setup and use, I have a detailed article-instructions can be viewed here, below I will describe the beginning of work in a thesis: install the extension in the Chrome browser from the official website or Google store; select "Create a new wallet"; we keep the LED phrase in a safe place; the wallet is ready to use. Attention! Always take a responsible approach to storing the LED phrase from your Metamask, with its help you will be able to restore your wallet if you lose access to the device. All networks for the Metamask wallet Metamask was originally developed for the Ethereum network and tokens that are issued in its standard – ERC-20, but it also supports operation in all networks that are compatible with the Ethereum Network Virtual Machine (EVM). That is, networks of different standards can be added to the Metamask, for example, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, after adding this network, all tokens issued in the BEP-20 standard can be transferred to the wallet address. Below I have compiled a list of networks that Metamask works with: Ethereum Network (ERC-20) – available by default; Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20 network – see installation instructions here; Polygon network (MATIC) – see the instructions for adding it here; the second-level Arbitrum network; the second-level network of Optimism – see the instructions for adding it here; Moonriver Project Network; Avalanche network – instructions for adding here; Harmony; TomoChain. This is not yet the whole list of available networks, if you have not found the right network – write in the comments, I will sort it out. How to add tokens to Metamask By default, the wallet has an Ethereum network and a wallet address in this network, but the wallet itself supports all tokens issued on the basis of this blockchain, and to receive any token in the ERC-20 standard, you need to use an Ethereum address. In order for the sent tokens to be displayed in the Metamask, they need to be added to it, this is done once, after that the tokens will always be displayed. To add a token, you can use the address of its smart contract, but it is more reliable to add it through websites or For example, I will add the USDT token in the Ethereum Main Net to the Metamask. To do this, I go to the website , I'm looking for Tether (USDT) in the search and go to the token page. 전체 리뷰보기

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NEO is still in the top 100 cryptocurrencies, but the coin is losing its market position. In October 2021, NEO ranked 53rd by market capitalization in the Coinmarketcap ranking, and at the beginning of March 2022, the coin was already in 62nd place. The NEO network was launched in 2014, but it has not become one of the world's leading blockchain platforms. Naturally, everyone wants to know what the price of NEO will be in the future. There are many price predictions on the Internet, but which one should you pay attention to? It is best to draw your own conclusions about the potential of NEO. You don't have to believe every forecast that comes your way. According to cryptocurrency market experts, the price of NEO may well break through the critical resistance area at $60 in 2022. NEO is a blockchain project from China founded in 2014. It used to be called Antshares, but later changed its name. NEO is also referred to as China's Ethereum due to its research to create a smart economy. This means that the developers of the project want to make it easier to use smart contracts with NEO. In order for a trader to use the NEO network, a second cryptocurrency called GAS is used. She is the "fuel" of NEO. The NEO coin is also considered as a share in the blockchain, and the GAS cryptocurrency is used to complete transactions, pay employees, and maintain the project. You can earn GAS simply by holding NEO in official wallets. This is due to the principle of proof of ownership (proof-of-stake). You simply put your NEO coins in the wallet and get the amount of GAS coins spent on the network proportional to the amount of NEO coins you own. Thus, you can receive personal passive income. When the price of NEO or the price of GAS rises, you will benefit from the difference in the price of your NEO as well as the additional GAS coins you receive. This is one of the reasons why people invest or have invested in NEO in the past. Over the years, as with any other project, a lot has happened to NEO. It should be added that it is impossible to mine NEO coins. All coins were distributed during the ICO. At the beginning of 2020, the NEO price was below $10, and on March 13 it reached $4 (on the Bitfinex exchange), which was the lowest indicator of the year. However, by September 18, NEO managed to rise to $25.90. At the end of the year, the NEO/USD pair hit $14. It is well known that small cryptocurrencies copy the behavior of BTC/USD. Thus, in most cases, the NEO/USD pair simply followed the up and down trends of Bitcoin. For example, the coronavirus had its biggest impact on financial markets in March 2020, leading to a downturn in the crypto world and a depreciation of Bitcoin and NEO. However, some events have caused a divergence in the price direction. At the end of July, NEO became a partner of the Blockchain Service Network. BSN is a global infrastructure that offers a low-cost platform for blockchain projects and similar companies working in the digital economy. This event boosted the price of NEO. You can see how the news about the NEO coin can affect the price of the cryptocurrency. 전체 리뷰보기

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In fact, when working with this wallet, there are several intuitive authorization options at once. The first one I would like to mention is the MetaMask plugin. Simply go to the Metamask website, install their available Google Chrome extension, and follow through with easy, intuitive account setup. After all the steps have been completed, go to the website, select the “MetaMask/Mist” option and click the “Connect to MetaMask” button. You will immediately unlock your wallet and get full access to all its contents. The next authorization option will be to access the MEW wallet using the Ledger Nano S or TREZOR. By their very nature, hardware (cold wallets) are USB drives that are used to securely store your private keys offline. Just go to the website, select "Wallet Access" and from the options that appear, click on the "Hardware Access" icon. Next, you just have to connect your device to the computer and select it in the selection that appears on the MEW page, confirm the action with the “Continue” button. The third option to gain access to the wallet will be “Programmatic access”. This method consists of three authorization options: by uploading a KeyStore file in .json format; entering a mnemonic phrase; entering your private key. You can download the KeyStore .json file during wallet creation. This format contains an encrypted version of your private key. MyEtherWallet will ask you for a password which will be used to generate the KeyStore file and will also be required to unlock your private key. In order to log in using this method, simply go to the website, select the “Wallet Access” item and, among the options that appear, click on the “Programmatic Access” icon. In the window that appears, click on the heading “Keystore file”, confirm the action and upload the KeyStore file from your computer, remembering the password. Hooray! You have access to your wallet! The next two variations do not differ in anything other than the input information. A mnemonic phrase is a set of twelve words that you will be asked to write down and then re-enter during wallet creation. You will receive the private key in the same way. Both of these authorization options do not require you to enter a password to access your wallet, so be careful not to share this information with third parties. In fact, whoever owns the private key or phrase owns the contents of your wallet! Adding tokens In addition to ETH, with MEW you can also add and store any tokens created inside the Ethereum blockchain. These can be application tokens, investment projects, and even your own! All that is needed in order to customize the display of such tokens is to add the address of the token, the symbol and the number of decimal places. This information is easy to find on the web, get it directly from representatives of the projects that issued the coins, or (if you are an advanced user) find the current in the smart contract code. 전체 리뷰보기

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