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leo lily boys jeans light boys' clothing 로고

Leo Lily Boys Jeans Light Boys' Clothing

After an endless search for boys' jeans with an elastic waistband, this one turned out to be a good choice. The sizing looked good, the fit is nice, not too long and most importantly the waistband is comfortable and stretchy. However, when they arrived I was very surprised to see that they were actually NOT elastic waist jeans, only adjustable waist jeans. I ordered a size 12 so I'm not sure if the smaller sizes have an elastic waistband but they didn't. Although I was a bit disappointed with this, the jeans fit really well. They are a bit roomy at the back and in the crotch, but otherwise fit well around the waist (I'm guessing a size 12 = about 30 inches at the waist) and they're not too long. Overall very good quality. My son is a bit tall so finding jeans that he can wear and fit comfortably is a challenge. They passed the convenience test exactly, there are no complaints. A size 12 was almost perfect for him, although he might need a size up next time. But they haven't even been "shrunk in" yet and the sizing works, although I will likely dry clean and/or air this pair to prevent shrinkage. Great style and fit! I will dry clean and/or air this pair to prevent shrinkage. Great style and fit! I will dry clean and/or air this pair, to prevent shrinkage. Great style and fit!전체 리뷰보기

puma smash sneaker unisex toddler boys' shoes 로고

PUMA Smash Sneaker Unisex Toddler Boys' Shoes

They are half a size larger than expected but the insole is nice and soft so over time my son will wear them and I'm sure he will becomes like her.전체 리뷰보기

nautica skinny stretch denim driftwood boys' clothing in jeans 로고

Nautica Skinny Stretch Denim Driftwood Boys' Clothing in Jeans

super cute jeans

The button seams are very tight but if you trim them a little it will be fine. Otherwise these are very cute jeans. My grandson loves her.전체 리뷰보기

beastcage (for iphone x) 로고

Beastcage (For IPhone X)

I did a quick test with several aftermarket lenses (37mm thread). The iPhone camera app got confused and jumped back and forth between internal sensors. But when I switched to a third-party app (ProCamera), everything worked great. It's too big for regular everyday use but perfect for what it is and it's very easy to slip the phone on and off. The price seems a little high and I wish it had a back protector but it is far superior to similar products on the market.전체 리뷰보기

aulzaju samsung kickstand cartoon glitter accessories & supplies 로고

Aulzaju Samsung Kickstand Cartoon Glitter Accessories & Supplies

Super cool

Like it a lot🥰🥰🥰After reading the bad comments on this I thought I'm not listening. if you like it, buy it. And I bought it and was sooo happy with it. It offers you full edge and camera protection. The colors are nice, the only thing I didn't like was the handle. You have it on the left and I always carry and use the phone in my right hand, but other than that I'm happy with it전체 리뷰보기

syaya polka adjustable bowtie clj01 boys' accessories 로고

SYAYA Polka Adjustable Bowtie CLJ01 Boys' Accessories

The fabric around the neck has been twisted and the rectangular fabric that makes up the real bow tie is not even fastened. It came as a separate piece. After some effort on my part, I inserted the rectangular fabric into the little loop it goes in to create the bow tie, but it doesn't look like it at all. Terribly made, poor quality and not even worth the cost of ink and printer paper to print a return label.전체 리뷰보기

pokemon boys pikachu pajamas size 로고

Pokemon Boys Pikachu Pajamas Size

My son loves it

My son LOVES these pajamas. This is a solid almost 9 year old boy and I bought him a size 14. He fits in well with little space to be comfortable and grow a little. The colors are bright and just like the picture. The material is dense and holds its shape well - a bit rough at first, but becomes much softer after several washes. I would recommend and definitely buy again.전체 리뷰보기

gino giovanni pinstripe dresswear natural boys' clothing for suits & sport coats 로고

Gino Giovanni Pinstripe Dresswear Natural Boys' Clothing for Suits & Sport Coats

I don't know what it was but I couldn't find the children's suit anywhere in the shops and I've looked online in places, the prices were ridiculous. I did a more thorough search on Revain's website and was surprised to find this suit for only $25. It looked really cute and I loved the affordable colors they had. I didn't have time to measure my son who was 6 months old but I decided to order a size from 6 to 12 months thinking it might be a little big but then he can wear it again later . To my surprise, the costume was HUGE. He couldn't fit in and look cute at the wedding so I decided to trade it in for a smaller size for 3-6 months. I was a little apprehensive as he was on the higher end of that scale, I was afraid he would be too small then, but I went with him anyway. The seller was very quick to respond to my exchange request and immediately refunded the smaller size when I received the wrong size. I would rate the seller 100%, great customer service. So we get the smaller size and it's still big for my son. The shirt, tie and waistcoat were fine - still a bit big but overall definitely doable - but the pants were almost twice his length and my son was tall so I was shocked. Anyway, I made one of those temporary binders and it was fine. Overall I liked the costume it was a huge hit and everyone thought it was smelly and charming. It was great, served it's purpose, was a great price and I would buy it again.전체 리뷰보기

selector switcher sharing monitor keyboard 로고

Selector Switcher Sharing Monitor Keyboard

Good price and delivery on time. This KVM switch connects to ONE VGA monitor/display cable. ONE USB mouse and ONE keyboard that you want to share between two computers are also included in the KVM switch. (It has 3 USB inputs) Two cables are included. Two cables are also connected to the KVM switch. The other end of each cable is a standard VGA/USB connector. Connect the VGA and USB connectors of the first cable to Computer A. Do the same for computer B with the second cable. Turn on both computers. The KVM switch has an A/B button. Clicking it will switch between the two computers. But you only use one monitor. Whichever computer you choose, it will appear on the screen. And the same single mouse and keyboard will work no matter which computer you choose. CONS: For me, there was a noticeable drop in video quality. Every computer screen looks blurry/blurry. If I do NOT use a KVM switch and connect the monitor to one computer at a time, the video image looks fine. Filtered by KVM quality is lost. Essentially, the KVM switch causes two connected computers to lose video quality when connecting to a monitor. Not bad, but definitely noticeable. The mouse and keyboard work perfectly regardless of which computer is selected, there are no complaints about the USB functionality. TO ME:전체 리뷰보기

hikity 1024x600 resolution compatible surveillance 로고

Hikity 1024X600 Resolution Compatible Surveillance

The picture quality is good, although it works well. The stand doesn't offer much height adjustment and isn't stable. It is equipped with an adhesive pad to attach to the surface that stabilizes it but does not allow it to move. It comes with cables to connect to one of the inputs. However, when the monitor is in a vertical position, the BNC cable cannot be connected because the stand cannot be adjusted high enough for the cable connection. An angle adapter is required. The remote control came without a battery and the menu functions cannot be adjusted from the monitor, so I'm waiting for a battery to adjust the color.전체 리뷰보기

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