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I followed this excellent project from the early stages. I am truly pleased with its progress and its essential utility for mass adoption regarding cryptocurrencies. I am happy to have seen all of his progress and his current market placement. Revain uses of blockchain technology to ensure the platform’s decentralization, immutability, and to incentivize users. On top of that, the reviews undergo a comprehensive, IBM Watson AI enhanced screening process to identify fake and malicious reviews and prevent them from publishing. Also, Revain uses the Ethereum blockchain to record snapshots of the original reviews so that they cannot be changed or deleted over time. I am convinced that the team will take this truly useful project to the next level by revolutionizing the review industry.전체 리뷰보기

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About In 2015 I approached the world of bitcoin and blockchain,initially I collected free crypto through the classic faucets. Later on I was curious about how it worked and its relationship with the blockchain and everything under it like the altcoins, day after day I became more and more passionate and started dedicating most of my time to it until I realized that this it would become my job. I'm skilled and passionate about blockchain, tecnology innovation,negotiating deals, Assembling a team, and user engagement. I have been investing in bitcoins and projects related to this sector for 4 years now, supporting projects on promising blockchains through ICO or IEO. I work as a telegram community manager in some crypto projects for the Italian community, I manage private channels where I start to follow people for I approach this world, I work both online and physically in my city. I am currently working on my most important project in which I work for over a year, consists of the launch of an ICO called World Family Coin which aims to revolutionize the donation sector by operating in the fields of medical research and natural disaster.

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